What Does Dermatologically Tested Skin Care Mean?

Your skin wants you to pamper it. The wrong products can make your skin angry and eventually result in breakouts and other undesirable outcomes. In our pursuit of the right skincare products, we often pay importance to the term “dermatologically tested.”

A lot of us believe that any skincare product with these words on its label is safe. But what does dermatologically tested mean in reality? Let’s find out all about it in this informative resource.

Dermatologically tested meaning: What exactly is it?

The phrase dermatologically tested on any skincare product indicates that a dermatologist has evaluated it. These experts try to figure out how a particular product and its ingredients impact the skin. They figure out whether the ingredients are capable of causing any harmful reaction on the skin.

After learning what is the meaning of dermatologically tested, understand the process in detail. The commonly used method for substantiating a dermatologist’s evaluation is the HRIPT test. This revolves around the repeated usage of a skincare product followed by a rest or gap period.

After that, dermatologists evaluate the potential of the product and its ability to inflict damage. All dermatology-tested skin care products come with the assurance that they are safe. But this safety indicates that the finished product did not cause any harm to the people on whom it was tested.

So, it was well-tolerated by the participants who were a part of the test process. But it does not guarantee that you won’t be facing any issues with using the same products. While the dermatologically tested tag makes skincare products safe to some extent, you still should perform your own patch test.

Why is this testing important?

When a skincare product comes with a dermatologically tested logo, it indicates that experts have carefully evaluated the ingredients of a product. This testing helps in establishing certain standard guidelines in the skincare industry regarding the safety of products. Therefore, the dermatologically tested logo is one criterion to look out for when finding safe skincare products.

How it works: Dermatologically tested sunscreen

A dermatologically tested sunscreen is a potent solution for safeguarding your delicate skin from UV radiation. Say goodbye to painful skin tans and burns by simply layering your skin with sunscreen every time you step out during the daytime.

What’s another benefit of sunscreens, you ask? They will help your skin radiate a youthful charm by keeping wrinkles and fine lines ten feet apart.

End your search for dermatologically tested sun protection with the Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen. With broad spectrum coverage for your face, this water-resistant solution will thrive for around 80 minutes. Additionally, the Mineral Matte Sunscreen is a mineral or physical sunscreen, setting it apart from chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens include ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun’s rays, blocking and reflecting back the UV rays.

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How it works: Dermatologically tested serums

You can underestimate the power of a serum in keeping your skin healthy. But the dermatologically tested tag is essential even while buying serums. The Dark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum is a trustworthy choice with clinically proven properties to deal with discolouration.

This serum can help in making your skin tone appear more even. It can add a glow to your complexion and make it brighter. Moreover, this serum will have a calming effect on your skin and soothe redness.

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How it works: Dermatologically tested face wash

Using a dermatologically tested face wash can be a safe choice for oil and acne-prone skin. But these face washes are usually suitable for different skin types. For instance, use the Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash for a pure appearance. Through deep cleansing, this gel face wash without soap can keep pimples completely away. It will remove surface impurities and also soothe inflamed skin with sufficient hydration.

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In a nutshell, dermatologically tested products are comparatively safer because experts have deemed them as non-irritating for multiple skin types. With skincare brands attempting to maximise customer satisfaction, dermatological evaluation has become a key standard for safety.

But it’s essential to remember that the dermatologically tested tag does not 100% guarantee no harmful reaction on your skin. If you possess sensitive skin, you need to look beyond this tag to find skincare items appropriate for you.


• Does the dermatologically tested meaning indicate that it is tested on animals?

The dermatologically tested meaning does not always indicate that the products were tested on animals. The ingredients used in the product might have been tested on animals. But the dermatologically tested logo is added only after the reaction of the final product is evaluated on human beings.

• What is a good dermatologically tested face wash for daily use?

The Pink Foundry presents the Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash, which is dermatologically tested and safe for all skin types. Anyone with acne-prone skin will particularly benefit from using this face wash daily. By eliminating impurities, this face wash can provide your skin with an unbelievably fresh and radiant look. Moreover, it will help soothe your skin and reduce the redness from existing acne.

• Can people with oily skin use dermatologically tested products?

Dermatologically tested products are usually safe for people with different skin types. But they are particularly beneficial for oily skin because they have a higher chance of breaking out.

• Are dermatologically tested skin care products expensive?

It’s a misconception that dermatologically tested skin care products are expensive. The Pink Foundry offers an affordable range of dermatologically tested products for your regular skincare regimen.

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