The ultimate guide to double cleansing for oily skin


Myths and techniques abound when it comes to cleaning your face. It's been said that a clean face should squeak to the touch and be as taut as a snare drum. Both are untrue. Your face shouldn't ever feel tight. If it does, you've removed all its essential and natural oils.

A common skincare tip that supports your skin's barrier is double cleansing for oily skin. The practice of twice cleansing is simple to understand, yet it's crucial to understand why we do it. You might be surprised by the response, but it will undoubtedly tell you something new about your skin.

What is double cleansing?

Like most viral skincare ideas, the double cleansing method for oily skin has become prevalent online recently. However, this technique has actually been around for a while. Although the method is frequently associated with Korean beauty or "K-Beauty Skincare Routines" online, it can be used on nearly any skin type and has been a part of most skincare regimens.

As the name implies, the method is as easy as washing your face twice. The first cleanse, which is usually performed at night, gets rid of sunscreen and makeup. However, the second cleanse concentrates on cleaning the skin and removing any impurities that might not be visible to the naked eye.

Adding another step to your routine may seem intimidating. However, double cleansing for oily skin is rather easy and crucial for maintaining good skin. It not only thoroughly cleans the face, but it also primes the skin for other skincare products like moisturisers to work best.

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Is double cleansing for oily skin necessary?


The telltale signs are visible wide pores and glowing skin minutes after cleansing.

What you require:

An intensely cleansing face wash like The Pink Foundry’s Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash controls oil or sebum production without drying out your skin. Additionally, by reducing bacterial development, pH-balanced formulations will help avoid outbreaks.


First, double cleansing products for oily skin remove oil-based pollutants such as sebum, pollution, makeup, sunscreen, and leftover skincare product residue.

Then, sweat and debris are eliminated by the water-based cleaning. This form of cleansing nourishes and revitalises your skin. Moreover, it completely cleanses your face. Better absorption of the additional skincare products you will employ in your routine is also made possible by it.

Since it eliminates debris and bacteria and leaves only the nutrients your skin requires, this approach is great for anyone with dry, oily, combo, or acne-prone skin types. To avoid depriving your skin of its natural oils, use moderate solutions for both water- and oil-based cleansers.

Benefits of double cleansing for oily skin

There isn't really a good excuse not to double cleanse. Long-term, the procedure can improve how your skin feels and looks, especially if you have oily skin.

  • Exceptionally clean skin

Your skin suffers considerably from factors like heat, pollution, dirt, and makeup. Hence, it's vital that you thoroughly cleanse your face with micellar water, cleansing balm, or face wash at the end of the day. Adding this step to your regular skincare routine is essential if you use makeup daily. So, it will feel particularly clean after double cleansing.

  • Boosts skin hydration

Micellar water and makeup wipes can be rough on the skin. They can cause extreme skin irritation, making them particularly dangerous for those with dry skin. But when you double cleanse, the oil breaks down the makeup and acts as a light moisturiser. Furthermore, the skin doesn't feel depleted of its natural oils even after using a cleanser.

  • Removes any traces of makeup

Oil and makeup are not a good combination. Oils disintegrate cosmetics and divide the formula's ingredients. For this reason, oil effectively dissolves all traces of foundation, blusher, and even mascara from your skin when used as the initial step in cleaning off makeup. Oil works wonders to get rid of them all, be they liquid, cream, or powder.


You don't have to worry about significantly changing your skincare routine to benefit from the Korean double-cleansing procedure. Using this kind of washing will set the stage for any subsequent skincare products you apply, leaving your skin looking more radiant and healthy.

Even while each of these cleansers works well on its own, using just one will leave your face with a significant quantity of pollutants. This method's best feature is that it works for all skin types.

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1. If you don't wear makeup, do you still need to cleanse twice?

Everyone genuinely benefits from double cleansing! It is not just for makeup wearers; it helps remove sunscreen, oil buildup, and makeup residue. Double cleaning also helps to remove waterproof sunscreen and heavy skincare products effectively!

2. Does everyone need to cleanse twice?

While not necessary, double cleansing for oily skin could be helpful. In general, fighting excess oil with two mild formulas works better than using one strong product that could dry out the skin.

3. Even if I have acne, can I still double-cleanse?

Naturally, of course! Double cleansing will help acne-prone skin by keeping your pores from becoming clogged.

4. Isn't it time-consuming to cleanse twice?

Not at all. It only takes one additional minute out of your skincare regimen. Furthermore, doing a double cleanse eliminates the need to work harder with each product you use.

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