Pimple On Eyelid: Causes And Treatments

Most of us are familiar with pimples on the face and some other parts of the body, like the back, neck, and chest. But what about a pimple on the eyelid? Have you recently started noticing pimples on the eyelid, and you don’t know what to do with them? Scroll through this article to understand important details about pimples on the eyelid.

What causes pimples on the eyelid?

A stye is typically caused by an infection in an eyelid oil gland or an eyelash follicle. It can also be caused by stress and hormonal changes.

A chalazion occurs when a little part of your eyelid, known as the meibomian gland, becomes clogged. You can also get it from a non-infected stye that has left hardened debris lodged in a gland.

Another condition called blepharitis might cause inflammation around the eyelids. Meanwhile, milia occur due to trapped dead cells beneath the skin.

Types of pimples that can appear on the eyelid

A few varieties of pimples that can appear on the eyelid include:

  • Styes: These blisters or pimples appear along the outer rim of the eyelid. They are often red and painful.
  • Milia: They are tiny white crusts appearing primarily in children.
  • Chalazion: It often occurs on the underside of the eyelid or midway up the eyelid. Sometimes, chalazia might also occur behind the eyelashes. While they look like a stye, they can grow larger and are often recurrent.

Potential complications and risks associated with eyelid pimples

Some possible complications and risk factors associated with a pimple on the eyelid include:

  • Skin conditions like rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Having styes or chalazion in the past
  • Smoking
  • Blepharitis

Treatment options for different types of eyelid pimples

Pimples on your eyelid can be tackled through the following options:

Home remedies

If you have a stye or chalazion, you will be able to take care of it at home. Avoid squeezing or popping these bumps on your eyelids. It will only increase the amount of infection and spread the bacteria to the other eye. Instead, you can try using heat and compression to drain them and loose blockages to promote healing.

Holding a warm compress on your eyelid for 10 minutes around 4 times a day can be highly beneficial. You should also try to gently massage the outer eyelids twice every day to drain the area.

Over-the-counter products

Some OTC products like an ointment, solution, or medicated pads can help solve the issue of eyelid bumps.

Prescription medications

You should visit your doctor when a bump on your eyelid is causing the following issues:

  • Problems with your vision
  • Worsening eyelid bumps after a week or two of self-care
  • Blisters on your eyelid
  • Large or painful bumps on your eyelid
  • Crusting or scaling of your eyelids
  • Redness inside your eye or around the eyelid
  • Photosensitivity or overflowing tears
  • Bleeding from eyelid bumps

Your medical provider will usually prescribe antibiotic ointments to tackle eyelid bumps. Steroid shots are also injected to reduce the swelling caused by eyelid bumps. In some cases, your medical provider might need to make an opening in the stye to drain it out.

Usually, surgery is necessary when an eyelid bump has become too large or is affecting your vision. This type of surgical procedure needs to be done at the doctor’s office with local anaesthesia.

How to prevent future breakouts on the eyelid

Some future tips for preventing breakouts on the eyelid involve:

  • Handle contact lenses with clean hands and store them in the right way.
  • Don’t wear your contact lenses longer than the recommendation of the optician.
  • Wear protective eyewear while dealing with hazardous chemicals, using power tools, or doing anything that can be risky for your eyes.
  • Always wear glasses during the pollen season to avoid allergens.
  • Never touch your eyes with dirty hands.


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  • What are the key symptoms of eyelid bumps?

Some common symptoms linked with eyelid bumps include:

  • Blurred vision
  • A feeling of a foreign object in the eye
  • Photosensitivity
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Itching in or around the eye
  • Irritation around the area of the eyelid bump
  • Tearing

Usually, bumps occur on the lower or upper part of your eyelid.

  • Can I get eyelid bumps when using contact lenses?

If you are using your contact lenses improperly, you might develop soreness and irritation around your eyes. But you can avoid eyelid bumps and other issues associated with wearing contact lenses by following these:

  • Avoid wearing contact lenses longer than the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Skip swimming with your contact lenses on.
  • Properly wash and dry your hands before touching your contact lenses.
  • Never wear your contact lenses if they get damaged.
  • Always store and clean your contact lenses as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

If you can maintain proper hygiene while using contact lenses, they are unlikely to cause any issues.

  • Can bumps on the eyelid be a sign of an injury?

At times, eyelid bumps can be a sign of injury or trauma. If that’s the case, you have a high risk of infection.

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