White spots on skin after sun exposure: Causes and solutions

Melanin production can be considered the scientific explanation behind several skin conditions, and sun-induced white spots are no exception. Are a few white spots popping up on your skin right after the onset of the summer? Then, you need to reflect on your activities for the last few days.

Have you been out in the sun for a prolonged period lately? If yes, these sunspots occur because of overexposure to the sun. This sun exposure prevents your body from producing melanin in certain areas of your skin, thus making it appear white.

However, white spots on skin from the sun are not a critical skin condition. But you must treat it in the early stage before it becomes severe. You must have comprehensive knowledge about the disorder for the best treatment. Please read this article to learn about this skin condition and its causes and remedies in detail.

What are white spots on the skin from the sun?

White spots on the skin are a skin condition that occurs due to a lack of melanin produced in those areas of the skin. The medical terms for this disorder are Idiopathic (unknown cause), Guttate (teardrop shape) and Hypomelanosis (lighter-coloured skin).

As the name states, the scientific cause of white spots on the skin after sun is unknown. However, prolonged sun exposure is usually held accountable for it. However, the lack of substantial causes does not mean it cannot be cured.

What causes white spots on the skin after the sun?

No scientific study has been able to explicitly state the reason behind the occurrence of white dots on skin after sun exposure. However, it is commonly believed that extended skin exposure hampers melanin production. This eventually results in the white spots.

The sunspots do not appear all of a sudden. Instead, it is quite a gradual process. The spots will appear over time if you continue the overexposure to the sun. They are pale and smooth spots that do not cause redness, itchiness or irritation. Hence, you will not be facing any visible discomfort.

However, white patches on the skin after sun exposure are a different disorder. This is known as Vitiligo, and it can spread gradually if kept untreated. However, here, you may witness mild itching and redness. Once again, though not adequately proven, over-exposure to the sun is usually considered responsible.

In both instances mentioned above, genetics can play a huge role. This loss of pigment usually runs down the family history. Hence, to better understand its cause, you can look back at your family’s medical history before opting for any treatment.

However, sunspots are only one of the white spots. These white spots can be caused by various other factors as well. If you are sure sun exposure is not the cause, immediately visit a dermatologist for early detection.

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Should I be concerned about white blotches on my skin after the sun?

The white blotches on skin after sun exposure are not at all hazardous. Hence, there is no reason to feel threatened by its occurrence. Additionally, you will not suffer from any itchiness, dryness, or skin reddening for these spots. Apart from slight itchiness, this disorder does not cause much harm. The itching sensation is there only when it actively spreads.

However, this does not mean it should be left untreated, or it might eventually spread to other body parts. Additionally, in the near future, it may hinder your self-confidence in public outings. Thus, though there is nothing to be overly concerned about, you must seek proper ways to deal with it.

How to treat white patches on skin after sun

The white splotches on skin from the sun are pretty easy to tackle. You must follow a carefully planned skin care routine loaded with hydrating agents and other nutrients. However, you must properly incorporate it into your daily life for desirable results. Without further ado, let us look at the perfect skincare routine.

  • Use a mild face wash

Cleansing your face will initiate the regime. Stripping your skin of any dirt or overnight build-up is paramount before layering it with new products. Hence, choose a mild and gentle cleanser, or it can negatively impact your sun spots. Pat dry your skin to avoid irritations.

  • Apply a toner

Next, follow it up with a toner. This will further aid in cleansing your pores, which will treat your textured skin and lighten the scarring. Moreover, the formulation of the product helps minimise pores. Additionally, it provides a relaxing and soothing effect on the skin.

  • Hydrate with moisturiser

You can opt to exfoliate with a serum if your skin demands it, but that is not a daily necessity; hence, you might sometimes skip it. However, by hydrating your skin adequately, you can notice a significant lightening of your sun spots or white sun patches. For the best results, try to choose a gel-based product.

  • Complete with sunscreen

Sunscreen is the main trick. Before leaving your home, apply a hydrating, hybrid broad-spectrum product with a SPF quotient of more than 30, like Pink Foundry’s Dewy Hydrating Hybrid Sunscreen SPF 50+.

However, if you are looking for a sunscreen which will also work as a primer for your make-up, then opt for Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen.

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After sun exposure, the white patches or the white spots on skin will not have dangerous effects; however, leaving them untreated is not an option either. Moreover, the treatment process is quite doable and can be maintained for long. Hence, if you have detected a few spots on your skin, immediately integrate this routine to arrest its further occurrence.


1. Are white spots and white patches different?

Yes, they are different, though both are induced by prolonged sun exposure. White spots are like raindrops with no visible discomfort, while white patches are larger blotches with a lack of pigmentation, which can occur with mild itching.

2. What is the best solution?

Using sunscreen is the best trick. However, make sure you are using it correctly in your routine. Additionally, reapply it after every two hours for the best results.

3. What are the best sunscreens available?

If you are looking for an effective sunscreen, then Pink Foundry has two of the most favoured products in this section. They are Dewy Hydrating Hybrid Sunscreen SPF 50+ and Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen.

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