How To Do A Facial At Home: Step-By-Step Complete Guide

A facial spa service includes many steps intended to relax, hydrate, and moisturise your face. It's impossible to surpass the experience of having your skin pampered at a salon and going home with glowing skin.

You may like the two hours spent enjoying a regal treatment. However, your busy schedule may prevent you from fitting in a facial. But that doesn't mean you should stop giving your skin the divine treatment.

Have you ever tried getting a facial at home? How about giving your skin a facial at home and obtaining the same benefits to give it that wonderful spa treatment and keep it glowing? You must go step-by-step to learn how to do a facial at home correctly.

How To Do A Facial At Home


The first step in any skin treatment is cleansing. Before beginning your facial, washing your face to remove any dirt or makeup is crucial. You can also use wipes or makeup remover to eliminate any remaining makeup from your face.

Afterwards, use an oil- or water-based cleanser, given your skin type. Use a gentle foam cleanser if your skin is sensitive. For the best results, use the Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash from the house of The Pink Foundry.


You can now start exfoliating since your pores are much more visible. Exfoliation removes all the cellular debris in your skin’s topmost layer. This will help your skin absorb cosmetic solutions more efficiently. You can pick from three different forms of exfoliation according to your preferences:

  • A face scrub with powerful exfoliating agents like salicylic acid, etc.
  • Take a serum and apply it to your clean face.
  • Use the best-in-class serum like the Pink Foundry’s Dark Spot & Hyperpigmentation Correcting Power Serum to eliminate dark spots during a facial.

Avoid over-exfoliating by using caution when doing so. Remember that your skin is sensitive, and you shouldn't scrub too vigorously. Use gentle pressure when using a scrub as your preferred exfoliator to prevent skin harm!


Your pores are now open and ready to absorb healthy nutrients. Choose a sheet or face mask suitable for your skin type. Use a gentle clay mask or any other mask not covered by a sheet to massage your skin in a circular motion.

A tea tree essential oil mask may be helpful if you have acne-prone skin. Remove your face mask while it's still wet to prevent drying out your skin.


When learning how to do a facial at home, the last thing to do is moisturise. Use a calming moisturiser to finish your seven-step at-home facial. Because cleansing and using steam dries out the skin, the facial must conclude by moisturising it.

The skin is hydrated in the final stage, which also aids in sealing in the moisture that was lost. Make sure you have clean hands. Apply a mild moisturiser on your face with your fingertips, such as Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser with Tea Tree & Cica. Let the cream seep into the skin by gently massaging it onto the face and neck.

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Apply Sunscreen

Use the best quality sunscreen whenever you go out on a sunny day. This after-facial skincare tip will help you retain the effects of the at-home facial for longer. To ensure your sunscreen never betrays you, put your faith in The Pink Foundry’s Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen.


In the long term, learning these face movements at home is practical and cost-effective. Determine your skin problems before beginning your facial and utilise products appropriate for your skin type. Wash your face with a cleanser and an exfoliator to remove more grime, dead skin, and makeup in the first two steps.

After that, apply a face mask to hydrate your skin and promote blood flow while massaging your face with an oil or moisturising cream. Applying a moisturiser or serum at the end of the facial will help keep your skin's moisture in. So, now that you know how to do a facial at home, glowing skin will never tire you!


1. Do you allow facials every week?

It's not necessary to get a facial every week. For consistent results, undergo a facial every six to eight weeks.

2. How often must one get a facial?

According to specialists, a facial is generally advised to be had every three to four weeks, once a month, or roughly every 28 days. Your skin's life cycle lasts that long. Your skin cells regenerate every three to four weeks. Thus, facials should ideally be performed routinely at least once a month to maintain healthy, radiant skin.

3. How long does the glow linger following a facial?

Usually, the instant glow following a facial lasts for 48 to 72 hours. This is a result of the skin's cleanliness and intense hydration. The vigorous rubbing performed throughout the facial has also increased circulation, allowing new blood to supply fresh nutrients to the cells.

4. Which skincare regimen should be used following a facial?

Sticking to a strict skincare regimen is crucial to keep your radiance after a facial. At least once every week, you must exfoliate your skin. After every face wash, you should moisturise your face and apply SPF.

5. How soon after a facial may we wash our faces?

The day after your facial, you should cleanse your face. But if you must, wait at least 6 to 7 hours following the procedure.

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