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Skin Care Products For Dry Skin

Key features of the acne spot corrector from The Pink FoundryOvernight Acne Spot Corrector from The Pink Foundry
On Sale

Overnight Acne Spot Corrector

₹ 439 ₹ 549

Fast-acting active acne treatment | shrinks 4 types of active acne

20% off
Benefits of the hyperpigmentation serum by The Pink FoundryDark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum by The Pink Foundry
On Sale

Dark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum

₹ 679 ₹ 849

Fades dark spots, acne marks & pigmentation | evens out skin tone

20% off
Ingredients of the tinted SPF 30 sunscreen from The Pink FoundryMineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen, an SPF 30 sunscreen, from The Pink Foundry
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Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen 50 g

₹ 1080 ₹ 1350

SPF 30 tinted mineral sunscreen | UVA & UVB protection | non-greasy

20% off
Benefits of the niacinamide serum by The Pink FoundryFull size bottle of Super Clarifying 12% Niacinamide Face Serum by The Pink Foundry
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Super Clarifying 12% Niacinamide Face Serum for All Skin Types - 30 ml

₹ 599 ₹ 749

Controls excess oil | evens out skin texture | minimises open pores

20% off
Importance of the acne moisturiser by The Pink FoundryAcne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser with Tea Tree & Cica by The Pink Foundry
On Sale

Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser with Tea Tree & Cica 50 ml

₹ 399 ₹ 499

Heals acne & prevents future breakouts | controls excess oil

20% off
Benefits of Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask 30 ml
On Sale

Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask 30 ml

₹ 960 ₹ 1200

AHA BHA gentle exfoliating mask | removes dead skin

20% off
Key features of the mini niacinamide serum from The Pink FoundrySuper Clarifying 12% Niacinamide Mini Face Serum from The Pink Foundry
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Mini Super Clarifying 12% Niacinamide Face Serum 15 ml

₹ 359 ₹ 399

Controls oil | refines pores | evens out rough texture

10% off
Dewy sunscreen benefitsDewy sunscreen by The Pink Foundry
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Dewy Hydrating Hybrid Sunscreen SPF 50+ | 50 ml

₹ 636 ₹ 749

SPF 50 hybrid sunscreen | UVA & UVB PA ++++ | no white cast

15% off
Vitamin C antioxidant radiance serum 30 mlVitamin C Antioxidant Radiance Serum 30 ml
Sold out

Vitamin C antioxidant radiance serum 30 ml

₹ 1072 ₹ 1650

Reduces pigmentation | energizes dull skin | produces pro-collagen

35% off
Anti Acne Serum 30 mlAnti Acne Serum 30 ml
Sold out

Anti Acne Serum 30 ml

₹ 1300 ₹ 2000

Prevents Breakouts, Whiteheads & Blackheads | Reduces Acne Causing Bacteria

35% off

Skin Care Products For Dry Skin By The Pink Foundry

Dry skin can be cumbersome to handle – and so is the itchiness, flakiness, and dullness that comes along with it. Dryness is a result of lack of moisture in the skin, making it susceptible to various other skin problems like acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, sun damage, and more. Incorporating dry skin products to your skincare routine can help give your skin the boost of hydration it needs.

Here, we will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the causes and symptoms of dry skin, along with the different products that can help you manage dry skin and its associated skin issues effectively.

What is dry skin?

The science behind dry skin is that when the water loss from the skin is not balanced by the water retained due to lower water-binding capacity, the skin becomes dry. In summer, since the heat tends to take away more moisture from the skin, the occurrence of dry skin in the summer is more likely.

Apart from sunlight, dry skin can be caused by various other factors like washing your face with hot water, lack of proper skincare routine, swimming in chlorinated pools, using harsh skincare products, etc. Hence, the easiest solution to dry skin is to use hydrating and moisturising products to nourish your skin from within.

Ingredients used in skincare products for dry skin

Dry skin is a skin condition that requires it to be treated with certain nutritional ingredients. You can either opt for them solely and incorporate them with your topical variants or purchase holistic products containing one or more of these components. The major ones are,

  • Ceramides
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Glycerine
  • Niacinamide
  • Shea Butter
  • Green Tea Extracts
  • Vitamin C
  • Natural oils like coconut, almond, jojoba, etc.
  • Cucumber
  • Retinoid
  • Glycerin


Dry skin might initially seem harmless; however, if it is not taken care of at the primary stage, it can convert to major skin disorders. Hence, using the necessary skin care products for dry skin from early on is advisable.

Benefits of skincare for dry skin

The skin type with reduced water retaining capacity must be hydrated by external stimuli like hydrating serum, facewash, moisturiser, sunscreen, etc. These products help provide skin hydration to stay healthy and moisturised. Let us look at some of the major benefits dry skin care products offer.

  • The first product best for dry skin is sunscreens. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF quotient of 30 and above helps shield your skin from sunlight and hydrates it. They have ingredients like hyaluronic acid, predominantly famous as a skin-hydrating component.
  • These products aid in keeping at bay dry skin diseases like redness, itchiness, allergies, acne, sunspots, uneven skin tone, etc., as they contain components like glycerine, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, etc.
  • Moreover, products integrated with useful components like Vitamin C will also help your skin fight the free radicals produced within the skin's cellular layer. This will help your skin effectively deal with signs of premature ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

These products are loaded with natural humectants and active agents that assist the skin in healing, repairing, and reducing the burning sensation of dry skin. Hence providing a soothing and refreshing effect.

How to use skincare products for dry skin

There are four steps to use the recommended skin care products for dry skin; they are as follows,

  • Cleanse

The common step for night and daycare routines is cleansing the skin with a face wash before applying any other product. This helps to clean and unclog your pores for the better absorption of product nutrients.

  • Treat with serum

The next step is to treat your skin with the right actives. The easiest way to do this is adding a serum to your routine. Consider using hydrating and brightening serums like hyaluronic acid or niacinamide to combat the flakiness and dullness caused by dry skin.

  • Moisturise

The next step is to moisturise your skin to keep it hydrated and moist for a plump, radiating, soft skin. This is common for both the night and day care routines.

  • Protect with sunscreen

As a final step, apply a generous amount of sunscreen for a day care routine to protect your skin from sun damage.

  • Exfoliate

About twice a week, you can choose to exfoliate your skin with a mild chemical exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells and dirt from your face, ensuring clean and bright skin.

Different types of products for dry skin

Maintaining moisturised and hydrating skin is simple and less time-consuming because of the various targeted products that are easily available. These products from major reputed brands are integrated with various nutritional components to promote good skin. Some of the common ones are,

  • Sunscreens - Sunscreen is the most important and unignorable skin care product for dry skin. It efficiently deals with the major cause of dry skin: sunlight. A hybrid sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50 is very essential.
  • Face Wash and Cleansers - They are the first products necessary for dry skin. A proper hydrating face wash will not only clean the dirt, dust, and makeup from your skin but also hydrate it.
  • Serums and Toners - They are extremely helpful if integrated with tea tree or green tea extracts, as well as Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, etc. They will also help unclog pores and enhance the skin's absorption ability.
  • Moisturisers and Creams - There are two types of creams - day cream and night cream. Moisturisers are necessary for both of them. The creams mentioned above serve the same purpose in different ways and under different environmental conditions.

Best skincare products for dry skin by The Pink Foundry

There are six amazing and proven products by The Pink Foundry that cure dry skin and related skin disorders like acne, sunspots, etc. This variety of six dry skin care products, integrated with different essential components, caters to different people's requirements. Let us detail the six products for you so you can choose the suitable ones for your skin.

Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask

The salicylic acid present in this mask is a mild chemical exfoliant that has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing the itchiness and redness caused by dry skin.

Dewy Hydrating Hybrid Sunscreen

This sunscreen stays true to its name by providing a boost of hydration while protecting your skin from the sun. Its broad-spectrum protection with new-gen filters and SPF 50 protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays, while ingredients like squalane hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen

This broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. This saves the skin from dryness and serious health hazards like skin cancer. The cucumber and shea butter help hydrate the skin and produce a soothing effect.

Overnight Acne Spot Corrector

Acne occurs when the skin produces excessive oil to deal with dryness, leading to acne breakouts. Components like glycerine and calamine help keep the skin hydrated, while others like salicylic acid help soothe the redness and itchiness.

Dark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum

The Niacinamide and Ascorbic Acid present in the product help in keeping the skin hydrated. Others like phytonutrients, Vitamin C, and Liquorice extract help soothe the skin by reducing skin irritations and roughness.

Super Clarifying 12% Niacinamide Face Serum for All Skin Types

The four ingredients of this product, Niacinamide, Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate Solution, Liquorice and Green tree extracts, aid in keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised and helps boosts skin elasticity.

Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser with Tea Tree and Cica

The moisturising property is provided by the hydrogenated form of Squalene, which helps produce 10-12% of the skin's oil, which helps with hydration. The Cica and Tea Tree extract helps soothe skin irritations, inflammations, redness, burning sensation, etc.

Waterlight Gel Moisturiser

This gel-based moisturiser has a lightweight formula that provides intense hydration without feeling heavy on the skin. The hyaluronic acid and vitamin E present in the moisturiser help soothe dry and flaky skin while preventing water loss from your skin’s surface.

  • Are The Pink Foundry products good for dry skin?

The products from The Pink Foundry are an appropriate choice for dry skin as they contain all the necessary components in adequate amounts.

  • How can I cure dry skin?

Follow a skincare routine that has a sufficient amount of hydrating and moisturising elements.

  • Is skin dryness normal?

It is usually a harmless skin condition, but if left untreated, it can become a serious skin disorder like eczema.

  • Which serum is the best for dry skin?

Serums with components like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid are the best options. For instance, Super Clarifying 12% Niacinamide Face Serum for All Skin Types from The Pink Foundry.

  • Which moisturiser is the best for dry skin?

Moisturisers like Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser with Tea Tree and Cica and Waterlight Gel Moisturiser are appropriate for dry skin.

  • Which face wash is the best for dry skin?

Hydrating face washes are always recommended for dry skin. Also, if you have acne-prone skin, you can opt for acne face washes.

  • What ingredients in skincare products are good for dry skin?

Hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and niacinamide are among the best ingredients.

  • What causes dry skin?

Dry skin can be caused by prolonged sun exposure or chlorine contact, harsh chemical contact, etc.

  • How can I identify if I have dry skin?

Flaky or scaly skin, redness, itchiness, etc., are primary dry skin characteristics.

  • Can skincare products for dry skin reduce flaky skin?

Yes, most dry skin products can reduce flaky skin.

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