The top 5 benefits of green tea for skin and how to make the most of it

Most people know that garden tea helps improve your metabolism. But is green tea good for skin?

It is packed with antioxidants, which help reduce radical damage in your cells! This means your skin stays healthier with new cell generation. The best part is that you can enjoy it not only with your breakfast but also with several skincare products! This article is your guide to making the most of green tea for your skin.

How green tea impacts your skin

There are several reasons why our body loves green tea. It's an unfermented leaf tea, which means its antioxidants are more bioavailable! Numerous studies have stated the benefits of these compounds in our bodies. They help fight radical damage in cells, which means they stay alive longer!

This is how our body repairs itself from external damages as well as illnesses. Hence, green tea keeps our skin cells more immune to potential health hazards. This makes it resistant to inflammations and infections and even helps treat acne by targeting excessive sebum production! It can even soothe skin conditions such as dermatitis and heat rashes.

How to incorporate green tea into your skincare routine

Now that we know the green tea benefits for the skin, how do we incorporate it into our routine? There are several ways:

  1. Drinking green tea is one of the most effective ways to boost our body's metabolism. After all, beauty and health start with your gut!
  2. Have leftover tea bags after your morning tea? Save them! You can freeze them and use them around your eyes to depuff!
  3. Many topical products contain green tea extracts that you can incorporate into your skincare. A green tea serum before your daily moisturiser can help boost your skin's hydration!
  4. You can also find green tea in face masks. As a calming and soothing ingredient, it can help calm inflammation and help with itchy and burning skin.
  5. If you're using green tea around your eyes, make sure you patch tests to check for any irritations! Eye serums can work great to help cool down any puffed-up areas.

Is drinking green tea good for the skin

As a rule of thumb and anatomy, our health always starts from the gut! A healthy digestive system reflects on every part of our body, including skin! So, to answer the question, "Is drinking green tea good for skin?" Absolutely!

The antioxidants in green tea help the body resist radical damage. It increases our metabolism, which means you process your nutrients better! This is a primary requirement for healthy skin that no topical skin care can replicate.

The only way our body makes the most of collagen is through digestion! This helps maintain the elastic quality of the skin and prevents premature ageing. Green tea also reduces cholesterol, which can help with acne. Not only that, but it also helps regulate excessive sebum production that counters bacterial growth on the skin!

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Green tea benefits for skin

If you still have doubts, let's review the advantages of green tea for skin.

1. It's anti-inflammatory

The polyphenols in green tea are some of the best counters to angry and inflamed skin. If your skin tends to be sensitive and prone to acne or other rashes, green tea is an ingredient you should look for! Pink Foundry's Super Clarifying 12% Niacinamide Face Serum for All Skin Types is formulated with green tea extracts that can help support your skin barrier.

2. It is SPF's best friend.

Nothing supports a sunscreen like green tea in protecting your skin against UV rays! This is because of its antioxidants, which help your cells receive radical damage that occurs when exposed to the sun.

3. It's a great toner

Green tea works well as a toner before your serum and moisturiser. It helps them absorb better into your skin, increasing their efficiency!

4. A star exfoliant

Caffeine certainly keeps you awake in the mornings after an all-nighter. But did you know it helps shed dead skin? Luckily, green tea has an abundance of those!

5. Prevent premature ageing

If it has antioxidants, you know it makes your cells live longer. And green tea is one of the best in the game! It helps keep your skin cells healthy, so your skin retains its natural melanin and elasticity.

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Drawbacks of green tea for skin

Now that we know the benefits of this plant, let's talk about the green tea side effects for skin. No matter how great an ingredient is, it's always wise to check for potential disadvantages. Generally, green tea is pretty devoid of any adverse effects. However, certain skincare products with green tea extracts can be abrasive to the epidermis, especially if they have fragrance. Further, if you have an allergy to green tea, it can cause severe inflammation and health hazards.


No research shows the benefits of both consuming green tea and applying it topically! Whether you're drinking it with your meals or slipping it in through your skin care products, there's a high chance that you're going to like it! That said, it's always wise to check for allergies or underlying conditions that may prove otherwise. After all, beauty is best when it's informed and backed by your own choices and knowledge!


1. How much green tea should you drink in a day?

Generally, people drink green tea with their breakfast and other meals throughout the day.

2. When should you use face serums?

Face serums come after cleansing and toning and right before moisturiser.

3. Can green tea help with acne?

Yes! A lot of clinical researchers confirm that green tea reduces inflammation and acne.

4. Can you use green tea products around your eyes?

Yes. Generally, there are no issues with putting green tea products near your eyes. But if you face any irritation, be sure to stop using it immediately.

5. Can you use green tea products in the morning?

Yes! Skincare with green tea goes well with your SPF.

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