Does Moisturizer Darken Skin?

Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin is a daunting task. Did you change your moisturizer recently and start observing your skin getting darker? Thoughts regarding “does moisturizer darken skin” might be racing through your mind at an unparalleled pace.

Every beauty product is unique, like every individual’s skin. Therefore, the reaction of a product on someone’s skin can be different. While a moisturizer brings a beautiful radiance to some people, it might darken the skin in others. Let’s learn more about moisturizers and how they can impact your complexion.

Ingredients in Moisturizer That Darken Skin

If you are wondering, “can moisturizer darken skin,” you should figure out the ingredients present in it. The idea of a fake tan is becoming more popular. Therefore, you will now come across skin-darkening moisturizers in the market.

Skin-darkening moisturizers can help the skin retain moisturiser and keep it healthy. They also provide your skin with a more natural shade than other self-tanning methods. If you look at the labels of skin-darkening moisturizers, the ingredients are quite similar to regular lotions and moisturizers.

They usually contain humectants and emollients that can replenish your skin, like urea and jojoba oil. They also typically contain ingredients like vitamins A, E, and C to provide your skin with the required nourishment. But the uniqueness of the skin-darkening moisturizers comes from the summer glow that they can give your skin.

Most skin-darkening products contain an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone or DHA. The colourless chemical gives a brown tone by reacting with the amino acids available on the outer layer of your skin. As the skin continuously gets rid of dead cells, the tan doesn’t last longer than five days, and the DHA needs to be applied again.

Erythrulose is another ingredient found in skin-darkening products. It is often used as an alternative to DHA to get an orange tint.

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