How are Blackheads formed and How to prevent them

Blackheads on your face can annoy you to the core, right? Everyone hates this skin condition.

For those who don’t know, blackheads are small, dark spots that appear on the skin. They appear due to an obstructed, clogged pore that becomes subject to oxidation by air exposure.

If you’re experiencing this skin condition, take no worries. Knowing what you’re dealing with will help you find a better treatment solution. In this article, you’ll learn what blackheads are, how to prevent blackheads, and more. So, let’s start.

How Are Blackheads Formed

Now that you have a little idea about blackheads let’s check how are blackheads formed. Blackheads develop whenever a plug or clog forms in the tip of the skin’s hair follicles.

One hair grows from each follicle, which also houses an oil-producing sebaceous gland. Sebum, the oil in question, aids in keeping your skin smooth.

A comedone accumulates oils and dead skin cells in the skin follicle’s entrance. A blackhead develops when the skin covering the bump splits open and comes in contact with air.

Your likelihood of getting acne and blackheads may be affected by several variables, including:

  • Overproduction of body oil.
  • When dead skin cells aren’t shed regularly, it’s a perfect area for bacterial growth on the skin, irritating the hair follicles.
  • Using certain medications, such as androgens, lithium or corticosteroids.

Why Do Blackheads Occur

There are sebaceous glands everywhere around your body, most of which have ties to hair follicles. Comedones are blackheads and whiteheads (singular comedo). Blackheads are open comedones. When the hair follicles and sebaceous glands experience constant irritation (inflammation), they develop comedones.

So, why do blackheads occur? It’s when you can experience this inflammation in your skin’s hair follicles and sebaceous glands due to:

  • Increased production of sebum, the fatty substance secreted by the sebaceous gland.
  • An irregular keratin production (the protein that helps make your hair, skin and nails).
  • A higher hormone level (androgen).
  • A rise in acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

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How To Prevent Blackheads

The easiest way to avoid blackheads is to wash and hydrate the face while keeping it clean. Here's some advice on how to do so:

  • By washing your face every morning, and just before going to bed at night and right after you sweat, you might lessen oil accumulation in your pores.
  • Use moderate, non-abrasive cleaners to reduce the formation of excessive amounts of oil.
  • Use exfoliants 1-2 times each week to eliminate dead skin cells.
  • Choose non-comedogenic skincare to avoid congested pores.
  • Stop eating foods that contribute to acne, such as dairy products made from skim milk and high-glycemic carbs.

How To Treat Blackheads

You must be thorough with these details to learn how to treat blackheads. You can opt for one of these nonprescription medication options:

  • Azelaic Acid: You can naturally get azelaic acid by consuming food like rye, wheat, and barley.
  • Salicylic Acid: This is now a common ingredient in most branded lotions or cleansers.
  • Retinoids: Retinoids like Differin or Retin-A help break our blackheads and prevent clogging of the pores.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide: Available as a wash or leave-on gel, it eliminates acne by targeting surface bacteria.

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Products To Help Prevent Blackheads

Some of the top-selling products from The Pink Foundry that are highly effective in preventing blackheads are:

  • Anti Acne Serum

With the power of encapsulated salicylic acid and other active ingredients, Anti Acne Serum helps destroy acne-resulting bacteria and prevents blackheads.

  • Overnight Acne Spot Corrector

Overnight Acne Spot Corrector non-comedogenic acne-treating product cleanses and clarifies the skin within seconds while shrinking all the existing blackheads.

With eight active ingredients like Tranexamic Acid and more, this anti-acne product from The Pink Foundry addresses your dark marks, reduces discoloration, and lessens blackheads.

Key Takeaway

With this comprehensive guide, you now know why blackheads occur on the face. The overproduction of oil in the skin’s pores is one of the main reasons behind blackheads.

Usually, clearing the pores and minimizing oiliness are the best ways to prevent blackheads. Before seeing results, you’ll have to try various methods and products.

If none of the treatment methods works, you can rely on any of the products from the house of The Pink Foundry. Our exquisite, powerful, and skin-healing products are your perfect blackhead solutions.

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