How to Treat Hormonal Acne and Get Rid of It

Acne is a common problem faced by countless men and women across the world. Those swollen, red pustules are painful and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. But what are the ways to bid goodbye to those pesky pimples? Here is a brief overview of how to treat hormonal acne. Read on!

About hormonal acne: The basics

Before getting into the details of how to get rid of hormonal acne, it is necessary to understand the basics. A few stray pimples once in a while is not the same thing as hormonal acne. The intrinsic difference between the two is that the latter is linked to, as you can guess from the term, hormonal fluctuations.

In simple words, hormonal acne begins when hormonal fluctuations raise the oil production in the skin. Since the oil starts clogging the pores and leads to bacterial growth, you get acne break-outs as a result. Hormonal changes causing clogged pores can lead to:

  • Bacterial infestation
  • Dead skin cells
  • Excess sebum (oil secreted from sebaceous glands in middle layers of your skin)

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What are the chief causes of hormonal acne?

In order to understand how to treat hormonal acne, you need to know the causes of such major hormonal fluctuations. Hormonal fluctuations that lead to acne are typically the result of:

  • Side-effects of taking medicines that contain steroids
  • Men who have undergone testosterone treatment
  • Existing medical conditions related to metabolic and ovarian conditions (for instance, polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Family history of hormonal acne
  • Changes in hormone levels in women, such as during menopause, periods, pregnancy, or due to discontinuance of birth control

All of these conditions can be further compounded by the addition of stress, humidity, pollution, lack of sleep, and poor diet.

How to know that you have hormonal acne

So, how would you know what you need is a hormonal acne cure? Well, you will have to start by determining that what you have is basically hormonal acne. Here are a few signs to ascertain that:

#1 You are past your teenage years

You typically get hormonal acne when you are in your twenties or thirties, i.e., past your adolescence years. Women are more likely to get acne during this time because their hormones are in an overdrive around this time.

#2 Acne seen mainly around jawline and chin

A telltale sign of hormonal acne is that it shows up on the jawline or the chin area. Basically, hormonal acne shows up in the lower part of the face. The reason for this factor is pretty simple. Many of the oil glands are located around the chin area and these glands get clogged.

#3 A cyclical pattern of acne breakouts

If the acne is connected to the menstrual cycle, chances are that you will notice the acne around the same time each month. The same cycle is applicable for postmenopausal women because they also have monthly hormonal fluctuations.

Different types of hormonal acne treatment

The fact is hormonal acne is pretty common. And since it is so common, there is more than one type of hormonal acne cure available in the market. If you want to find out how to get rid of hormonal acne, here are a few ideas you can try:

Skin recovery after getting off birth control:

Birth control is not a form of hormonal acne treatment but it can definitely make you need acne remedies. When birth control is taken for some time and stopped thereafter, the skin goes into a complete panic mode. It starts breaking out in acne. However, don’t worry because it is a normal reaction. What it signals is that you need to take extra care of your skin and maybe consider other types of hormonal acne cure.

Taking anti androgen drugs:

Antiandrogen drugs are basically oral therapies that lower the amount of additional androgens that lead to hormonal acne. Androgens are male hormones. These drugs block the androgen receptors to reduce the effect and action of testosterone present in the acne. These drugs are specifically useful in cases of hormonal cystic acne.

Over-the-counter cleansers:

You can try over-the-counter (OTC) cleansers to start your hormonal acne treatment. However, just about any OTC cleanser will not get the job done. Take a good look at the ingredient list to make sure that it’s a mild and hydrating cleanser. Your sensitive skin does not need the touch of harsh and harmful chemicals. The Pink Foundry is one great brand that sells some amazing cleansers.

Overnight Acne Spot Treatment:

Want a hormonal acne treatment that works fast and is highly effective? What you need is an overnight spot removal product that targets each pimple to visibly reduce their appearance. You can use vegan products to remove acne like the Pink Foundry products are available for skin care.

With active ingredients like sulfur, zinc oxide, glycerin, calamine, and salicylic acid, the spot treatment will show action from the first use. Also, the product is Paraben & PABA Free, Dermatologically Tested, Non-Comedogenic, Hypoallergenic, and Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

However, we strongly advise to always take your doctors and dermatologist’s approval and guidance before using any skin care remedy and products for hormonal acne. Get more skincare tips and guide at The Pink Foundry

The final note

And that’s all you need to know about hormonal acne and its cure. Remember that your acne can get worse when you don’t take any steps to improve the condition. So, start taking action right away. Also, do visit and consult your doctor before trying any new skin care product, as they are best suited to guide and recommend products based on your needs and skin.

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