Should I Apply Sunscreen at Home?

Sunscreen is a must wherever you are, whether working from home, at the workplace or simply spending your weekends indoors. the question we often get is should I apply sunscreen at home? The answer is yes, you must use sunscreen. Although using sunscreen indoors may seem unnecessary, there are several advantages for immediate and long-term skin health. Today, we'll look at it in greater depth.

Importance of applying sunscreen at home

Sunscreen is a protective shield for aging-rays (UVA) and burning rays (UVB). A sunscreen with SPF above 30 protects the skin upto 97% from ultraviolet rays. The risk of sun damage has constantly been increasing since the depletion of UV rays. Applying sunscreen can help users with skin conditions like sun burns, ageing and skin cancer. Skin naturally contains proteins namely keratin, elastin, and others, which are essential to let the skin function smoothly

The benefits of applying sunscreen at home

While discussing the benefits of sunscreen at home, the following points need to be highlighted:

1. Protection against premature aging

The sun releases two types of ultraviolet rays that can affect the skin. Ultraviolet-A rays can even cause severe damage through doors and windows. Sunburn will not be possible using these rays, but the latter ultraviolet-B rays can easily do that. Wrinkles and elasticity issues are a result of ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen can protect against spots, wrinkles, expression lines and other ageing signs.

2. Taking care of the skin

The use of sunscreen is needed to boost the metabolism and smoothness of the skin. A wide range of skincare products can be selected, but none will be as effective like that as SPF 30+, which is known to prevent aging. Without sunscreen products, the skin will be exposed to the sun's direct rays.

3. Choose from a wide plethora of collections

Varieties of sunscreens are available at the market. They also come up with a discounted rate. Users can get specific homely remedies that may take less money and provide emotional satisfaction.

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Factors to consider when applying sunscreen at home

Often one question arises: should we apply sunscreen at home? The factors that play an essential role in such decision-making are as follows:

How to properly apply sunscreen at home

You must be curious about how one can apply sunscreen at home. Here is a list of instructions you need to follow while using sunscreen:

  • Apply sunscreen before you leave your home. Fifteen minutes is the primary time to protect yourself and absorb sunscreen.
  • Use appropriate amount of sunscreen. Most people need about 1 ounce. Get sunscreen to cover your entire skin and apply till it gets absorbed. Apply the sunscreen over the neck, ears, face, top of the feet, and even the legs. You can contact somebody from your home to tell them to rub the essentials where your hands cannot reach them. You can apply mineral matte tinted sunscreen of face that Shields skin from Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB rays (SPF 30), while hydrating skin.

Get accustomed to using sunscreen every two hours or as soon as after swimming or sweating. Sunburn is mainly caused when people are using the desired sunscreen at the full mark.


Ever thought of using sunscreen? Sunscreen has a wide range of advantages. This whole blog outlines such details precisely. The areas in which it can be used are specified. You can also find insights on the precautionary measures about usage. Get access to the collections of sunscreens available on the website of The Pink Foundry.

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