Link Between Your Diet and Acne: Foods that Causes Acne

Acne breakouts are one of the worst nemesis of our skin. They appear at really inconvenient times and hamper your appearance right before a big event is coming up. But have you ever noticed any connection between your diet and acne? If yes, dive into this article to learn about foods that cause acne and foods that help prevent them.

Understanding the connection between diet and acne

Growing evidence is helping researchers establish a connection between acne and diet. While what you eat might not be the direct cause of acne, they have some involvement in causing all the breakouts on your face. A list of foods that cause acne often includes high glycemic and high-carb items. Meanwhile, some foods have taken up the role of a protector and shield your skin from potential acne breakouts.

Top 5 foods that could be aggravating your acne

You might notice more acne on your face if you consume the following items:

  • Milk: You are highly likely to get acne from consuming milk and dairy products, particularly skimmed counterparts. It happens probably because of the pregnancy hormones of cows that end up in dairy products.
  • Chocolate: Gobbling up a chocolate bar all by yourself gives immense pleasure. But it is instantly followed by the dread of pimples the next day. A lot of people are huge fans of chocolate and can’t seem to give it up despite getting pimples. If you are one of them, switch to dark chocolate with less milk and sugar content.
  • Refined grains: These items contain a high amount of carbs, which are often linked to acne. You need to avoid items like breads and pasta made with white flour, rice noodles, and sweetened beverages and sodas.
  • Fast food: Burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, and milkshakes are counted as foods that cause hormonal acne. Probably, these items contribute to acne growth by changing hormone levels.
  • Whey proteins: If you are a fitness freak, you probably thrive on whey protein powder. But whey protein has amino acids, which increase insulin and IGF-1 in the body to trigger acne growth.

Foods that help fight acne: Include these in your diet for clearer skin

Some foods that have acne-fighting properties to give you clear skin are as follows:

  • Green tea: Polyphenols present in green tea can reduce inflammation and heal existing breakouts. Green tea can also control sebum production levels to prevent future breakouts.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: People with acne can benefit from foods like oily fish and nuts, with a high omega-3 fatty acid content. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce acne.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics will produce antibacterial proteins in the body to prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Therefore, try adding fermented yoghurts, pickled vegetables, and similar items to your diet.
  • Berries: They come with antioxidants and vitamin C, two valuable ingredients for combating acne. From blueberries and strawberries to cherries and raspberries, these fruits can prevent stubborn acne spots from appearing on your face.
  • Quinoa: This whole grain helps with toxin removal, which translates into clear skin. Replacing wheat flour with quinoa is a great solution for people with acne-prone skin.

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How food allergies or sensitivities can sometimes manifest as skin issues

Acnes are not the only troubling concern on your skin from what you eat. If you are allergic to certain food items, the reactions might show up on your skin. Redness, itching, and rashes are common troubles associated with food allergies.

Managing acne through diet

If you find your diet to be the main culprit behind acne, you must consider making amendments. A lot of people benefit from avoiding or limiting the intake of foods that cause oily skin and acne. But remember, your diet combines with several factors, including your lifestyle, to trigger acne breakouts on your skin.


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Can sugar cause acne breakouts on my face?

Consuming too much sugar is often linked to a higher risk of acne breakouts. Rising blood sugar levels will cause inflammation in your body. It also increases sebum production, which contributes to acne growth. Therefore, avoiding foods with a high sugar content might help you combat acne.

Will I get clear skin by following a proper diet?

You might notice acne breakouts on your face because of what you are eating. Avoiding foods that increase the likelihood of acne might help you get clear skin. But diet alone cannot help you achieve the objective of getting clear skin. You will also have to rely on a proper skincare routine to reward your skin with a clear, healthy, and glowing appearance.

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