Our top tips for sweat-proof makeup that lasts

The summer may be pretty daunting, but does that mean you leave out your makeup? Of course not. Then how do we deal with all the sweat to retain our makeup? Well, we have the best solution for you; learn how to make makeup sweatproof to keep your look perfect.

Making your makeup sweat-proof does not solely mean using a certain combination of products. Rather, the process begins before putting on the makeup - the skin preparation stage, as we call it.

You need to treat your skin accordingly and then begin applying your products. Read along as we explore the ways to prepare the skin and also share some valuable tips for making your makeup sweat-free.

The Answer Lies Before Makeup: Skin Prep For Sweat-Proof Makeup

One of the basic hacks that is not known to everyone is that for your evening makeup to last, you need to start preparing your skin beforehand - like using antiperspirants, keeping yourself hydrated, etc. Let us look at some of the initial ways to get ready.

  • A Gentle Cleanser

First and foremost, cleanse your skin with a mild and calming face wash. Since excessive sweating is more likely to cause breakouts like acne, the best option is to use a target product like Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash, which will help with deep cleaning. This will help in unclogging pores. Moreover, it will soothe your skin.

  • Gel Based Moisturiser

The most important trick is to use gel or water-based products rather than oil or cream-based ones. The former variant will absorb into the skin more easily and is likely to retain, while the latter one is more inclined to produce more sweat. The best product here is Waterlight Gel Moisturiser 72 Hour Hydration from Pink Foundry.

  • Hydrating Sunscreen

Sunscreens and summer go hand in hand; hence, if you are attending a morning event, do not forget your sunscreen. Opting for a hydrating sunscreen like Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen will reduce the tendency of the skin to produce excessive oil and maintain the skin’s moisture content.

  • A Light Base

Once you are done with the basic skincare regime, you can start with the base makeup layer, like applying skin tint. While applying your products to prevent sweat, remember always to use less of the product so that it does not feel cakey. Moreover, you can also skip some products if it is convenient for you.

  • Right Primer

Several of us easily skip the applying primer before proceeding further. However, that is incorrect, especially when it comes to controlling your sweat. Using the primer and that also the right one is paramount. A lightweight pore-minimising primer is the right product for you. However, you can choose your primer according to your skin type as well.

  • Less Foundation

Lastly, do not lade your face with foundation. This is a very common mistake we make. Rather, the product should be applied in the right amount. The less you apply, the more it will work to stop your makeup from sweating. Furthermore, remember to prepare your face by locking the products with a compact powder.

How To Make Makeup Sweat Proof: Our Tips

Honestly, making your makeup sweat-proof does not involve scientific processes. Rather, it is more about choosing the right kind of product and applying it in adequate amounts. Listed below are some foolproof tips to achieve sweat-proof makeup and make heads turn.

  • Avoid The Powder Products

Powder products are an absolute NO for summer makeup. They have a higher tendency to sweat off. Rather, it is better to opt for cream-based products that blend well into your skin. The latter has a lesser tendency to sweat out. For instance, instead of using eyeshadow, blush, etc., creamy matte lipsticks are used for the same purpose.

  • Choose Water-Proof Products

This is definitely one of the most common tips. While purchasing, choose products that are launched solely to tackle the summer heat. These products usually have the appropriate components to prevent sweating. Additionally, opt for water-proof products so that even if you sweat, your face is not stripped of the makeup.

  • Do Not Forget Setting Spray

Our third tip is locking the entire makeup with a setting spray. A setting spray will ensure that the products used will only come off when removed by a makeup remover or cleanser. Hence, it will aid in retaining the products by preventing fading, smudging, and cracking. Thus, setting spray must be the last step of your makeup routine.

  • Remember The Highlighter

If you are looking to add a little glow to your face without sweating it out, the highlighter is just the product. Though there is no harm in playing around with it a little to create a dramatic look, do not overdo it, or it may appear unnatural. Highlighters are great for giving yourself a warm glow without having the fear of sweating.

  • Keep Blotting Papers Handy

The most essential of all is using a tissue or blotting paper to clean your sweat. Avoid using towels or handkerchiefs to rub your face. Blotting papers will easily absorb the extra shine and oil of the face without disturbing the other makeup products. Moreover, they are more convenient to carry than the other alternatives.

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Achieving sweat-free makeup is not as challenging as it may sound. You need to choose the right products for your skincare and makeup routine and apply them in the right amount. However, if you still feel it is difficult, then the tips above will surely help. Furthermore, make sure all your products are non-comedogenic and hydrating like that of Pink Foundry for the best results.


1. Is sweat-proof makeup possible?

Yes, absolutely! You need to prepare your skin carefully and choose the makeup products properly to get sweat-proof makeup. Moreover, do not apply in excessive amounts, as you will be more likely to sweat

2. What is the best tip for making my makeup sweat-proof?

Begin with a nutritional skincare regime and use water or gel products. When you are using makeup products, choose cream-based products over powder variants and finish with a setting spray.

3. What are the best products to prepare my skin for sweat-proof makeup?

Using hydrating, gel-based, and long-lasting skin care products is the best option to retain your makeup. The convenient options are Pink Foundry’s Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash, Waterlight Gel Moisturiser 72 Hour Hydration, Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen, etc.

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