Can We Use Sunscreen in Winter?

In winter, our skin tends to get dry due to strong winds and drastic changes in humidity. Low humidity is a major reason for dry skin. Also, vitamin D deficiency can increase the chances of dry skin. A natural way to prevent this common condition - Sunlight. The main source of vitamin D.

But exposing skin for a longer duration can cause skin burns, inflammations and dark spots; if not protected. To prevent skin damage and protect skin against UV rays, applying sunscreen is a must. If the question is can we use sunscreen in winter, then the answer is a big YES.

Benefits of Sunscreen in Winter

Some of the Benefits of sunscreen in winter are as below.

  • Prevents From Harmful UV Rays

Sunlight carries many elements, including UV rays which can result in many skin conditions. Depending on the intensity of the sunlight, you need to choose the SPF rating of your sunscreen.

  • Maintains Moisture level of the skin

If you think ‘can we use sunscreen in winter,’ then you need to know that sunscreen also moisturises your skin. In winter, your skin loses the necessary moisture, resulting in dry skin. One of the major benefits of applying sunscreen is that it can seal the moisture level and increase it by several steps.

  • Prevents Sunburns

It would be best if you used sunscreen in winter to prevent sunburns which may happen due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. To protect your skin is the primary use of sunscreen.

Prevents Premature Aging

Exposure to sunlight also results in faster aging of skin. Due to the low humidity, your skin loses the necessary moisture content from its cell. Dryness further results in wrinkles & expression lines. But if you regularly use sunscreen in winter, then you can avoid this. Sunscreen protects from sun damage and skin dryness.

  • Prevents Pigmentation

Our skin layer has many elements which can react in contact with sunlight, like pigmentation. It can cause dark spots, under eye dark circles and uneven patches on the skin. With the use of sunscreen in winter, you can prevent uneven skin tone, tanning or pigmentation.

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How to Choose the Best Sunscreen?

You need to choose one of the best sunscreen for winter in India to get the best results. Choose a specific sunscreen depending on the skin type. If you need sunscreen for oily skin in winter choose the one that is light, non greasy and has matte finish. If you are wondering what type of sunscreen in winter you should get, then follow the below tips.

  • Choose a sunscreen from a reputable brand which gives you broad spectrum protection.
  • Check the ingredients and SPF, PA rating of the sunscreen.
  • Choose a specific type depending on your skin type. Choose a sunscreen for oily skin in winter if you experience excess oiliness on your face.
  • Check if the sunscreen can provide other benefits like moisturising.
  • Choose physical sunscreen as it blocks rays off skin instead of absorbing them and is less irritating.
  • If you want the best sunscreen for winter in India, you need to take your skin conditions and the ingredients of the cream into consideration.

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Parting Thought

Many brands have different types of skin care products. If you want the best sunscreen for winter in India, then you must rely on the skin care products of The Pink Foundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it ok to use sunscreen in winter?

So if you are thinking, can we use sunscreen in winter, then you need to understand that you take necessary precautions against the harmful UV rays. And sunscreen is the best option to prevent UV rays, and it allows you to absorb more photons which is beneficial in winter.

  • What is the right time to apply sunscreen?

Experts say that the effectiveness of sunscreen in winter wears off faster due to the strong winds. So you need to apply and reapply sunscreen after every two to three hours a day.

  • When should I not apply sunscreen?

If you are wondering ‘can we use sunscreen in winter’ when indoors the answer is YES, again. It is typical not to apply sunscreen when indoors as we think we’re directly not under the sun so our skin is protected from its damage. But it’s not so. Even when indoors, sun rays are reflected off window shields, floors, mirrors, etc. and that is why the damage is as much if not more, compared to outdoors.

  • Does sunscreen lighten skin?

Sunscreen can prevent skin tanning, pigmentation or the worsening of existing hyperpigmentation. Thus, the formation of dark spots, melasma can be prevented.

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