The Common Causes of Dark Circles and How to Tackle Them

If you have spent sleepless nights preparing for an exam or completing work assignments, dark circles are highly likely to appear under your eyes. But, the causes of dark circles can go beyond sleep deprivation and tiredness. Even though dark circles don’t indicate a health concern, they impact your appearance. Discover the different causes of dark circles and how to get rid of them from this article.

How genetics play a significant role in the development of dark circles

If you wonder why dark circles under eyes, genetics might be a key reason. Therefore, you might be likely to get dark circles if someone in your biological family has them. Dark circles linked to genetics usually start showing up from an early age. With time, the dark circles under the eyes might get darker or lighten.

Thin skin and ageing can lead to collagen and fat loss

If you want to figure out what causes dark circles under your eyes, ageing might be one of the most surprising reasons. With age, your skin will start thinning and begin to sag. It occurs due to the low levels of fat and collagen responsible for regulating the elasticity of your skin.

The reduced elasticity can make the blood vessels under the skin more visible. As a result, the area under your eyes starts darkening. Ageing also makes the tear troughs hollower and gives the illusion of looking older or tired.

How dehydration can make the skin appear dull

Dehydration is one of the most common, but overlooked dark circles around the eyes causes. Due to a lack of nourishment and hydration, the skin under your eyes might start looking dull. The close proximity of your eyes to the underlying bone will make them look sunken.

If you want to avoid dehydration, sufficient fluid intake throughout the day is necessary. Additionally, you need to incorporate an effective moisturiser in your skincare regimen. You can use the Waterlight Gel Moisturiser to meet the hydration requirements of your skin without clogging pores.

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Sun exposure

If you are thinking about what causes bags under the eyes, sun exposure might be a reason. When you stay under the sun for a long period, you might develop dark circles due to post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Your body starts producing excess melanin due to sun overexposure. This excess melanin often gets deposited under the eyes along with other areas on the skin. Therefore, it leads to hyperpigmentation, and you notice dark circles under the eyes.

Wearing sunscreen is essential to prevent dark circles because of sun exposure. If you hate the white tint left behind by sunscreen, the Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen is an ideal choice for you. It will help your skin fight the harmful effects of sun exposure while offering adequate hydration.


Your body will produce histamines as a response to allergic reactions. It leads to red, puffy, and itchy eyes. If you scratch the itchy skin, it will lead to swelling, inflammation, and broken blood vessels. Ultimately, you might start noticing dark circles due to post-inflammatory pigmentation.


Anaemia occurs due to a deficit in the levels of red blood cells. Therefore, your skin is likely to appear paler than usual. As a result, you might begin noticing dark circles under the eyes.


Dark circles under the lower eyelids often occur due to excessive strain on your eyes. Staring at devices emitting blue light for prolonged periods can cause eyestrain. This excessive pressure on your eyes can enlarge the surrounding blood vessels and lead to dark circles. Some drugs for treating eye conditions like glaucoma can also lead to dark circles.


Dark circles are usually visible under the lower eyelids. Thankfully, the right skincare products will help you get rid of dark circles under the eyes and achieve an even face complexion. Do ensure that the products you choose are safe to use on the sensitive skin of your under-eyes or are specially formulated for it.


Can stress and lifestyle factors lead to dark circles?

Several people get dark circles under their eyes due to excessive stress and prolonged periods of sleep deprivation. Moreover, lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking can lead to dark circles.

Can dryness cause dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes often occur due to dryness. Therefore, people with dry skin often have a higher chance of getting dark circles under their eyes. Using a moisturiser can help you provide adequate hydration to your skin and solve the issue of dark circles under your eyes.

Are old people more likely to get dark circles?

Ageing is often the reason behind dark circles under your lower eyelids. Thinning skin due to the loss of fatty tissue often results in the appearance of more defined dark circles in old people.

Can dark circles appear under the eyes due to hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is an outcome of excess melanin production in the body. Therefore, dark circles under the eye are often melanin deposits. Using a dark spot serum can help with tackling the issue of hyperpigmentation. It will remove dark spots under your eyes and make your skin tone look even.

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