How to Remove Sun Tan from the Face?

Summers are undoubtedly wonderful as they give you loads of energy to work and make you a little less lazy. In fact, it is the best time for sporting our favourite floral dresses and planning vacations to the sea!

Everything is great about the season except the sweating and skin damage in the form of sun tan that darkens our skin and seems irrevocableWe know how annoying it gets when our facial complexion largely differs from our entire body. So, we’ve and Wondering how to remove sun tan from face, read on as we’ve listed some quick and easy methods of preventing sun damage.

  • Face Serum

If you are wondering how to remove sun tan, then the first answer would be using a serum; not just any serum but the Dark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum from The Pink Foundry. It can remarkably remove the hyperpigmentation from your face skin. Besides, it also provides aid in fading all types of stubborn marks and dark spots.

As the skincare product features a unique blend of 8 actives, it doesn’t just remove dark marks but also brightens skin. On the other hand, the solution minimises the recurrence of discolouration, thereby maintaining an even skin tone.

Once you commence using this dermatologically tested product, your skin will behealthier and more resilient. In fact, your skin will easily recover from the prevailing blemishes. Since it is hypoallergenic and paraben free, you can seamlessly use it without any worries of skin irritation.

  • Sunscreen

The Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen from The Pink Foundry is another effective product that will help in protecting your skin and preventing sun tan It is crafted with a rich combination of Titanium Dioxide. Zinc Oxide, Cucumber, and Shea Butter. And this powerful combination shields your skin from UVA and UVB rays and also hydrates your skin.

As the skincare product contains a broad spectrum of SPF 30, it will shed no white case and is non-greasy. In fact, it remains water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. No matter your skin type, you can start using this tinted sunscreen today!

  • Rose Water and Sandalwood Mask

Rose water has nourishing and skin-soothing properties, which can efficiently heal tanned skin. In fact, sandalwood is also known for its cooling and soothing nature. So many people apply sandalwood paste on acne, pimples and breakouts.

Also, consider mixing rose water and sandalwood paste together to get rid of dead skin cells. Once you use this face exfoliator mask for a few days, you’ll automatically see that the brighter skin underneath has started to show. We always recommend patch testing before applying DIY pastes to avoid skin irritation.

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  • Saffron and Milk Mask

Even though saffron is quite expensive, it’s an incredibly effective ingredient for your skin. It’s primarily because it's loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and can treat all skin problems. And when saffron is mixed with milk, it helps in removing the tan and brightening your skin complexion.

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It is no secret that suntans can make your complexion look lifeless and dull. You will definitely wish to save yourself from the trouble of getting tanned. The Pink Foundry is always at your disposal to take care of your de-tanning needs. So the next time you step out into the sun or even when indoors, make sure you apply sunscreen

Once you start incorporating the skincare products of The Pink Foundry into your skincare regimen, you’ll notice the difference. Now that you know how to remove sun tan from face overnight, you must consider adhering to these practices.

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