How to Moisturise Dry Skin in Summer?

During the summer season, you expect your skin to be greasy and sweaty. But are you baffled to notice dry and flaky skin even when the temperature continues to soar high? So, do you need to use moisturise during the summer months? More importantly, how to moisturise dry skin in summer? Learn everything here.

1. Adhere to the CTM procedure

Dust and heat can lead to pigmentation and premature ageing of your skin. Therefore, a proper skincare regimen is important for you throughout the year. Adhere to the good old technique of cleansing, toning, and moisturising, and you will be good to go.

2. Eat Food High in Vitamins

If you are wondering how to keep skin moisturised in summer, you must focus on your diet. Consume more carrots, watermelons, and cucumbers to provide your skin with vitamins A and E. Moreover, you should also consume foods with antioxidants for repair and protection from the heat.

3. Waterlogging

High temperatures are responsible for internal inflammation, leading to dizziness. A daily water intake of at least 2 litres daily is crucial for keeping your skin hydrated. Also, avoid too much alcohol and caffeine to prevent dehydration.

4. Use Glycerin

Before going to bed, apply some glycerin to your face. After waking up, clean the face off glycerin before stepping outside. Glycerin repairs damage on your skin and maintains hydration.

5. Use Lip Balm

Your lip tissue is extra sensitive, so it deserves some additional protection from scorching heat and harmful UV rays. Use a scrub to get rid of sun tan and use moisturising lip balm with a good SPF factor to make your lips fresh and smooth. Don’t wait for your lips to get chapped to apply lip balm.

6. Use the Correct Moisturiser

The scorching heat of the sun makes you want to avoid heavy creams and moisturisers, causing increased oil production. But not using anything will make your skin dry and flaky. You can find a daily light moisturiser for dry skin from The Pink Foundry to use during the summer.

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7. Use a Light Hand Towel and the Proper Soap

After cleansing your skin, you might generally a towel to wipe off the extra water. No matter how soft your towel feels, rubbing it vigorously on your skin can cause dryness. So you need to be gentle while wiping your skin using a towel.

Another thing that you need to be careful of is your soap. Harsh soaps usually irritate your skin and remove its natural oils. Subsequently, your skin becomes rough and dry. So, opt for gentle soaps or bath gels with milder ingredients.

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8. Embrace Steam, But Avoid Using It in Hot Showers

Taking steam once a week is good for opening up your pores. It helps get rid of the excess oil and dirt accumulated during humid days. But avoid using hot water while showering. Cool water will soothe your skin and limit acne breakouts. Seldom oil massages before showering can help your skin retain more hydration. Use almond oil, and you will see your skin looking cleaner and more hydrated.

9. Use SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an integral part of your summer skincare. Using tinted sunscreen offers benefits beyond protection against harmful UV rays. It ensures that your skin remains moisturised. Choose a proper sunscreen to avoid skin dullness and sun damage

10. Exfoliate Properly

Dryness occurs due to the accumulation of dead cells on the skin. An increased build-up of dead cells can increase dryness along with itching. While face cleansers are good, you should also exfoliate your skin from time to time. Use a gentle exfoliatorsto prevent further dryness. Moreover, always apply a face moisturiser for dry skin after exfoliation.


Locking moisture on your skin is essential even during the summer months. The Pink Foundry has launched an exceptional skincare range to prevent dryness during hot and humid days. From an SPF 30 sunscreen to a moisturiser with blue light protection, you will find it all in our collection. So, invest in the best skin care products today to get rid of dull and flaky skin.

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