Moisturiser or Sunscreen First? Step-by-Step Guide on What to Apply First

You will probably know how important it is to adhere to a proper skincare regimen for retaining your skin’s youthfulness. So, you should not ignore the importance of sun care and applying sunscreen regularly on your face. Because sun exposure can deliberately lead to skin damage, premature ageing, and many other skin conditions.

While sunscreen is an immensely crucial step in your skincare regimen, knowing the right time to apply, is also essential. Specifically, you need to know whether to apply moisturiser or sunscreen first.

You must feel lucky that we’ve taken away the guesswork for you! Because when it comes to sun safety, it’s not something you should be hoping to have made the right choice.

In this article, we will reveal to you the proper skincare regimen. Keep reading until the end of the article to learn what you should apply first. Let’s get started.

Moisturiser or Sunscreen - What Should You Apply First?

If you are wondering ‘what to apply first, sunscreen or moisturiser,’ we are here to provide you with the best answer.

As a rule of thumb, applying sunscreen on your face is vital as the final step of your skincare regimen. This is mainly because the products with SPF are exquisitely formulated with some protective skincare ingredients.

So when you layer sunscreen on your face after your moisturiser, it will block out the sun's harmful rays. In other words, moisturiser comes first, and SPF follows after that.

Is it Necessary to Apply Moisturiser Before Sunscreen?

If you’re wondering, ‘is it necessary to apply moisturiser before sunscreen’ then you should know there’s no compulsion. But if you care about the overall health of your skin, then you must use moisturiser before SPF.

When you use moisturiser and sunscreen in your skincare regimen, following the correct application technique is ideal. Because when you apply SPF on your face at the end, it will give your skin maximum protection. And to ensure you’re receiving the maximum protection, you should reapply it every two hours.

Can I Mix Sunscreen With Moisturiser?

If you are thinking, ‘can I mix sunscreen with moisturiser’ then let us tell you it’s a brilliant idea. However, the mixed formula of sunscreen and moisturiser becomes less effective and might not be functional. The hybrid concoction might not work as intended, and you wouldn’t want to risk it with sun protection.

However, using the Daily Moisturiser With Blue Light Protection and Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen, one after another, will provide effective results.

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Primer or Moisturiser or Sunscreen - Which Comes First?

Now, we’ll answer the age-old question for you ‘should I apply primer or moisturiser or sunscreen first?’ Well, the truth is that you should always apply moisturiser on your face before you apply primer.

It’s because the purpose of a moisturiser is to lock in moisture and keep away dryness. But applying primer first might make you indulge in the risk of sporting lacklustre and dry skin. As the formulation of primers cannot provide moisture to your skin, it might affect your overall makeup.

So, the best way to remember the correct application order of primer, moisturiser, and sunscreen is to use different products. Primer should always follow moisturiser, and the SPF should be the last step in your skincare regimen. Therefore, you will reap maximum benefits from each skincare product.

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By now, you must have a clear idea regarding the correct order for applying moisturiser and sunscreen on your face. Please note that wearing both sunscreen and moisturiser will keep your skin nourished, healthy, and youthful-looking. So when you pair these skincare essentials, you should always use them separately and in the correct order.

Also, make sure that you apply mineral sunscreen after moisturiser to reap maximum benefits from your daily skincare regimen. And when you apply sunscreen after moisturiser, you should wait for some time and apply the SPF. Thus, it will provide your skin with maximum coverage and protection.

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