Adult Acne: Causes, Treatment and More

As you leave your teenage years behind, you think the days of dealing with zits and pimples are gone. But fast forward to your twenties, thirties, or further. You are still struggling with breakouts before going on a date or attending a party. That’s what is known as adult acne.

But like acne during your teenage years, adult acne can also clear up with the right treatment. Dive into this article to learn more about what is adult acne and how to get rid of it.

What Is Adult Acne?

Every person suffers from acne at some point in their life. Whether you are getting acne in your teenage years or adult life, it’s always the skin condition that clogs your pores. Females are more prone to adult acne than males.

The different types of adult acne are as follows:

  • Mild adult acne: It leads to blackheads, whiteheads, or small pustules.
  • Moderate adult acne: It leads to papules and often covers other parts of your body besides the face.
  • Severe adult acne: It can lead to extreme discolouration, swelling, irritation, or even deep cysts.

Causes of Pimples/Acne on Face in Adults

When your skin produces excess oil, your pores get clogged, which leads to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. But what causes sudden acne in adults? Look at the top factors responsible for adult acne.

· Family History

Genetics are often a major cause of acne breakouts. You might have acne because your parents or other family members have it.

· Hormonal Fluctuations

Hormonal changes are responsible for excessive sebum production, inflammation, pH imbalance, and more. All these factors can contribute to the development of adult acne. Hormonal acne is usually painful and looks like a cyst.

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· Skin Care Products

Sometimes, your acne can be a result of skincare and hair care products. You can also get acne from certain makeup products. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to find cosmetic products according to your skin type. Perform a patch test before using any product on your facial skin

· Physical and Emotional Stress

Physical strain can often lead to hormonal changes, weaken your immune levels, and cause inflammation. Some causes of physical stress can be weather changes, illness, lack of sleep, dehydration, and more. Exposure to dust, dirt and other environmental irritants can also trigger adult acne.

Emotional stress is one of the major causes of pimples on the face in adults. Stress can lead to biological changes and trigger acne. Your stress hormone cortisol is produced more when you feel anxious, scared, or pressured. It can heighten sebum production and worsen acne.

· Food Habits

Sometimes adult acne occurs as a result of your food habits. While flour products, dairy, chocolate, sweets, and fast food are often responsible for triggering more acne on your skin.

· Medications

Antidepressants, corticosteroids, and epilepsy pills can often trigger acne. Moreover, women on birth control pills also notice adult acne.

Effective Adult Acne Treatment

You might often find yourself wondering,” does adult acne go away?” If you follow the right steps, you can make adult acne disappear. Some pointers to follow while dealing with adult acne are as follows:

· Build a Proper Skin Care Routine

If you are struggling with adult acne, you need to be more diligent with your skincare routine. From cleansing your face to moisturising it, you should follow every step to get glowing skin. The Pink Foundry has a vast range of anti-acne products to look after your skin.

· Look After Your Physical Health

Reduce your stress, eat healthy, drink enough water, and get adequate sleep to reduce adult acne. If your adult acne is caused by a specific health condition, you should seek proper treatment for it.

· Stay Patient

Adult acne can be frustrating, and people often give up when one solution can’t provide immediate results. But you should be patient and consistent with your acne treatment regimen to see effective results soon.

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You may not have always experienced acne during your teenage years. But suddenly, you have a face full of acne during your adulthood. While it’s not uncommon, it can be detrimental to your confidence level. But don’t worry, as investing in the right skincare products will help you bid adieu to adult acne in no time.

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