Clogged pores on nose: Meaning, causes, treatment

There is not a single individual who has not experienced clogged pores on their nose at least once, irrespective of how runway-ready the rest of their nose may look. Your nose is known to be one of the common regions of your face where clogged pores may appear.

But what actually is a pore? Well, pores are little openings in the skin, like on the nose, that contain glands and hair follicles. There are times when a buildup of substance and other issues may cause the clogged pores on nose to occur.

It goes without saying that having knowledge of the causes and treatment of these clogged pores is beneficial to you. In this blog, we will take a look at the meaning, causes, and treatments of blocked pores on nose.

What are clogged pores on the nose?

Clogged pores build up when dead skin cells, dirt, and oil get trapped in your pores. Pores are little openings in your skin that release sweat and oil from your glands. These clogged pores may lead to acne.

Generally, clogged pores are very common on people’s faces. However, they are not restricted to your nose. Clogged pores can develop on any part of your body.

Congested pores on nose and enlarged pores are never the same thing. However, they are often related. Clogged pores may be the outcome of your skin producing too much oil. More oil on your skin massively increases the possibility of clogged pores. However, a lot of things may lead to enlarged pores, such as skin products, age, sun damage, and others. Therefore, it can be stated that enlarged pores do not always mean clogged pores.

What causes blocked pores on the nose?

Before we try to find out how to get started with cleaning pores on nose, let us understand the reasons behind blocked pores on the face:

  • Buildup of substances

Pores carry on sweat glands and sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands include oil that is known as sebum, which assists in moisturising the skin and protecting it from bacteria. However, the development of sebum and dead skin cells may block the nose pores. An individual who produces too much sebum is more prone to develop clogged pores. Genetics, stress, hormonal changes, and humidity may also cause overproduction of sebum. These nose pores may also become clogged with substances such as sunscreen or makeup.

  • Ethnic background

Way back in 2015, there was a study that focused on the size of the pores in females of various ages across many countries. The researchers found that ethnic background had more effect on the size of the pores than age did. Data from a study suggested that Chinese females of Chinese descent had the smallest pores.

On the contrary, Indian and Brazilian females of Indian descent had the largest pores. Having larger pores implies that pores may get clogged more easily.

  • Decreased skin elasticity

As individuals age, the elasticity of their skin tends to decrease. A 2016 research suggests that a decrease in skin elasticity may lead to enlarged pores. Sun damage also has a role to play, as it reduces the elasticity of the skin. An individual needs to wear sunscreen when they go outside.

Cleaning pores on nose

If an individual does not address and treat the clogged pore, they may develop other skin conditions, such as:

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Nodes
  • Pimples

An individual should refrain from picking any kind of pimples or blemishes they may have. Here are some of the treatments you may consider for your ‘best way to unclog nose pores’ venture:

  • Regular cleansing

An individual may use cleaners to eliminate any kind of dirt, makeup, and oils from the skin. As per the experts, cleansing your face twice a day may assist in unclogging the pores. The experts even recommend using non-comedogenic cleaners, implying that they will not block the pores.

There is also a strong suggestion to use warm water to wash the face gently. It should be followed by applying a gentle and non-comedogenic cleanser. While cleansing, you need to make sure that you are not scrubbing your face, as it can lead to irritation.

For this, the Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash is your best bet. From reducing excess oil to hydrating the skin, this cleanser is a must for your skincare arsenal.

  • Exfoliation

Exfoliation may assist in eliminating dead and dirt skin cells from the pores. An individual may exfoliate in two distinct ways. These are known as chemical and mechanical exfoliation. Mechanical exfoliation concerns using a tool such as a brush or a sponge to exfoliate the face. On the other hand, chemical exfoliation concerns using chemicals to dissolve the dead skin cells from the face.

Speaking of exfoliation, your one-stop solution to all your exfoliation needs is the Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask. From unclogging pores to improving skin texture, the face mask is considered to be an all-rounder exfoliation.

  • Products that are retinol-focused

Skincare products that contain retinol may assist an individual with oily skin and mild acne. Retinol comes in liquid, gel, and cream forms. However, for some people, retinol may cause skin irritation. The experts suggest that an individual wash their face 30 minutes before applying retinol.

  • Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen daily before you go outside is non-negotiable. Sun damage may result in enlarged pores. Therefore, having sunscreen as a protective barrier for your face is a must!

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How can congested pores on the nose be prevented?

Here are some of the tips that can help you prevent any kind of congested pores on your nose:

  • Wash your face twice a day at least
  • Always use gentle products and avoid any kind of scrubbing
  • Refrain from touching your face and nose
  • Wash away all the makeup before going to bed
  • Before going outside, always use sunscreen
  • Have a good night’s sleep
  • Always use your fingertips when you are applying a cleanser

Wrapping Up

It is no secret that clogged pores are daunting to deal with, especially during summer. However, since you have read this far, you are now aware of the reasons for clogged pores and what steps you need to take to unclog the enlarged pores.

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