The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Open Pores on the Face

Have you noticed that the open pores on your face are unusually large? Here, solutions like moisturising, exfoliating, and daily cleansers can bring magic to your face.

This article will explore valuable insights to effectively address this issue. Uncover the intricacies of open pores on the skin, explore their underlying causes, and unlock the transformative potential of The Pink Foundry's Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser with Tea Tree and Cica in alleviating this concern.

What Are Open Pores?

Large open pores on the face are among the most prevalent causes of worry for many people since they may make your skin seem sagging and drab and cause problems like acne and blackheads.

No matter how attractive our features are, these open pores will cause us to worry even though we all want healthy, glossy, youthful, and glowing skin.

What Causes Open Pores?

Oil, debris, bacteria, and dead skin are the common causes of open pores. Acne eventually results from the oxidation of the blocked pore, which happens when exposed to air. These pores may expand as a result of inflammatory acne.

These pores could be seen on your face near your chin, forehead, nose, or cheek area. Genetics, ethnicity, age, sex, and skin quality all affect the number and location of pores.

What Are The Different Types Of Pore On Face?

This table highlights the various types of open pores on the face:

O-Shaped Pores

These pores usually occur in your skin’s T-zone. They have a spherical form and often show up if you have oily skin or are prone to acne.

U-Shaped Pores

These pores often appear on the face when you’ve got dry skin.

Y-Shaped Pores

Open pores take the shape of a water drop when your skin's collagen production declines with age. These pores are called Y-shaped pores.

Why Open Pores Can Be A Concern For Many Individuals?

People of all ages are susceptible to the skin problem known as open pores. Even though they are not medical issues, some individuals may find them annoying, given their appearance. Your skin may appear uneven, greasy, and drab if you have open pores. They may also serve as a breeding environment for skin conditions like acne.

What Are The Treatment For Open Pores On the Face

Based on the reasons for open pores on your face, your dermatologist can recommend you one of these treatment options:

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments have become extremely popular in dermatology due to their adaptability. They function by increasing the skin's collagen production. This method of treatment works particularly well on ageing-related pores. Lasers' lack of downtime is its strongest feature.


Oral and topical retinoids are another method for lowering the size of open pores. This approach aids in reducing oil production as well. These medications are only available by prescription; a doctor must oversee their administration.

Connection Between Sun Exposure And Open Pores

Sun exposure is one of the most frequent causes of open pores. Your facial skin gains elasticity and strength from your body’s elastin and collagen respectively. However, UV rays are well-known for damaging both these body proteins– collagen & elastin.

Consequently, your skin begins to droop and lose its firmness. Your pores may become more apparent and appear larger as a result. UV radiation can dry out your skin and harm your elastin and collagen. Your pores may appear wider as a result because the skin around them will thin.

Daily Habits That Can Help Reduce Open Pores And Keep Your Skin Looking Clear

Here is a skincare routine for open pores that will not only help you get clear-looking skin but also prevent you from open pores in the future.

Drink As Much Water As Possible (Over 3L/Day)

Drink water (plenty of it), stay hydrated, and always prevent your skin from drying out. Open pores on the face are often linked to dehydrated skin. So, ensure to consume at least three litres of water every day.

Apply SPF 30 Sunscreen

You already established the connection between sun exposure and open pores in the above section. You must protect yourself from sun exposure by wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen.

Apply Moisturizer

A healing moisturiser is all you need to feed and nourish your skin properly. Ideally, experts suggest using a cleanser first to keep the skin clear and well-nourished. The Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser from the Pink Foundry can be a great product to rely on.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

As per the latest studies, eating more than enough carbs can result in acne on your skin. This can further expand the pores on your face. The best way to prevent this is to follow a vitamin- and nutrient-rich diet that supports healthy, beautiful, and firm skin.

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Open pores have been bothering you for a long time and often come back and forth, right? Now, say goodbye to it once and for all with good daily habits and the best healing moisturiser from The Pink Foundry.

The Pink Foundry’s Acne Care & Healing Moisturiser covers your open pores, keeps your skin hydrated, and prevents acne breakout. So, start today!


  • What are the main reasons for open pores on your face?

Skin suppleness, hair thickness, age, UV damage, genetics, and oil production on the skin can all contribute to pores.

  • Can you permanently close pores?

You cannot permanently reduce your pore size because it is largely a genetic trait.

  • Can open pores be reduced?

Yes, you can reduce open pores by opting for skin treatments containing retinol or alpha hydroxy acids, which can aid in clearing obstructions and reducing the appearance of pores. Pore strips may also be useful.

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