Is it really necessary to moisturise the skin daily?

If you google frequently asked questions about skincare routines or daily moisturising then you would stumble upon the following query multiple times - ‘Do I really need to moisturise my skin every day?’.

Before we give a yes or no, here is a question - do you like soft, well-hydrated glowing skin? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then the short answer to the previous question is ‘Yes’ as well.

You must moisturise your skin daily!

No matter your skin type, moisturiser should be part of your daily skincare routine. Here are 4 reasons why you should moisturise daily.

#1 Keeps your skin hydrated

Yes, the skin has its own NMF (natural moisturising factor) under ideal conditions of the environment along with nutritional and hormonal balance. But we don’t live in an ideal condition, especially in the city. In this stressful environment and pollution your skin’s ability to retain its moisture decreases as you age.

Irrespective of the weather conditions outdoor and indoor, moisturisers keep your skin hydrated for longer hours and prevent it from drying out.

Moisturisers are a tall drink of water for your skin. So, drink up!

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#2 Slows down skin ageing!

Who doesn't want to stay forever young but skin ageing is normal and happens to everyone. As we grow older skin loses its elasticity due to a slowdown in collagen production. There are many external factors such as pollution, sun exposure, and internal factors such as diet and lifestyle habits responsible for this slowdown. Lack of collagen causes the skin to become thinner and drier which makes the wrinkles prominent.

Without a doubt daily moisturiser with blue light protection is an awesome addition to your skincare routine, it helps to lock in moisture, plump up your skin and reduce wrinkles. It provides a barrier for the skin preventing water loss through the epidermis providing lasting hydration to the skin leaving it soft, smooth, and supple.

Your skin has the potential to retain its youthfulness just needs a little bit of support. Give your skin a little daily love with our youth-preserving firming moisturiser.

#3 A must post-shower ritual!

This one is our favourite and highly recommended! There is nothing more refreshing than a hot shower early in the morning or after a long hard day. But it does strip your skin of its natural moisture. A little dab of The Pink Foundry moisturiser just after the shower is sure to seal your skin with moisture and leave it soft, smooth, and supple.

#4 Blue light protection

When you step outside sunscreens are your best bet for protection from harmful UV rays. But what about indoor protection? With WFH as the new normal, there is a huge spike in the number of hours we spend in front of the screen, whether the laptop or mobile. Research suggests the blue light emitted from our screens is equally harmful to our skin. It causes skin cells to shrink and makes the skill look dull. Try our indoor defense Oil-Free Matte Moisturiser with blue light protection to strengthen and shield your skin from the harmful effects of digital blue light.

How to moisturise every day?

Now that you know why moisturiser is needed, it’s time to make it a habit. Breaking bad habits is hard but adopting good ones can also get a bit overwhelming at times.

All you need is consistency and a set routine. We suggest doing it at the same time every day such as post-shower, after cleansing as it keeps your skin from drying out. During the day apply moisturiser before you reach out for your sunscreen or pick a moisturiser with SPF. At night, make it the last step of your skincare routine to help your skin recover.

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