How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps and Prevent Them

After a good shave, your skin starts feeling soft and smooth. But then comes the uncomfortable razor bumps that can make your skin seem completely uneven. Apart from being uncomfortable, razor bumps can also cause pimples and even permanent damage to your skin. So, delve deeper into this article to figure out how to get rid of razor bumps.

What causes pimples after shaving?

A lot of people start noticing pimples in areas they have shaved. But have you ever wondered what causes pimples after shaving? Usually, they occur due to dead cells and sebum blocking your pores and causing one of the following dermatological conditions:

  • Contact dermatitis: It is often an allergic reaction to an ingredient in your shaving products. This condition triggers inflammation on the skin accompanied by rashes, crusty pimples, or red pustules.
  • Tinea barbae: It is a type of fungal infection in the beard area that triggers pimples. Since it is a ringworm, this condition is often characterised by scaly lesions with a red, raised border.
  • Folliculitis: It indicates an inflamed hair follicle containing pus. This bacterial infection that causes pimples after shaving often goes away on its own.
  • Acne: If you have acne-prone skin, shaving can worsen it. The razor going all over your face often accelerates the inflammation. Using a harsh soap or cleanser after shaving is likely to worsen your acne.

Tips on how to eliminate razor bumps

If you get razor bumps, they won’t disappear instantly. But some strategies that can accelerate the pace of razor bump treatment include:

Rely on the power of salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is an exceptional ingredient for unclogging pores and preventing the buildup of dead cells. It is perfect for treating inflammation so that razor bumps can heal faster. Salicylic acid will also help fight pimples that appear on your face after shaving.

Our Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash is an outstanding skincare product with salicylic acid in it. Washing your face with this cleanser will remove all impurities and shed dead cells gently. This face wash will also promote a soothing feeling on your skin while providing you with a fresher appearance.

Make use of face scrubs

Exfoliating your skin will eliminate dead skin cells that block pores and keep hairs trapped within. Apart from removing debris of impurities and dead cells, exfoliating scrubs can also help get rid of ingrown hairs.

The Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask is the perfect solution for your exfoliation needs. It will make your skin softer and bring back a glow to your face without causing irritation.

Remember to select a gentle exfoliant. This ensures your skin remains un-irritated and un-inflamed post-shave. For all of your exfoliating needs, the Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask is the perfect answer. Without irritating your skin, it softens it and gives your face a bright glow again.

How to prevent razor bumps

If you get razor bumps too frequently, you might consider switching to an alternative method of hair removal. But if you want to still stick to shaving, you might benefit from the following measures to prevent razor bumps:

Shave after showering

Moisture can make your hair swell, and they have a lower tendency to curve inwards. Therefore, shaving when your skin is wet can be highly effective in preventing razor bumps. If you aren’t shaving during a shower or immediately after coming out of a bath, place a warm towel on your face. Let your skin soak in some of the warmth and moisture before you start shaving.

Apply moisturiser

People with dry skin have more risk of getting razor bumps and cuts and it is because of an uneven skin texture. Your skin can be free of razor bumps if it gets proper hydration and nourishment. Moisturising your skin should be done immediately after shaving. It can help to eliminate the risk of razor bumps.

Trying to figure out how to prevent razor bumps? Your skincare regimen should include a moisturiser. The nature of the moisturiser should be lightweight. Such a moisturiser will help to keep all your pores unblocked. The Waterlight Gel Moisturiser will fulfil all the hydration requirements of your skin.

Strong components, like hyaluronic acid, give this moisturiser the capacity to strengthen your skin's protective layer. For the best possible hydration, its lightweight formula reaches deeper layers of your skin to permeate and nourish it.

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It is a known fact that razor bumps are bothersome. You must remember that you don’t need to quit shaving to get rid of them. Using non-comedogenic skincare products and shaving when your skin is wet can be extremely beneficial in preventing razor bumps. You can also use salicylic acid or OTC medications to treat existing razor bumps on your skin.

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How can I prevent pimples after shaving?

Acne after shaving can be completely avoided by using a non-comedogenic cleanser. Washing your face with the Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash keeps pimples after shaving at bay. The salicylic acid present in the product will cleanse your skin from within and prevent breakouts.

Are razor bumps permanent?

Razor bumps won’t go away instantly from your face. But the right skincare ingredients, particularly salicylic acid, can help you deal with razor burns.

Can a moisturiser prevent razor bumps?

Using a moisturiser right after you shave can help prevent razor bumps. But use a lightweight and non-comedogenic moisturiser like the Waterlight Gel Moisturiser to prevent razor bumps.

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