How to Use Retinol Serum on Face and When to Use it?

Despite a plethora of commendable benefits offered by retinol, many people still have second thoughts about using it. While most of them are worried that retinol might make their skin sensitive, many are hesitant about how to use retinol.

But in reality, it is very easy to use retinol. While learning how to use retinol serum is no rocket science, you can consider incorporating it into your beauty routine.

However, irrespective of where you are currently with retinol, we are here to provide you with some valuable insights. This article will cover a few points on ‘how to use retinol on face’, ‘how much retinol to use’, and certain other things.

Please stick until the end of the article to gain more insights into it. Let’s dive in.

How to Use Retinol Serum: Steps to Apply Retinol on Face for Best Results

If you are wondering how to use retinol serum at night, then we will guide you through the procedure:

· Step 1

Firstly, you must wash your face thoroughly to get rid off dirt and impurities. Gently pat dry your face.

· Step 2

Secondly, you must leave your skin for a few minutes allowing it to dry.

· Step 3

Thirdly, you need to take a pea-sized amount/3-4 drops of retinol serum in your palms and apply it evenly on your face.

· Step 4

Fourthly, you must allow the retinol to dry up and apply moisturiser on your face. This will help in combating the patches of dry skin.

· Step 5

Fifthly, you must apply sunscreen on your face as retinol will likely make your skin more sensitive to sun damage.

You can skip this step in your PM routine of course. We suggest you use retinol serum during your night regime as it is when skin repairs itself and the efficacy would be higher owing to reduced environmental stressors.

Once you’ve applied retinol on your face, use other skincare products with caution. Combining too many products with retinol might unintentionally invite fatal results on your skin.

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How to Use Retinol for Beginners?

If you are a beginner, you’d first want to know ‘how to use retinol for beginners’. But the first thing that you need to determine is whether your desirable product works on your skin.

As you are commencing with this ingredient for the first time, choosing a product with a shallow concentration of retinol is best. To avoid irritation, we suggest you limit its usage to once a week. Once your skin is used to that, you can move to a higher concentration, and increase the usage to 3-4 times a week.

When to Use Retinol Serum?

If you are wondering when to use retinol serum, then the ideal time would be at night. This is mainly because retinol makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays. Besides, sunlight has the potential to decrease the efficacy of the product.

How Often to Use Retinol?

If you are wondering how often to use retinol, consider using it initially once or twice a week. As you progress, you can gradually increase the frequency. And once your skin becomes utterly familiar with retinol, you can consider using it every alternative day.

How to Use Retinol Serum at Night?

Thinking how to apply retinol serum at night, then we’ve got just the answers you’re looking for. As you will not have to wash or rinse off the retinol after application, you must apply it before bed. You can allow it to absorb your skin overnight while asleep.

How Much Retinol to Use?

You should remember that excessive amounts of retinol can promote undesirable effects on your skin. For instance, you might experience dryness and peeling off your skin. So, whenever you apply retinol, ensure you take no more than a pea-sized amount of the product.


Now that you know ‘how to apply retinol’, you can consider incorporating it into your skincare regimen. However, when it comes to skincare, there is no one-size-fits-all formula.

When you apply this formula to your skin, it brightens your skin and reduces pigmentation.

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