How to Remove Pigmentation Around Mouth: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever noticed discoloration or hyperpigmentation around your mouth? Ever wondered what caused the pigmentation around the mouth or what you can do to tackle it? Start reading to figure out the causes and get tips and tricks on how to remove pigmentation around mouth.

Understanding pigmentation around the mouth

Pigmentation around the mouth means certain areas on your face will appear darker than its surroundings. These darkened areas around your mouth are a result of excess melanin deposits. Since melanin is responsible for giving the natural pigment to your skin, its deposits in excess cause the skin to darken.

The dark patches of your skin around your mouth usually don’t need treatment. But depending on the size and placement, the patches might be bothersome for you due to cosmetic reasons. You can always succeed in eliminating the pigmented patches around your face by following a proper skincare routine.

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Causes of pigmentation around the mouth

Before you discover how to get rid of darkness around mouth, explore some of the reasons behind them:

  • Sun exposure:UV rays from the sunlight or tanning beds will cause dark spots around your face. With rising age, the risk of these dark spots appearing on your face will increase. If you are someone who forgets to wear sunscreen around the lips and mouth, you are more likely to develop hyperpigmentation due to sun overexposure.
  • Trauma:An acne burnout, infection, burn, or serious injury around the mouth can lead to the formation of pigmented areas. This type of dark spots around the mouth can be referred to as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and you will usually notice them after your skin heals. The discolouration associated with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation often fades after a few months.
  • Vitamin deficiency:Hyperpigmentation around the mouth can also occur due to a low level of vitamins B12 and D.
  • Medications:Some medicines are also responsible for causing hyperpigmentation around the mouth. For instance, you will notice dark patches around your mouth if you are on hormone replacements, doxycycline, or chemotherapy medicines.

Importance of sun protection in preventing and managing pigmentation

Since overexposure to the sun is a key cause behind pigmentation around the mouth, sun protection skincare products are necessary for preventing it. So, remember to pat sunscreen all over your face whenever you are stepping out in the sun. But go with a lightweight formulation like the Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen to avoid blocking your pores.

Topical products for pigmentation

If you are trying to figure outhow to reduce pigmentation around mouth, you must find the right skincare products for topical application. The Dark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum uses powerful ingredients like niacinamide and tranexamic acid to fade dark spots and marks around the mouth. It will even out your skin tone and enhance your overall complexion.

Skincare routine for pigmentation

If darkness around your mouth is a major concern for you, rely on a proper skincare routine with products formulated to soothe and brighten your skin. Begin with clearing your face with the Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash to say goodbye to debris of impurities on the surface of your skin.

After that, take a few drops of the Dark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum and pat it gently all over your face. Allow your skin to absorb the serum properly before you move on to moisturising. Using this serum two times a day for a month will instantly help bring a glow to your face and eliminate dark marks.


When you are struggling with how to reduce darkness around mouth, relying on a good batch of skincare products should be your go-to solution. Washing off dirt build-ups and using a hyperpigmentation serum will reward you with a radiant glow on your face. As a result, your complexion will seem more even. So, get started with your skincare regimen now!


• Which serum is the best for removing hyperpigmentation on my face?

The Dark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum, with a combination of powerful ingredients, will eliminate the dark patches of skin around the mouth. We have created the serum with an accurate dosage of every ingredient to make it capable of fading dark patches. Your skin will start appearing healthier and more resilient and recover from blemishes at a faster pace. With the consistent application of this serum, you will notice a bright glow in your complexion.

• Is niacinamide good for reducing hyperpigmentation?

Niacinamide is capable of brightening and evening out your skin tone while effectively eliminating all dark marks. It can also control sebum levels to inhibit acne breakouts and soothe inflammation. By providing higher levels of hydration, niacinamide can also improve rough and uneven skin texture.

• How can I get rid of dark skin patches around the mouth within 5 minutes?

If you have dark patches of skin around your mouth, you must know that getting rid of them requires consistent effort. You will have to stick to a skincare regimen with the right products to make these dark patches disappear. Use a face wash to cleanse all impurities from the skin’s surface to bring back the suppressed glow. Next, it is essential for you to pat a few drops of a hyperpigmentation serum to reduce the dark marks and make your complexion bright and glowing.

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