How to Remove Tanning from Forehead & Their Causes

We all have spent a few extra hours out in the sun, willingly or unwillingly. Maybe you were posing for some incredible golden hour shots or busy running errands. Irrespective of the reason, the end result is often darkened skin tone.

While several people willingly spend time on the beach to get naturally tanned, it is a cause of worry when tanning is unintentional. It’s even more embarrassing when tan lines only appear on your forehead. But don’t fret because we are here with a detailed guide on how to remove tanning from your forehead.

Definition of Tanning and Its Effects on the Forehead

Tanning is discoloration of the skin, particularly due to sun exposure. It gives your skin a brown color. The friction due to the continuous wiping of sweat from the forehead accelerates the tanning process.

The forehead is one of the most common body parts that gets tanned easily. Some effects of tanning on the forehead are as follows:

  • Uneven skin tone: Tanning causes your skin to darken. As a result, you might notice some dark patches on your forehead. The complexion of a tanned forehead is unlikely to match other parts of the face. Therefore, your skin tone will appear to be uneven.
  • Rough skin: Tanning might cause the skin on your forehead to lose its smoothness. Your forehead might start appearing rough and scaly due to tan lines.
  • Skin peeling: A high exposure to UV rays results in a sunburn. Therefore, severe tanning can even lead to peeling of the skin.

Causes of Tanning on the Forehead

The cause of forehead tanning is the same as tanning on other parts of your body. Tanning occurs due to direct exposure to natural sunlight.

Excessive UV radiation causes sunburn and various other forms of DNA damage to the skin. But the body holds the potential to naturally combat and repair the damage. Producing a natural pigment called melanin is the body’s way of protecting the skin cells.

The melanocyte cells are responsible for adding melanin. It absorbs the sun’s UV rays and protects the body.

But the increased production of melanin darkens our skin. As a result, you can observe dullness and an uneven skin tone.

Another reason behind tanning is oxidative stress due to UVA radiation from the sun. UVA radiation can oxidize existing melanin and cause melanin to darken faster. However, skin darkening from UVA exposure does not significantly increase melanin production.

Instead, UVB radiation can significantly increase melanin production. It is the body’s way of dealing with photodamage naturally.

Remove Tanning from the Forehead

If you are wondering how to remove tan on your forehead, creating a proper skincare routine should be your priority. Remember to add sunscreen and a dark spot serum to your skincare regimen to stop struggling with unwanted tan lines on the forehead.

Applying sunscreen is crucial for preventing skin discoloration. Whenever you are stepping out in the sun, lather a good sunscreen on your whole face, including your forehead. It will help create a protective barrier on your skin to prevent UV damage.

A dark spot serum is the ultimate product you need to even out your skin tone. It can even fade pigmentation. Within a few weeks of using a dark spot serum, you will be able to notice a bright glow on your face.

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Anyone worried about how to get rid of forehead tan will be happy to know that tan lines are temporary. The right set of skincare products will help you get rid of forehead tanning in no time and even prevent them from appearing in the first place. Therefore, pick your skincare warriors meticulously to combat unwanted forehead tan.

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