When does pregnancy acne start and how long it lasts

With pregnancy, you get that rosy, gorgeous, and unmissable mom-to-be glow. However, at some point during this time, you are going to get a few pimples here and there as well. And a full blown acne breakout is also a possibility!

Pregnancy acne is more common than you think. The good news is that there are remedies for it, too. Read on!

Why do acne outbreaks occur during pregnancy?

This is one of the main questions you start asking the moment those pesky zits pop up on your skin. Well, the answer is the same as the one you get for almost every other pregnancy question – it’s the hormonal changes.

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During the first trimester of your pregnancy, your body gets a surge of two main hormones: estrogen and progesterone. At this point, your body needs these hormones to keep you and the baby strong and healthy. However, the hormones also bring a few problems like acne during pregnancy.

As such, progesterone tends to naturally increase the sebum production in the skin. The overactive oil glands of your skin start clogging the pores. What you get as a result is acne break-outs.

In addition to that, your immune system undergoes some changes during this time that causes more breakouts.

When does pregnancy acne start? How long does pregnancy acne last?

So, when should you start expecting the acne to show up? In most cases, it starts during the sixth week of pregnancy. Some of the common pregnancy acne areas are the face, the neck, and the back.

It is one of the first signs of pregnancy that you will probably notice. And it will come right around the time when you start feeling breast tenderness and morning sickness.

Usually, pregnancy acne clears up a bit during the first trimester itself. However, you might get more serious breakouts in your third trimester. This is also the time when the secretion of pregnancy hormones start to rise.

But how long does pregnancy acne last? Now, wouldn’t it be nice if these pimples vanished completely on their own the moment you have your baby? Sadly, this is not the case.

The acne keeps going away gradually as your hormones reach their pre-pregnancy stage but that needs some time. Also, postpartum fluctuations in hormones, missing out on skin care, and constant sleep deprivation are the stress factors that can trigger acne.

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Safe remedy to prevent and treat pregnancy acne

If you are getting acne during pregnancy, you need a few lifestyle changes and an extra dose of skin care. Here are a few safe remedies you can try to prevent and treat your acne:

Use gentle cleansers for your face:

In order to prevent any flare-up in the pregnancy acne areas, you will have to switch to a mild cleanser. Look for something that is sulfate free and hydrating. Use this cleanser to wash your face and neck twice a day – before going to bed and once in the morning.

Never squeeze the pimples:

It might feel too tempting to squeeze out those pimples but that’s not how you make pregnancy acne go away. Remember what your mom told you in your adolescence about not squeezing your pimples? She was right – it will make those zits leave scars.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin:

With all the sebum your skin is producing, do you really need a moisturizer anymore? Turns out you do because it will reduce the irritation and itchiness of acne. At times, even over-dryness of the skin also leads to acne breakouts. So, an oil-free moisturizer is your pregnancy acne remedy.

Keep everything clean all the time:

When we think of fighting off pregnancy acne, we tend to only focus on the face. However, keeping your hair clear and dandruff-free is equally important. Dandruff can aggravate the acne on your face. Also, make sure that all towels, pillowcases, and hats you wear are cleaned regularly. Even wipe your phone screen from time to time using a fresh napkin.

Increase your vitamin A intake:

Increasing your vitamin A intake will show up in the form of better skin. So, include more carrots, eggs, fish, and milk in your diet as a pregnancy acne remedy. In case you are considering the use of vitamin A supplements, talk to your doctor to know if it is the right choice for you. Excess vitamin A can be harmful to the health of you and your baby.

Drink loads of water:

Drinking enough water can help your overall health, including your skin. It will keep your skin hydrated and flush out toxins from the body. Make sure you drink at least seven to eight glasses of water every day during this period.

Use Acne Treatment Solutions

There are plenty of products available that can prove beneficial in treating acne. Brands like The Pink Foundry offer great products for rescue!

Apart from considering the active ingredients in these products like glycerin, calamine, and salicylic acid, you must also look for:

  • Paraben & PABA Free
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

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Make sure you always take your doctor’s approval and guidance before using any skin care product during pregnancy. Get more skincare tips and guide at The Pink Foundry


Remember that stress is only going to worsen your acne. So, stay calm and patient and enjoy this beautiful time in your life. Also, do visit and consult your doctor before trying any new skin care product during your pregnancy, as they are best suited to guide and recommend products based on your needs and skin.

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