10 Reasons for Dry Skin on Face and How to Tackle Them

Dry skin indicates a clear lack of moisture that impairs the protective layer on top. Dryness can cause your skin to be rough, scaly, itchy, and lustreless. But have you ever wondered about the reasons for dry skin? Check out this article to explore ten different reasons that can contribute to dry skin.

Ageing: How it impacts the moisture levels in your skin

With increasing age, the skin begins to become thinner. Ageing makes the skin produce insufficient amounts of natural oils. Therefore, our skin starts losing the ability to retain water. Ageing is one of the major reasons for dry skin on face of people over 40.;

Dry skin can often be your body’s way of asking for help. If you don’t consume sufficient amounts of water and other fluids in a day, it can translate into dryness on your skin. In fact, dry skin is one of the major signs of dehydration.;

Excessive exfoliation: When scrubbing goes wrong

Exfoliation is necessary for eliminating the accumulated layers of dead skin cells. But, one of the most significant reasons for very dry skin is over-exfoliation. Using harsh cleansers might strip your skin of the natural oils along with layers of dead skin. Therefore, you should always try to find a gentle exfoliator and use it not more than twice a week to scrub off impurities from your skin. Additionally, remember to slather your skin with moisturiser after exfoliation to make up for the lost hydration.;

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Allergies and sensitivities that trigger dryness

Allergies can often be responsible for making your skin dry and rough. Your skin might be sensitive to different skincare products, foods, or even environmental irritants. It can trigger allergic reactions and make your skin feel dry. Furthermore, dryness can increase due to the use of medications to treat certain allergies.;

Deodorants and skincare products with fragrance

Fragrance is often responsible for causing dryness and irritation on your skin. Therefore, you should avoid deodorants and fragrant skincare products. It is always important to look for a product that has the right amount of active ingredients to work on your skin rather than choosing fragrant products that leave the skin dry and flaky.;


Diabetes is often a reason of skin dryness. In diabetic individuals, the body fails to regulate the levels of blood sugar. It leads to too high or too low blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels are often linked to itching and dryness all over the skin.;

Lack of moisturisation

If you tend to skip the important step of moisturising your skin, you are likely to develop dehydrated skin. Without proper moisture, the skin's natural barrier weakens, allowing water to escape. This results in dryness, flakiness, and an increased likelihood of fine lines, as the skin struggles to retain its vital moisture balance.


Several medications are responsible for wreaking havoc in your body’s fluid balance and ultimately lead to dry skin. Some medications that can cause dryness include diuretics, antacids, blood pressure medications, and laxatives. You can also face skin dryness due to the use of acne-treating medications.;

For instance, using retinol to treat acne is a major face dryness reason. Retinol contributes to dryness by hampering the connection between cells present on the skin’s surface. You should switch to more gentle acne-treating products to avoid the issue of dryness.;

Long hot showers

Taking a long, hot shower seems to calm your nerves and put an end to all your worries at the end of the day. You might be tempted to spend long hours under steaming hot water, particularly during the winter months. While it feels extremely comfortable, long, hot showers can be harmful to your skin.;

Soaking your body in steaming hot water can remove the amount of moisture from your skin. Therefore, you should check the amount of time you spend under hot water and keep the temperature of the water warm. Moreover, try to apply moisturiser right after hopping out of the shower because it works better on damp skin.;


People living in low-humidity climates often have dry skin. Most people notice dryness on their skin during the winter months. Sometimes, the air inside can also cause drying. Using a humidifier at home might help with moisturising the air inside to protect your skin from drying.;


Anyone with dry skin should have an effective moisturiser in their skincare regimen. The Waterlight Gel Moisturiser from The Pink Foundry is equipped with all the necessary ingredients to meet the hydration needs of your skin. Incorporate the moisturiser in your skincare routine today, and welcome soft, supple, and glowing skin with open arms.;


What is the most important skincare product for dryness?

If you struggle with dry skin, an effective moisturiser deserves a space in your skincare regimen. It will provide your skin with the necessary levels of hydration.;

How can I stop my skin from drying?

Taking proper care of your skin is necessary to prevent dryness. Choose a gentle cleanser and exfoliator to remove impurities from your skin’s surface. After that, moisturise your skin and provide it with adequate nourishment. Moreover, consume sufficient amounts of fluids every day to provide hydration to your skin.

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