Morning habits to prevent puffy face

Remember how you wake up after an evening bash? Puffed eyes, feeling dizzy, etc.? Well, a puffy face is no exception; it is primarily an outcome of your sleeping patterns, makeup, or last night's party.

However, there are various other reasons, like medical injections, allergic reactions, dermatitis, etc. In severe cases, you might have to opt for a professional, but in case of early detection, it can be cured by a proper multi-nutritional skincare regime.

Have you recently been waking up with such a swollen face frequently? Do not panic. Read this article to learn about puffy face, its causes and how to depuff face using proper skincare products. Scroll down for more information.

What is a puffy face?

A puffy face is a skin condition with inflamed and swollen facial skin; hence, the face appears rounder and fuller. The scientific reason behind this disorder is fluid retention in the facial tissues. This is the outcome of skin dehydration. When the skin suffers from dehydration, it absorbs and entraps the water. This, in turn, swells up your face.

This is a prevalent skin condition arising out of inadequate hydration. Hence, it can be reduced with a carefully planned skincare regime. The routine must include hydrating elements to maintain the skin's moisture content.

What are the causes of puffy face?

Your daily activities, routines, choices, etc., usually profoundly influence your skin and the first symptoms are witnessed on your face. Likewise, puffy skin can be caused by the medications you take, your daily sun exposure, alcohol content, your skincare routine and much more. Let us look at some common puffy face causes for you to identify your triggering element.

  • Dermatitis

Sometimes, we are so worn out from the day's bustle that we sleep with our makeup on. However, it is highly recommended to avoid that practice as it can have adverse effects on our skin. In fact, this is the main cause of contact dermatitis, which ultimately leads to facial inflammation. It is paramount to wash off your makeup before you hit the bed. You can use Pink Foundry's hydrating Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash for both purposes.

  • Metal allergies

Allergies to metals like nickel, cobalt, etc., can cause allergies, eventually leading to facial inflammation. Mainly, jewellery contains these metals that can cause itchiness and a swollen face. If you succumb to this condition, identify which of your accessories can be responsible for it.

  • Drug side effects

Certain medications are a common source of face inflammation. Especially hardcore drugs like those used in chemotherapy or antibiotics, etc, are potential sources as well. In fact, Cushing's syndrome is a classic example; here, the cortisol levels get enhanced as a side effect of various medications.

Check all your daily medications, and if you cannot identify the real culprit, opt for professional help.

  • Sunburn

One of the widespread reasons is prolonged exposure to the sun, which causes the skin to be inflamed; thus, the face appears puffy. The solution is easy; you must apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or above sunscreen. The best option is a hydrating sunscreen for a more enhanced experience. Additionally, remember to reapply it after every two hours.

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  • Menstruation

Are you noticing a puffy face condition during your monthly cycle? There is nothing to worry about, as fluid buildup is expected during this time. Once the cycle ends, the puffiness will be automatically reduced.

What causes a puffy face in the morning?

If you notice that your face is puffy in the morning, the causes can be narrowed down to the three common stimuli. Read along as we decode the three significant reasons for a puffy face.

  • Sleep

A balanced sleep at night is fundamental to reduce face puffiness as too much sleep or too little sleep can result in this skin condition. Additionally, your sleeping posture can contribute as well. Sleeping with your face downwards accelerates the fluid retention in the facial tissues, thus causing a puffy face. However, the puffiness will reduce once you wake up and engage in your daily activities.

  • Makeup

Sleeping at night with your makeup can cause contact dermatitis. This can lead to skin inflammation, rashes, itchiness and redness. Hence, make sure to sleep on with your makeup.

  • Alcohol consumption

You may often notice that after late-night parties, you wake up with a puffed face the next morning. But why so? Excessive urination after consuming a substantial amount of alcohol can cause mild dehydration. This leads the body to store the water throughout, which leads to a puffed face.

  • Food

You will likely wake up with a swollen face if you consumed fast foods like burgers, pizza, etc., for dinner last night. As these foods have a high sodium content, it makes you thirsty. However, you do not excrete it; instead, the body stores it in different body parts.

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Easy ways to depuff your face

If you are experiencing a puffed face even after changing your lifestyle, the possibility is that your skin is not receiving the appropriate amount of moisture. Hence, you need to remodify your skincare regime.

  • Wash your make-up

As mentioned above, sleeping without removing your makeup is a grave mistake which can lead to contact dermatitis. Hence, the first thing to do is thoroughly cleanse your skin with a hydrating and calming facewash. As your skin is sensitive due to the puffiness, try using a gentle and anti-acne facewash for a soothing effect.

  • Apply a toner

Next, follow up with a toner. The toner will also help deep clean your skin. It will further remove any makeup or dust remnants from the skin pores. The product will also help to rejuvenate the skin and hydrate it accordingly.

  • Complete with a moisturiser

Ideally, apply a serum before moisturising. However, on tired and lazy days, you can directly opt for a hydrating moisturiser like Waterlight Gel Moisturiser 72 Hour Hydration. The product is loaded with several hydrating agents. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help deal with inflammations effectively.


Our skin is quite delicate and can be reactive to several stimuli. Hence, it is essential to consider our lifestyle to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Indeed, a puffy face might not be hazardous; however, if left untreated, it can become a severe issue. Hence, it is essential to become more careful of our lifestyle.


1. What is the main reason for a puffy face?

Fluid retention is the main reason for the occurrence of this disorder. However, dehydration and sleeping with your makeup on are two primary stimuli for triggering fluid buildup in the facial tissues.

2. How can I depuff my skin?

The easiest way to reduce skin puffiness is by opting for a proper skincare regime. Ensure the skincare products are integrated with hydrating agents for the best outcome.

3. Is my lifestyle responsible for this disorder?

Yes, too much alcohol consumption, too much or too little sleep, etc., can be considered as reasons for a puffy face. Additionally, not removing makeup before sleeping is another substantial reason.

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