Your ultimate guide to pre and post holi skin care

The festival of colours is around the corner, and we are excited to indulge in nationwide celebrations. But what about your skin? The harsh chemical colours adversely affect our skin; if not taken care of properly, they will leave behind dark spots and blemishes. A carefully thought-out Holi skincare routine is essential before we indulge in the celebrations. Read along to learn the post and pre-Holi tips for your skin.

Why is pre- and post-holi skin care important?

The main concept of Holi is playing with colours. Unlike in earlier days, the colours used in recent years are packed with chemical components that leave a strong impression on our skin. The harmful constituents make our skin dry and flaky. If you do not take proper measures, you will suffer from itching, rashes, allergies, redness, and other skin irritations.

Holi colours, especially silver ones, can cause skin cancer in the long run. It can also cause other skin diseases like dermatitis and Acne. Prolonged exposure to the colours can damage your skin beyond repair. Hence, one basic after-holi skin care advice is to wash off the colour immediately after the celebrations.

Protect your skin: Pre-Holi skin care tips

The skins must be ready to minimise the various side effects of Holi colours. Let us look at some of the pre-Holi skin care tips that can be helpful.

  • Ice cubes

This is the most natural way to prepare your face. The ice cubes help close the pores of your skin, preventing the colours from penetrating deep into the cellular sphere of the skin. After cleaning your face, rub some ice cubes on it and leave it to dry. Do this for around fifteen minutes before going out. This will lessen the impact of the colours on the skin.

  • Sunscreens

Remember to leave your house without applying sunscreen. Since your skin will be exposed to the sun for a very long period, you might suffer sunburns. Also, lack of moisture can make your skin dry and tanned. Hence, apply sunscreens like Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen to keep your skin safe from dehydration and tanning.

  • Hydration

Keeping yourself hydrated during the celebrations has a direct impact on your skin. Drink lots of water and vitamin C-enriched fruits. This will help produce more saliva, which will help hydrate your body. The nutrients from these fruits will help fight off the free radicals produced by the chemicals in Holi colours.

  • Oiling

Body oiling is another important pre-Holi skin care hack. Oil your body with an organic oil to nurture your skin. Many such oils will also help you avoid skin diseases like Acne, allergies, etc.

  • Lip Balm

Your lips are as important as the other parts; remember to apply a hydrating lip balm. This will help to retain the moisture in your lips and also resist the colours from penetrating deep into the skin through the cracks.

Nourish your skin: Post Holi skin care tips

Your Holi skin care regime continues beyond just preparing your skin for the festival. You must also treat your skin thoughtfully to manage the after-effects effectively. Read on to learn what you should do for post holi skincare.

  • Face wash

Remove all the colours with a nourishing facewash immediately after coming back. The more you keep the colours, the more your skin will succumb to the harmful effects. If your skin is acne-prone, use a more specific face wash like Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash, which will prevent possible inflammations beforehand. Use a cleanser right after washing away your face wash.

  • Face Mask

A face mask or scrub is also required for your skin. These products' rough and coarse texture will help you clear your face of the holi colours. Choose masks or scrubs with turmeric or rosewater to moisturise your skin. Keep it on, especially for masks, until most of the colour is removed. Also, gently scrub your face since the skin is already quite vulnerable, and too much friction might give rise to irritations.

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  • Salon

Visiting the salon for services like waxing or threading is not advised. Your skin is already trying to cope with external stimuli from the holi colours. Hence, agitating its recovery processes can inhibit the betterment of your skin. Give your skin a break for at least a week before returning to the salon.

  • Moisturiser

Moisturising your skin is extremely necessary both before and after your Holi celebrations. It keeps your skin hydrated all through. Choose moisturisers like Waterlight Gel Moisturiser 72 Hour Hydration, integrated with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. These components will help keep the skin hydrated and repair damages caused to tissues.

  • Sunburns

Despite applying sunscreen before stepping out, you might suffer from sunburns due to continuous exposure to the sun. You can heal your sunburns with just an ice cube. Wrap a cube in a thin cloth and gently rub it all over your skin to reduce inflammation, itchiness, etc. This will also soothe you with a cooling effect.

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Additional tips for taking care of your skin during Holi

Some of the basic after holi skin care tips to remember during this festive season is

  • Avoid exfoliating right after. Rather, give it a break for two to three days, and then you can opt for exfoliation twice weekly.
  • Do not use any harsh soap or body washes immediately.
  • Use aloe vera-infused skin care products to deal with redness, itchiness, and inflammation effectively.


Holi is the most loved festival in the country, and no one is expected to stay out of the fun and excitement involved with the celebration. However, amidst everything, we cannot deny its adverse effect on our skin. Hence, a Holi skin care is required to safeguard your skin.


  • What oil is best before the Holi celebrations?

Coconut oil and almond oil are the best options. Since it helps nourish the skin from within and prevents the colours from travelling deep into the skin.

  • Can you visit the salon immediately?

Avoid threading and waxing for the next few days, but you may opt for a spa.

  • What is the basic holy hack for good skin?

Try to wear full-sleeved clothes to minimise skin exposure to colours and the sun.

  • Do we need to use cold water to wash the colours?

Use cold to lukewarm water to establish a cool and refreshing effect. Strictly avoid using hot water.

  • Will I have Acne if I play Holi?

There is a chance of getting infected since the harsh chemicals clog the skin pores, which may lead to Acne. Using acne-specified products might help.

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