Monsoon Skincare Tips and Routine to Follow

Every season demands a specific form of skincare. It is the same for monsoons. During this season, the temperature may vary depending on various factors. The unpredictable weather changes may perplex the skin, leaving it disturbed. The natural glow of your skin may deteriorate, and you might even experience skin dryness.

People with acne-prone skin may suffer equally. So, it only seems wise to adopt healthy monsoon skin care tips for the season and include them in your routine to follow consistently. The result will be glowing, healthy and rejuvenated skin like never before!

What Are The Best Monsoon Skincare Tips To Follow?

1. Apply Sunscreen

Even rainy season skincare demands the use of sunscreen. People often mis-contemplate that the Sun cannot harm the skin during monsoons. But this is not true. Although the Sun is hidden behind the clouds during this season, it can still negatively affect your healthy skin.

This is because the Ultra Violet rays of the Sun are powerful enough to bother your skin even from behind the clouds. That is why it becomes essential to layer your skin with sufficient protection against the Sun using a strong sunscreen. Choose one with enough SPF to keep your skin completely protected for hours on end.

2. Care For Sensitive Spots

Sensitive areas of your skin like the lips, the corners of your nose and the under eyes still require sufficient protection during the monsoons. Protect your lips by using a lip scrub to exfoliate them. This will help eradicate all the flakiness and dryness that surrounds your lips.

The result will be smooth and hydrated lips even during this unpredictable weather. You can also add an eye cream to your daily

routine. This will help keep puffy eyes, dark circles and even dryness around the eyes at bay.

3. Include Vitamin C

Vitamin C is packed with the goodness of antioxidants that boost the immune system and helps combat skin infections timely. It can also help subside the signs of aging, decrease blemishes and encourage skin healing. That is why you should consider reaping the benefits of Vitamin C during this weather.

You can do this by applying a potential Vitamin C serum daily or simply drinking juices with enough Vitamin C nutrients in them. The result will be a spotless skin with no wrinkles and fine lines. Such monsoon tips for skin must be followed daily, though.

4. Use An Antifungal Powder

Skin infections during monsoons can be common. The growth of fungi and bacteria can also be rapid. Thus, protecting your skin with an antifungal powder can be a good practice. Since the humidity in the air causes dampness in the skin, fungal infections can be common.

The dirty feet after getting soaked in the rain or jumping in the puddles may also increase the risk of skin infections. Using this monsoon skin care tip will help eliminate any such risk on time.

5. Hydrate With A Clay Mask

Excess oil in the skin can increase exponentially during the rainy season. So, it becomes important to balance it on your skin for the prevention of acne breakouts. Using a clay mask on your face can do the trick. Apply the mask twice a week for a couple of minutes and wash your face with cold water.

The clay mask will eventually absorb all the excess oil from the skin, leaving you fresh and hydrated. This will also help remove all sorts of impurities from your skin, minimizing the risk of clogged pores. Follow this monsoon skincare rule now!

6. Minimize Makeup Application

Allow your skin to breathe and exhibit natural beauty during the monsoons. For this purpose, follow a hands-on monsoon skin care regimen and say goodbye to gaudy makeup for a while.

Use products like CC cream to amp up your complexion. You could also ditch the foundation for a concealer. Similarly, replace the heavy lipsticks with lightly-tinted lip balms. This no-makeup makeup look will allow your skin to flaunt its natural glow during the season.

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Monsoon Routine To Follow

The monsoon skin care routine available below is applicable for all skin types.

Step 1- Cleansing

Use an oil-free cleanser to cleanse your skin gently. This helps remove all the dirt, and debris build-up that may be sitting on your skin.

Step 2- Toning

Use a soft cotton ball, soak it with your toner and dab it gently on your skin. This will allow your skin to breathe.

Step 3- Moisturizing

Add a layer of hydration using your favorite moisturizer. Massage it into your skin and let it soak into it.

Step 4- SPF

If you are to step out in the Sun, it is wise to protect your skin with a layer of SPF sunscreen. Ensure you purchase one that is suitable for your skin type.

Remember to opt for only those skincare products that are specifically curated for your skin type. The Pink Foundry has a range of skincare solutions that are perfect for all skin types. These products help to provide your skin with the right type of nourishment that it deserves. Here’s a complete combo for you to try-

You could also consult your Dermatologist to understand your skin type before you opt for a skincare product accordingly.

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With the monsoons almost knocking at the doors, it becomes imperative to pay sufficient attention to your monsoon skincare. Do it by keeping these tips in mind. It is bound to bring instant results and amplify your healthy skin.

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