Understanding The Causes Of Dry Skin Around Eyes - And Tips For Prevention

Dry patches of skin aren’t likeable on any part of the body. But dry skin around the eyes can be more bothersome than one can imagine. If you are someone who is experiencing dry skin patches around their eyes, this article throws light on more details about the condition and how to tackle the issue.

Causes of dry skin around the eyes

The skin under your eyes is thinner and a lot more delicate than other parts of the body. So, it cannot possess enough moisture for a long time and might dry out easily. Some causes behind dryness of skin around the eyes include the following:

- Environmental aspects: Dry patches of skin around the eyes can result from low humidity and dry weather.

- Ageing: The skin around the eyes becomes drier with age, particularly after age 40.

- Medical disorders: Dryness around the eyes may be triggered by eczema, atopic dermatitis, and other dermatological conditions.

Symptoms of dry skin around the eyes

If you have dry skin around the eyes, you might experience the following symptoms:

- Itchiness and redness: At times, itching and irritation can accompany dry patches of skin around the eyes. Periodically, the dry skin patches surrounding your skin may also appear red.

- Flaking and peeling: You may notice flaking and peeling if the skin around your eyes gets severely dehydrated.

- Fine lines and wrinkles: The skin around your eyes can become dry and show symptoms of ageing faster. As a result, the skin around your eyes is very prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

Tips for tackling dry skin around the eyes

Some tips that can help you prevent the issue of dry skin over the eye include:

- Proper skincare regimen: You should never underestimate the power of a proper skincare routine in tackling dryness around the eyes. The first part of skin care is washing your face to eliminate impurities and dead cells. However, it's crucial to pick a mild composition so that you can eliminate pollutants without harming your skin. The Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash will reward your skin with a soothing effect while purifying it.


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- Hydrating products and ingredients: Treating the problem of dryness around your eyes requires giving your skin enough moisture. Apply the Waterlight Gel Moisturiser to experience its ability to hydrate your skin for up to 72 hours without making it feel greasy. You'll notice a smoother, more even texture to your skin as the product gives you enough moisture.

- Assess what you are applying to your face: As already mentioned, the area of skin around your eyes is extremely delicate. So, you must evaluate what you are applying to those areas to prevent skin damage. Although the skincare market offers a wide variety of products, using them excessively can have negative effects. So bid adieu to strong chemical peels, strong cleansers, and abrasive exfoliants.

- Don’t put too much stress around your eyes: The supersensitive nature of the skin around them makes them extremely prone to irritation and damage. Therefore, refrain from rubbing under your eyes or using hot water on your face. Using clean makeup brushes is also essential for preventing dry skin around the eyes. Additionally, you should skip applying under-eye makeup every day to prevent dryness.

- Watch your diet: Pick antioxidant-rich foods like fresh fruits, leafy greens, and wholesome nuts to deal with the issue of dryness around your eyes. Maintaining proper skin hydration also requires avoiding processed foods and beverages such as soda, chips, and other sources of refined carbohydrates.


While dry skin around the eyes is bothersome, it usually doesn’t cause severe harm. You will be able to take care of dryness on the skin around the eyes with proper skincare. Choose the right skincare products and use them consistently to kiss goodbye to dry skin around the eyes.

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1. What are the visible signs of dry skin around the eyes?

If the skin around your eyes becomes dry, you might easily notice flakiness and itching. Additionally, you may begin to notice skin cracks surrounding your eyes. Furthermore, redness and irritation are typical signs of dryness around the eyes. Chronic dry skin around the eyes will lack its elasticity and lead to premature ageing. Remember that cracks on dry skin around your eyes can also open the door for bacterial infection.

2. Should I stay away from using a face cleanser to get rid of dry skin around the eyes?

You don’t need to stop using a face cleanser for having dry skin around the eyes. But you will benefit from not using abrasive cleansers that irritate and itch your dry skin.

3. Does dry skin around the eyes indicate any deficiencies or dehydration?

Dehydration can be held accountable for causing dry skin around the eyes. But dry skin surrounding the eye is also an indication of a lack of vitamins A and D. Moreover, individuals with lower levels of zinc and iron will have dryness around their eyes.

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