Top 5 Hacks of using a Hydrating Toner

Skin is the largest organ in a human’s body, and it’s always exposed to all sorts of pollutants in the surrounding environment like UV exposure, tiny dust particles, pollutants, etc. So, it is essential to follow a well-thought-out skincare routine, in order to look after your skin and keep it healthy. One product that your skincare routine needs is a hydrating toner. One often tends to miss this step. Let’s understand why it is necessary and quick hacks of using a toner.

Hydrating toners are perfect for the overall health of your skin as they not only keep your skin hydrated but also balance your skin’s pH levels, remove dirt, excess oil, and traces of make-up that’s not easy to remove. In short it maintains skin and keeps it well toned. 

Let’s look at a few hacks of using a toner

  1. As a face mist

A few spray drops of a face mist made by combining your favourite hydrating toner for dry skin and distilled water, in 2:1 ratio, can be refreshing and light for your face. You can keep that solution in a spray bottle and store it in a fridge, so it is cool when you use it the next day or late at night. Or just carry it and spray it while on-the-go to stay refreshed.

  1. As a skin care diluter

Women who don’t like a strong serum or cleanser can use a hydrating toner for dilution. So, if you don’t want to use a strong serum, you can dilute it with several drops of your toner, depending on how much you want to dilute it, and still reap the benefits of the serum on your skin. 

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  1. To calm your skin after waxing/shaving

After waxing or shaving, you might experience burning or a sense of redness on your skin. You can apply a hydrating toner on the body part (arms, underarms) in order to hydrate and calm your skin from any irritation. 

  1. To soothe inflamed pimples

Sometimes you get inflamed pimples or blemishes after a razor burn. Using a hydrating toner on them can help to significantly reduce irritation and redness on your face. So, if you ever get a razor burn, simply use a hydrating toner. 

  1. As an eye mask</h3>

If you notice big, unwanted under eye bags or swollen eyes after you wake up, you can opt for a toner and apply it on both of your eyes with a cotton pad. In order to reduce the swelling significantly, you should keep your toner in the fridge so it is cold and compressed. It will leave your skin smoother and more glowing. 

As you can see, a perfect hydrating toner for dry skin is an integral part of a skin care routine. We, at The Pink Foundry, have a face toner for women that is bound to boost your skin’s inner strength. Other than that, it also imparts a calming and relaxing effect on your skin since it is gentle and does not feel harsh at all, thereby being suitable for all skin types. 

Looking for the best toner for your face in India? Explore the best toner you can get your hands on. All our products are designed to ensure your skincare routine is not devoid of anything that’s necessary to keep it healthy and nourished in the long run. 

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