The Ultimate Guide To Winter Vs Summer Skincare Essentials

Do you use the same skincare products all year round? If so, you are not walking on the right path. As your clothing choices undergo seasonal transitions, your skincare essentials should also be switched according to the weather outside. Explore this article to understand how to make a seamless transition between your summer and winter skincare routines.

Why the right skincare routine is essential

Your skin develops new requirements with each passing season. What works for your skin during the cold and harsh winter months won’t be suitable in summer. Adjusting your skincare regimen according to the season will help fulfil your skin's unique requirements.

Difference between winter vs summer skincare essentials

The heat and humidity outside during the summer months can make your skin feel greasy at all times. So, you need products that feel light on your skin during the summer months. Your skin is already sweaty during the summer months. Thick and heavy skincare items will only combine with this sweat and end up blocking your pores to cause pimples.

But the outside is quite dry during the winter months. So, your skin might have increased hydration requirements during this time. Therefore, winter skincare essentials often include heavy creams and moisturisers to make your skin soft and supple amidst the harsh cold outside.

How to shift from winter to summer skincare

Wondering how you can make a switch to using summer skincare essentials after pampering your skin during the winter months? Here’s what you need to follow:

  • Use a light moisturiser

As the summer season approaches, a blanket of heat and humidity will be all set to engulf you. Imagine applying a heavy moisturiser during the summer season. After a while, you will see the product dripping from your face with sweat. While it can be super uncomfortable, this doesn’t mean you should completely ditch moisturisers during the summer months.

Instead, you will have to look for a lightweight formulation that will provide ample hydration to your skin amidst the humidity. The Waterlight Gel Moisturiser is particularly suitable for the summer months with a formula that’s extremely easy for your skin to absorb. So, add this product to your skincare regimen and enjoy extra soft and smooth during the summer months.

  • Say hello to sunscreens

One thing that is a constant amidst changing seasons and the evolving world is sunscreen in your skincare routine. Even when it’s winter, and the sun rays feel good on your skin, you shouldn’t skip wearing sunscreen. But the summer months increase the importance of sunscreens tenfold because of the intensity of the heat outside.

The Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen can be your loyal companion throughout the year to offer sun protection. Since it is lightweight, you don’t have to worry about the sunscreen feeling heavy on your skin. With its tinted texture, the sunscreen will also serve as a perfect makeup base.

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  • Put your faith in a face serum

Your face might feel extra oily and sticky during the summer months. This can clog your pores and result in unwanted breakouts on the face. The Super Clarifying 12% Niacinamide Face Serum shoulders the responsibility of keeping these breakouts at bay by controlling sebum production.

This serum can also reduce the frequency of acne blemishes on your skin. Since it can refine your enlarged pores, this serum will make your skin tone appear more uniform. Even if you have sensitive skin, this serum is an ideal solution for your face.

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  • Don’t underestimate the power of an exfoliating mask

During the summer months, dirt and dust outside come in contact with the sweat on your face. They will form a layer that can block your pores and lead to acne breakouts. While a cleanser is effective in removing this buildup, gentle exfoliation from time to time is necessary.

The Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask is what you need to maintain a glow on your face in the summer months. You can leave this product on your face overnight and wake up with softer skin the next morning. It can also clear out your existing breakouts and exfoliate your skin without stripping off its natural moisturiser.

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Formulating a skincare routine according to the season outside can help fulfil the unique requirements of your skin. It helps in pampering your skin in a way that it deserves to be during specific times of the year. So embrace the right skincare products for each season and flaunty healthy skin all year round.


  • Do I need to wear sunscreen during the winter months?

Your skin is not safe from sun damage, even during the winter months. While the intensity of the sun might not be too high, it can still bring visible signs of ageing to your face. Therefore, sunscreen is one product that should be in your skincare regimen throughout the year.

  • Should I exfoliate my skin during the winter months?

Since your skin feels dry during the winter months, heavy exfoliation is not recommended. But gentle exfoliation can help remove layers of dead cells on your face. Moreover, remember to moisturise your skin sufficiently after you are done exfoliating.

  • Should I have a separate skincare routine for the summer and winter season?

Everyone should follow different skincare routines during the summer and winter months. Since our skin requirements change according to the weather outside, it’s crucial to adjust the skincare regimen accordingly.

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