The Science Behind The Benefits Of Centella Asiatica For Skin

Do you love skincare products that combine the power of science and nature as we do? If so, Centella Asiatica is one ingredient you should watch for. The Centella Asiatica extract—also called cica, tiger grass, gotu kola, and Asiatic pennywort—is touted as a moisturising, soothing skin saver.

You may have heard that Centella Asiatica benefits people by enhancing their skin and disorders. But is it all? In this article, learn the various benefits of this plant extract for your skin health and how to add it to your skincare regimen. So, let’s start.

What Is Centella Asiatica In Skin Care?

Centella Asiatica has a lengthy history of medical and cosmetic procedures. A therapeutic herb with high antioxidant content, the plant extract goes by various names, including:

  • Cica
  • Indian pennywort
  • Gotu Kola
  • Tiger grass

So, the name "tiger grass' ' is derived from the legend claiming that tigers would roll in the plants after being hurt to mend themselves. The plant has been utilised as a medical and skin care cure in India for countless years. The plant extract is still used daily by 2 persons to preserve their skin.

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The Benefits Of Centella Asiatica In Skin Care

Centuries of anecdotal evidence back and support the benefits of gotu kola for the skin. Although interest has grown in recent years, there isn't as much research as you might anticipate.

The Centella Asiatica benefits for skin, as currently understood, are as follows:

Soothes and Calms Inflammation and Redness

Centella Asiatica's outstanding ability to maintain skin hydration is among the reasons why it’s used often in skin care products. Moreover, it reduces the level of skin irritation while ensuring your skin’s barrier retains moisture for a prolonged period. It also calms and soothes irritation, inflammation, and redness in skin.

Also, use Centella Asiatica during seasons of extreme temperature variation because those conditions can strain even the toughest skin barriers.

Heals Your Wounds & Burn

Do you recall the myth about injured tigers rolling in Centella Asiatica?

The evidence from science shows that we would be wise to do the same. Centella Asiatica benefits the skin with its high levels of antioxidants. So, these antioxidants help your skin fight free radicals that try to eat up all the beneficial elements of our body’s defence system.

Also, Centella boosts antioxidant levels to aid in the defence against free radicals. So, it might aid in healing burns and wounds when used alongside other products like petrolatum jelly.

Lowers The Inflammation Level On Your Skin

For any form of wound, inflammation plays a crucial role in healing. However, it should only be there briefly—just like party guests. Continuous immunological response may worsen the situation. Acne causes inflammation. Inflammation causes eczema.

Many skin disorders have an inflammatory component. Here, using an active ingredient like Centella benefits the skin when combined with over-the-counter remedies that can help reduce inflammation.

Slows Down Your Ageing Signs

Although more research is needed, Centella Asiatica lowers the appearance of cellulite, scars, and photoaging indicators. The phytochemicals in Centella Asiatica are crucial for lowering oxidative stress on the cells that make up our connective tissue.

Moreover, Centella Asiatica's four active ingredients – madecassoside, madecassic acid, asiaticoside, and Asiatic acid – boosts collagen formation. Centella skin benefits can make anyone look younger by making it moisturised, plumper, and healthier.

Use Of Centella Asiatica In Your Daily Routine

You may easily incorporate Centella Asiatica as a skincare product into your regimen. Given the moisturising and calming abilities of Centella Asiatica, it goes perfectly with most skincare ingredients. Add this plant extract to your morning and evening skincare routine.

Look for a good quality retaining moisturiser, such as the Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser from The Pink Foundry. Brands like Pharma Quality Skincare and the Pink Foundry have introduced such unique products that contain the unique formulation of Centella Asiatica.

Enjoy the benefits of Centella Asiatica by incorporating this moisturiser in your skincare routine. Try this moisturiser as it contains Centella Asiatica in a leave-on formulation. And leave-on cosmetics provide components with more time with the skin so they may truly do their job.

What Skin Types Should Use Centella Asiatica?

Generally, Centella Asiatica is the best skincare solution for people with oily and acne-prone skin. However, using it won't harm people with sensitive and dry skin. It cleanses and hydrates your skin while removing debris and surplus sebum without compromising your skin’s natural moisture barrier.


Centella Asiatica extracts skin benefits everyone who uses it routinely. It enhances their facial skin's overall appearance, unlike many natural substances that make a lot of noise but deliver meagre effects. It is suitable for skin prone to rosacea and can be used by people of various ages, skin types, and ethnicities.

With best-in-class skincare products like moisturisers from top brands like The Pink Foundry, you can maximise these plant extracts’ skin benefits. So, add this ingredient to your skincare routine today!


  • What Does Centella Asiatica Do For Skin?

Centella Asiatica extract has earned a solid reputation for being the best skin moisture-enhancing and anti-aging cosmetic ingredient. Centella Asiatica can be used to hydrate cosmetic compositions to treat dry and sensitive skin.

  • Does Centella Asiatica Brighten Skin?

The antioxidant qualities of Centella Asiatica may help prevent skin dulling to some extent by halting the adverse impacts of environmental factors like airborne pollution. Yet, there isn't enough evidence to support this claim.

  • Can Centella Asiatica Clear Skin?

It expedites recovery for acne patients by lowering inflammation, preventing dark spots and scarring, and averting further breakouts.

  • Does Centella Lighten Dark Spots?

Antioxidants included in Centella Asiatica can aid in preventing environmental skin damage that could result in dark patches.

  • Is Centella Good For Oily Skin?

Thanks to Centella Asiatica face oil, your skin is nourished and has a better texture. It is appropriate for all acne-prone and oily skin types since it is vegan.

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