Everything you need to know about waterproof sunscreens

Who doesn’t hate sunburn, right? In the summers of 2018-19, around 300 people in Australia had to visit the healthcare center to treat sunburn. Did you know that the risk of skin cancer increases when exposed to excessive sunlight?

Waterproof sunscreen is the best way to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. Even better, you're enjoying the day at the beach or the swimming pool. You may wonder how sunscreen can be waterproof, right? Are there even any waterproof sunscreens in India? What does the term even mean?

Read this article to find all your answers.

What Is Waterproof Sunscreen

A waterproof sunscreen is a form of sunblock that, as its name implies, is water resistant.

Unlike the traditional sunscreens, the waterproof ones stay in place, and can withstand any water damage. It simply slips or slides away the water on the skin. This makes it an excellent option for physical endeavors like swimming or perspiring.

Contrary to popular belief, no sunblock can actually be “waterproof” or “sweatproof,” according to FDA standards. Conversely, sunscreens are only titled as “water-resistant” when they ensure to provide SPF protection 40 or 80 minutes after submersion.

So make sure to pick a sunblock with the “water-resistant” label. Do it especially when you want it to stay on throughout your upcoming beach day or house pool party.

Waterproof Vs. Water Resistant Sunscreen

The FDA states that waterproof sunscreen does not exist. A “waterproof sunscreen” doesn’t exist because all sunscreens gradually rinse off when they are in contact with moisture.

Nevertheless, sunscreens were earlier designated as waterproof. That’s only when they could just continue to work when surfing or sweating for a certain amount of time.

The FDA said it was deceptive and it modified the waterproof to water-resistant labeling requirements for sunscreen in 2011. Since that day, the definition of a water-resistant sunblock has expanded in both clarity and regulation.

While expressing how long sunscreen stays active in damp environments, the phrase “water-resistant” is used instead of “waterproof” and “sweatproof.”

Which Is The Best Waterproof Sunscreen For Swimming In India

When finding the best waterproof sunscreen for swimming in India, you need to look for a sunscreen that is:

  • Water resistant and can stay on your skin despite continued exposure to water
  • Broad spectrum, so you are protected from UVA and B sun rays, especially if you’re swimming outdoors
  • At least SPF 30 to ensure ample sun protection

The Pink Foundry’s Mineral Matte Sunscreen is a mineral sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. It’s water resistant and stays on your skin for 80 minutes, which means that you can swim without worrying about your sunscreen’s protection wearing off.

Is Mineral Sunscreen Waterproof

If you’re wondering, ‘is mineral sunscreen waterproof,’ your answer is yes. The best sunscreens are often mineral sunscreens containing natural components. They are readily absorbed by the skin, along with the UV radiation that can be reflected away by the active compounds.

Additionally, they don’t really harm sea life in any manner or wear out the skin. A sustainable SPF 30 sunblock with essential oils and zinc oxide is effective. The key ingredient, zinc oxide, is put on top of your epidermis’s surface and acts like a reflector of UV radiation.

Tasmanian Beeswax is a crucial component in such sunblocks to enhance waterproofing. Lastly, lavender and safflower seed oils maintain good skin even after sunburn. Thus, they are used in making the best waterproof mineral sunscreen in India.

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How Long Does Waterproof Sunscreen Last

The best Waterproof sunscreen in India typically works for up to 80 minutes after being exposed to water. You should reapply the sunscreen after swimming for a while because it may still offer some protection. However, the 80-minute threshold serves as a standard.

Before going for a swim, you should wait 20 minutes after applying your sunscreen. The sunscreen could rinse off if you enter the pool before that since your skin hasn’t had time to absorb it.

Certain sunscreens that don’t contain cetyl octanoate or other chemicals lose their effectiveness after 40 minutes. Since expired sunscreen ingredients are no longer able to link to one another, they may disappear even faster.

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Does Waterproof Sunscreen Really Work?

Your skin’s defense against sunlight comes from sunscreen’s active compounds. Such active components hardly have anything to do with a formulation being waterproof for a prolonged period of time.

Thanks to additives, sunscreen enables the formulation to be water-resistant. These chemicals are especially good in preventing skin from sliding and slipping. In the pool or during strenuous, perspiration-inducing exercise, sunscreen is much less prone to rinse off if it clings to the skin.

A waterproof sunscreen in India should’ve just passed FDA tests to check its effectiveness if it promises to be water-resistant.

Best Waterproof Mineral Sunscreen In India

Use the Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen from The Pink Foundry if you plan on spending a considerable amount of time under the sun or near the waves. This amazing skincare product shields your skin against the broad spectrum UVB and UVA rays while ensuring your skin hydration.

The fact that this product is infused with cucumber, shea butter, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide clearly shows how effective and powerful it is. When it comes to waterproofing, this product can keep you away from water effects for up to 80 minutes. Thus, your beach days or a fun time outdoors can now be more fun!


So, what are your thoughts? Do waterproof sunscreens merit the additional cost?

They certainly are, in addition to many excellent brands you should check out. The skincare sunscreen products only with water resistance functions are the finest.

So the next time, make sure to get a sunscreen that is water-resistant and shields you from UVA and UVB radiation. Make sure the item satisfies every requirement and spending limit.


1. Are waterproof sunscreens effective?

Yes, waterproof sunscreen can provide equivalent UV protection to conventional sunscreen.

2. Can I remove the waterproof sunscreen from my body?

Yes, you can always remove the waterproof sunscreen on your body using a good quality oil cleanser.

3. Is it necessary to use waterproof sunscreen?

When surfing or excessive sweating is part of your recreational activities, it’s best to apply water-resistant sunscreen since it will effectively remain on the skin when wet.

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