How to Treat Sunburn?

The summer months are for heading outside and soaking up the heat. Whether you are on the beach or running some errands, spending time outdoors during the summer causes sunburn. Since it is an inevitable part of summer, you should know how to treat sunburn. Check out some quick hacks below.

1. Showers or Baths Should Be Frequent to Help With Pain Relief

Taking cool baths and showers is extremely comforting during the summer months and also helps with sunburn. After coming out of the shower, you need to pat yourself dry using a gentle towel. But remember to leave your skin moist and apply a good moisturizer to let your skin trap the moisture. It is great for preventing your skin from drying out during the summer.

2. Apply a Moisturizer, Lotion, or Gel

Sunburned skin feels extremely uncomfortable. If a particular area on your skin feels too uncomfortable, apply a moisturizer, lotion, or gel to help soothe the area. You can try cooling the area with products from the refrigerator before applying moisturizer. Avoid using products with “-caine” like benzocaine and harsh ingredients to avoid irritation or an allergic reaction on the skin.

3. Take Aspirin or Ibuprofen

You might consider taking ibuprofen or aspirin to get rid of pain and swelling from sunburn. If you want to know how to treat sunburn on your face fast, you can also consider applying a non-prescription soothing cream with 1% hydrocortisone. You can cool the cream in the refrigerator before applying it.

4. Drink Lots of Water

A sunburn will cause fluids to come to the surface of the skin. As all the fluid comes away from the rest of the body, you feel dehydrated. Try consuming as much water as possible to avoid dehydration after getting sunburn. Avoid caffeine and alcohol so that it doesn’t cause further dehydration.

5. If You See Blisters, Allow the Blisters to Heal

Are you noticing blisters on your skin after getting a sunburn? If yes, you have got a second-degree sunburn. Even though it seems tempting, don’t pop the blisters. Remember that the blisters form on your skin to heal your skin and protect it from infection.

6. Protect Burnt Skin With Extra Care While It Heals

If you want to understand how to treat sunburn on your face, you need to be patient. While your sunburnt skin is healing, give it all the extra care it needs. For instance, you should be wearing clothing covering your entire body. Woven fabrics are great for preventing further sunburn. No light should be coming through whenever you hold the fabric up to bright light.

But avoid wearing tight clothes that stick to your skin. Give your skin enough room to breathe after it has undergone a traumatic episode like a sunburn. Opt for light fabrics like cotton to cover sunburnt areas.

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Wearing sunscreen is the most basic and important step for preventing sunburn. Use the tinted sunscreen from The Pink Foundry to get SPF 30 protection. It prevents sun damage on your skin while offering your skin adequate moisturisation. So, invest in sunscreen today and enjoy staying outdoors during the summer without the fear of sunburn.

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