Why is my Skin so dry even when i moisturize

Have you been moisturising religiously every day, but your skin feels dry? Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturise? Let's find some answers to that and more reasons that make your skin dry and some easy fixes.

· Excessive Cleaning

Washing your skin and getting rid of dirt are mandatory. But if you are overdoing it, you harm your skin more. The upper layer of your skin contains oil and specific molecules responsible for naturally moisturising your skin. Excessive cleaning will hamper the skin's natural moisturisation by removing necessary oil and molecules.

· Applying Abrasive Cleaners

Abrasive cleansers contain ingredients like sulphates, benzyl alcohol, etc. that hamper the skin's natural moisture. Moreover, the chemicals found in traditional soaps and cleansers can inhibit the skin's pH balance.

· Hot Showers

Using hot water might seem like the only way to wash your face during winters. But hot water destroys the natural barrier of your skin. Subsequently, germs, bacteria, and dirt can quickly enter your skin. It makes your skin dry and also triggers acne breakouts.

· Exfoliating Too Much

Exfoliation is a non-skippable step in your skincare game. But overdoing it is harsh for the skin which also strips your skin's natural oil making it dry.

· Dead Skin Buildup

While over-exfoliating is not recommended, not exfoliating is equally alarming. Without exfoliation, there would be buildup of dead cells on your skin. Therefore, your skin texture becomes dry and flaky.

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· Malnutrition

Apart from using face moisturiser for dry skin, you must also look after your diet. The deficiency of zinc and vitamins A and D are significant reasons for dry skin. Therefore, your diet should include items rich in these nutritional elements.

· Specific Skin Conditions & Drugs

Sometimes skin dryness can be a symptom or result of certain dermatological conditions like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis. Moreover, some drugs used to treat these conditions, like retinoids and benzoyl peroxide, can worsen the condition of dry skin Baseline Health Issues

Some baseline health conditions affecting skin hydration include thyroid, diabetes, and HIV. Also, dry skin is an issue during pregnancy and in women undergoing menopause.

· Genetics

Genetics is also a reason behind dry skin. Some people are naturally inclined toward developing dry skin.

· Not Drinking Enough Water

Your regular intake is responsible for your skin's hydration. Drinking enough water can significantly improve the hydration of the outer layer of your skin.

How to Properly Moisturise Dry Skin

If you are experiencing dry skin, you must remember the following hacks for moisturisation:

  • Choose the Ideal Moisturiser

The first step is picking up the proper moisturising for your skin. You will find an appropriate moisturiser for dry skin in the exclusive range of The Pink Foundry.

  • Moisturise Before Going to Bed and Again in the Morning

How many times do you moisturise your skin in a day? It's necessary to moisturise before going to bed and in the morning. But always apply your moisturiser after properly cleansing your skin. In the morning, try to moisturise your skin after you shower to get the maximum benefits.

  • Use a Hydrating Toner

Add a hydrating toner to your skin care regimen if your moisturiser isn't enough. The product will offer adequate long-term and short-term hydration to your skin and help other skin care products to penetrate better.

  • Apply a Serum

Serums are manufactured with several active ingredients to treat skin needs including dryness. Choose a serum that targets dryness. Use your serum after cleansing or after using the toner so it enables better penetration of moisturiser.

  • Use thicker moisturisers instead of Lotions

If you have dry skin, using creams or moisturisers with thicker consistency than lotions can really make a differences they offer more consistent moisturisation to your skin.

  • Use SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen

The primary purpose of sunscreen is sun protection. But the SPF 30 sunscreen from The Pink Foundry does more than that. The tinted sunscreen contains shea butter which moisturises, protects and soothes your skin.


Say goodbye to dry skin with the best moisturising products from The Pink Foundry. Remember to use a face moisturiser for dry skin all year round. So, add a good moisturiser to your skincare regime and get one step closer to getting healthy, glowing, and smooth skin.

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