How to get rid of pimples overnight

In our lifetime, the amount of time we look up ‘how to get rid of pimples overnight’ pretty much sums up the topic. Be it an important job interview or the wedding of an important friend or a family member, pimples are known to literally pop out at inconvenient times. Things would be just fine the night before, and just when you are getting ready to go out, bam! There it is, at the most inconvenient time in the most inconvenient place.

While the annoyance these pimples bring into our lives is daunting, you certainly don’t have to deal with the dreadfulness of them being gone. Whether you want the answer to how to get rid of chin pimples overnight or how to get rid of pimples on forehead overnight, we have you covered!

How you can get rid of pimples overnight

The answer to getting rid of an angry pimple or how to get rid of pus filled pimples overnight lies in the practice of these 6 tips below:

• Cold ice

The very first step to address a pimple is ice cubes. Consider collecting three to four ice cubes and wrapping them in a cloth. Directly and gently dab it over the swollen pimple for 4 to 5 minutes at a time. If you notice the ice cubes melting fast, use a sandwich plastic bag and put the ice in it. After that, wrap the ice-filled bag in a cloth and gently dab the swollen pimple often throughout the day. It will reduce the swelling of the pimple and soothe the skin.

• Addition of Sulphur

Sulphur can exfoliate and remove excess oil as it has antimicrobial properties. It is relatively suitable and gentle for sensitive skin. If you are considering dealing with mild acne, sulphur is a great option for you. Products that include sulphur, among other acne-combatting elements, will treat mild acne effortlessly.

• An acne spot corrector

A great acne treatment like Overnight Acne Spot Corrector will work like magic. It is a fast-acting treatment that shrinks existing whiteheads, breakouts, and blackheads to clarify the skin quickly. It consists of zinc oxide, sulphur, calamine, salicylic acid, and glycerin. A study showed that applying the acne spot corrector reduces the total acne lesion count to half and reduces the black and whiteheads by 80%.

• A face wash

Your journey to get rid of pimples cannot go without using a great face wash like Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash. It is a 100% soap-free gel face wash which spreads and foams effortlessly. It is crafted for all skin types that are prone to acne. It deeply cleanses and prevents acne on your skin. Additionally, it hydrates and soothes inflamed and irritated skin. In addition to removing bacteria and dirt from the skin surface, it treats the existing breakouts and prevents any forthcoming breakouts.

• Moisturise

While moisturisers do not help treat breakouts, consider them a good regular practice as they ensure no forthcoming breakouts. Moisturisers are the key to keeping your skin hydrated, and without proper moisturising, your skin would become dry and irritated.

The next steps: tips on preventing pimples

While tackling your pimples and getting the answer to how to get rid of pimple on lip overnight sounds nice, if you practise precaution, then you won’t even have to deal with this in the first place. Here are some of the practices that you may consider:

• Skin cleansing

While thoroughly cleaning your face regularly won’t diminish the acne or pimples magically, it is an essential part of treating your pimples and getting rid of them overnight. Cleaning your face ensures no oil, dirt, or acne-causing bacteria accumulate on the surface of your skin.

• Changing the pillowcase

Your journey to get the answer to how to get rid of pimples overnight at home is not complete if you cannot adopt the habit of changing pillowcases often. It is known to be the breeding ground for pimple-causing bacteria. After all that hard work to get rid of pimples, the last thing you want is to get more just because you did not change your pillowcase.

• Consider not even touching the pimples once

No matter how mild or daunting a pimple is, consider not touching it once, let alone popping it. Popping a pus-filled pimple will result in spreading the germs all over your skin. And from that, you can only expect how worse it will get.

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Wrapping up

We all share the frustration of unexpected or last-minute pimples. While the above-mentioned practices and precautions will keep the pimple frustration at bay, you need to understand the formation of pimples is mostly because of bad skin or bad care of your skin. In addition to eating and sleeping well, you need to take good care of your skin to keep the pimples at bay.

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• What is the first thing you need to do to treat a pimple?

Before you even consider introducing a face wash or an acne spot corrector, the first thing you need to do when you see a pimple pop up is collect some ice cubes in a cloth and gently dab it on the angry pimple.

• At what age would the pimples stop?

While it is different from person to person, the average age when pimples stop forming is 16 to 24 years. However, most people notice less acne when they are in their mid-twenties.

• How long does a pimple last?

The longevity of every pimple is different. That being said, the average time a pimple lasts is around three to seven days.

• What foods do I need to avoid when treating a pimple?

While treating a pimple, consider avoiding any sort of processed food and foods that are highly glycemic.

• What can I do to stop pimples from popping on my face?

Consider changing your pillowcases, eating and drinking healthy, and washing your face regularly to avoid pimples from appearing on your face.

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