How to Apply Toner On Face

Face toner is something you have probably heard about, whether you are a skin expert or a novice. Typically, water-based liquids facial toners are an adjuvant to your washing process. They aid in preparing your skin for moisturising or applying makeup.

So, now, using toner has become essential for all skincare aficionados for various reasons. This includes soothing the skin and maintaining the health of the pores. Many people find using a face toner to be a little mysterious.

Although you may hear everyone talking about it, you may not know how to apply toner. In that case, this article will help you learn how to apply toner on the face, neck, and chest. Also, learn the different types of toners out there. So, let’s start.

Different Types of Toners

Toner is now available in various forms, despite originally only being sold in bottles. So, here are the many toner varieties and recommended applications. Also, use only on clean skin according to the directions given below.

  • Bottle: The easiest way to use toner from a bottle is to place it on a freshly washed cotton pad and lightly massage it into the skin in upward strokes. Keep repeating this with fresh pads till there’s no debris left.
  • Spray: Apply a spray toner on the neck and face, and keep it away from your eyes. When applying the toner to your skin, ensure the cotton pad is completely clean. This will give you a bit more discretion.

A spray toner stored in the refrigerator is a great summertime trick! If your toner contains botanical elements or essential oils, this can help increase the lifespan of the toner.

  • Roll-on: By applying the toner directly to clean skin, you may eliminate the need for throwaway cotton pads.

How to Apply Toner to the Face, Neck, and Decollete

1. Gently cleanse your skin

When learning how to apply toner on the face, the first thing is to use a cotton pad to eliminate any last-minute impurities. That is a typical application method for cleansing milk and skin toner. However, you can just use your fingertips to dab a toner on dry, dehydrated skin gently.

How To Apply The Toner:

  • Smoothly distribute a toner on your skin while being careful with it.
  • Avoid rubbing or pulling, as these actions might irritate and harm the skin.
  • To tighten pores, moisturise your skin using Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser with Tea Tree & Cica.

2. Hydrate the skin & keep it like that

Wondering how to apply skin toner if you have dry skin? Well, start looking for toners with moisturising agents. If not, use the best-in-class, long-lasting moisturiser out there, like The Pink Foundry’s Waterlight Gel Moisturiser 72 Hour Hydration, after applying the toner.

Toner’s moisturising and absorbing capabilities can be improved by applying it on damp skin. So, apply the toner with gentle patting motions to your damp face after cleaning dry or sensitive skin.

3. Focus on the area where you apply the toner

What skin type you have will determine how to apply skin toner to your face. A crucial skin care tip is applying skin toner to the appropriate face area. By balancing your oil production in this way, the product can assist you in reducing puffy skin and won’t irritate your sensitive skin.

So, How Do You Apply Toner Here?

  • It’s advisable to avoid using toners on the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes because they can be excessively abrasive.
  • Apply your oily skin toner on combination skin, paying special attention to the T-zone.
  • Do not neglect to tone your neck as well.

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4. Allow the toner to dry out

When using a toner and serum or a moisturiser together, it’s vital to wait until the skin absorbs the toner completely before proceeding. You can simply take a few deep breaths and unwind between putting on skincare products.

Elevate your Skincare Routine with Toner

Regularly toning your skin produces positive consequences for skin health and adhering to a good cleansing and moisturising routine. Skin toners are particularly useful for preventing skin dryness because they typically contain hydrating ingredients.

To calm your pores and hydrate your skin cells, The Pink Foundry has put together a superb selection of skincare products, including face wash, moisturisers, serums, sunscreen and toners. We have developed formulations for every type of skin, keeping in mind the various needs of each.

So, recognise your skin type and bolster its nutritional status.


In conclusion, utilising toner is simple. After washing your face, use toner before applying serum or moisturiser. Simply saturate a cotton pad with your preferred product, then brush it over every part of your face, neck, and chest.

You can also apply a few drops of toner to your hands’ palms before massaging them over your face if you want to go without a cotton pad and save the environment.

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How long is toner effective?

When kept in a cool location, toners last up to a year. If the toner’s colour or smell alters, throw it away.

Can I use a toner every day?

We must apply toner daily to keep our skin hydrated, flexible, nourished, and healthy. Toners contain a pH-balanced solution and nutrients that are good for the skin. These qualities aid in clearing up clogged pores, acne scars, and rough spots.

Why should I tone my skin?

All traces of pollutants and germs are removed from the face using toner. Your face feels soft, clean, and invigorated after its cooling effects.

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