Is Sugar Bad for Skin?

Are chocolates, cupcakes, and everything sweet the love of your life? Can you never seem to skip dessert, no matter how full you are? We hate to break it to you and you probably already know that high intake of sugar is not great for your skin. If not for anything else, you need to cut down your sugar intake to maintain your glow. But how is sugar bad for skin? Let’s find out from here.

The Impact of Sugar on Your Skin

A natural process called glycation makes sugar for skin harmful. High sugar in your bloodstream attaches itself to proteins and leads to the production of free radicals called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). As AGEs accumulate, they may lead to:

· Wrinkles and Expression Lines

To answer your question, “is sugar bad for skin,” we need to tell you that it can damage collagen and elastin. These hormones serve as the building block of your skin and keep it firm and elastic. They are the unsung heroes behind plump, healthy, and youthful skin.

AGEs can make elastin and collagen stiff, brittle and dry. The impact becomes visible on your skin in the form of wrinkles, expression lines and sagging.

· Diminished Structural Strength and Stability of the Skin

Is sugar bad for skin? The answer is always going to be affirmative because a high sugar intake can impact the type of collagen in your body. Three primary types of collagen are present in your skin.

It includes Type I, Type II, and Type III collagen. While Type III collagen is the strongest, Type I collagen is feeble. Glycation can convert Type III collagen into Type I. Therefore, the natural strength and stability of your skin’s structure gets disturbed.

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· Deactivation of Natural Antioxidant Enzymes

The loss of essential proteins is one of the most harmful effects of sugar on your skin. But can sugar for skin be any more harmful? Well, sugar is known to deactivate the natural antioxidant enzymes on your skin. With no protection from antioxidants, your skin becomes more vulnerable to free radical damage.

Therefore, your skin becomes prone to environmental assailants like UV rays, blue light and pollution. When free radicals are left to roam on your skin, they bind to the structural proteins. Consequently, oxidative stress gets triggered and leads to premature ageing of your skin.

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· Increased Acne

Have you ever had a candy bar all by yourself and found a huge zit on your face the next morning? A high sugar intake can increase your chance of getting moderate to severe acne. Now you tell us, is sugar bad for skin or not, especially when you have a meeting or a date coming up?


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