Necessity or not: Is sunscreen a necessity for skin?

The debate regarding whether your skin needs sunscreen or not has been long-standing. In short, this skincare product is something that everyone should embrace. But people still wonder, “Is sunscreen good for skin?” Delve deeper into this article to discover why you need to wear this product on your face every day.

Is sunscreen necessary for daily use?

On some days, the sun seems to hide behind the clouds or have a lower spark. On others, you might need to step out of your house. So, is sunscreen necessary on such days? The simple answer is yes.

Even on days when the rays don’t bother you or seem comforting to your skin, they can cause damage. Whether it’s a cloud or a cool day, layering up sunscreen is a necessity. Spending as little as 15 minutes outside without any sun protection can inflict damage.

Now, you might be wondering why you need sunscreen if you are staying inside your home. Well, your skin might still be exposed to sun rays coming through the windows or while you are spending time on your balcony or terrace. Moreover, sunscreen will protect your skin from digital devices radiating UV rays.

Is sunscreen necessary for Indian skin?

One common misconception surrounding sunscreens is that only people with fair complexions need them. The risk of skin cancer is quite high in Westerners with a white tone. But Indians are not immune to this deadly disease.

Due to the darker tint of our skin, the risk of cancer might be comparatively lower. But the harmful sun rays can also cause other forms of damage. Protecting Indian skin with sunscreen is necessary to prevent issues like ageing and pigmentation.

Therefore, you should stop wondering, “Is sunscreen necessary for Indian skin?” Instead, start focusing on finding the right age to start wearing this product. Usually, Indian men and women should start applying sunscreen from the age of 15 years.

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Is sunscreen good for the skin if used with other products?

Sun protection has no connection with what else you have in your skincare regimen. When you choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30, you don’t have to worry about the order of applying skincare products. You can wear sun protection on bare skin or on top of every other item you are using.

Some people benefit from wearing sunscreen before putting on their makeup or applying moisturiser. Others prefer applying it on top of everything else so that it’s the first layer on the surface of your skin. Finding out which order works the best for you is ideal for optimal results from consistently using sunscreen.

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Benefits of sunscreen

If you aren’t still convinced about embracing this product in your daily skincare regimen, discover its advantages in detail:

  • Sunburn protection: Have you ever noticed redness, swelling, and peeling on your skin after spending a lot of time outside? You might even experience a little bit of pain. That is sunburn. A sunscreen with adequate SPF will help prevent this.
  • Lower risk of skin cancer: UV radiation can change cell DNA and lead to several mutations. This can lead to deadly skin cancer. But a broad-spectrum sunscreen offers protection from these detrimental rays and lowers the risk of this condition.
  • Prevents premature ageing: Too much sun exposure can make your skin look older. You might start noticing fine lines and wrinkles all over your face due to the loosening of skin elasticity. So, is sunscreen really necessary? Yes, it is if you want to hold on to your youthful and glowing appearance.
  • Maintains skin health: Sun damage often causes dryness and messes up with the overall tone and texture. With a reliable sunscreen protecting you from obvious environmental damage, your skin will be a lot healthier.

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Hopefully, you will now stop wondering, “Is face sunscreen necessary?” It’s time to add the best one to your skincare regimen and enjoy the sun protection properties. If you are in search of one, the Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen is a trusted solution.

This formulation with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide offers a multitude of benefits other than sun protection. Firstly, it has moisturising properties to hydrate your skin and gets soaked easily without leaving a whitish tint on your face. Moreover, it acts as the perfect base to smoothly apply your makeup. Get hold of it now!


1. Can people with acne-prone skin wear sunscreen?

Your pimples have nothing to do with the usage of a sun protection product. Even if you have acne breakouts on your face, it’s important to wear sunscreen to safeguard your skin. But it’s recommended to wear a lightweight sun protection item. This way, the product won’t combine with oil and dirt to clog pores and trigger more pimples.

2. Are mineral sunscreens a better choice than the chemical ones?

Both types of products work by absorbing UV light and transforming it into minimal amounts of heat. But chemical sunscreens might be irritating and stinging for some individuals because of the ingredients present. Meanwhile, the mineral variant, usually containing zinc and titanium oxide, is a better choice.

3. Should I reapply sunscreen from time to time?

Reapplication is necessary when you are spending time inside. But try putting on more sunscreen every two hours if you are outside. It is necessary, particularly after sweating or swimming, because the existing product on the skin gets washed away.

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