What Is Hybrid Sunscreen? Everything To Know About Hybrid Sunscreen

The global market size of sunscreen cream is forecasted to reach $10.7 billion by 2024. People are seen purchasing sunscreens all year round. It shows that everyone finally realizes that the sun's UV rays are a jaani dushman for their skin every day, not just when the temperature soars high.

Even if you don't consider yourself obsessed with skincare, avoiding sunscreen is a cardinal sin. But apart from choosing the right brand, there's also a lot of confusion regarding the right type of sunscreen. Hybrid sunscreen is creating quite a buzz in the skincare industry.

But what is hybrid sunscreen? You will be able to figure it all out by diving deep into this article.

What Is Hybrid Sunscreen?

A hybrid sunscreen is a combination of both chemical and mineral sunscreen compounds. While they contain the UV-reflective properties of mineral sunscreens, they also have the UV-absorbing and altering properties of chemical sunscreens.

Benefits of Hybrid Sunscreen

Since they have the combined qualities of mineral and chemical sunscreens, they are much more beneficial. They offer a higher SPF because the properties of the two types of sunscreens are combined. Some hybrid sunscreen benefits are as follows:

· No Chalky Appearance

Mineral sunscreens usually contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide and sometimes even both. Since zinc oxide is quite chalky, it creates a white cast on the skin. Therefore, if you have deeper skin tones, a mineral sunscreen won't be your ideal choice.

Thankfully, a hybrid sunscreen protects your skin without creating a chalky appearance. Irrespective of your complexion, a hybrid sunscreen will be the right fit for you.

· No Irritation or Burning on the Skin

Chemical sunscreens are a product of different chemicals. When you apply a chemical sunscreen on your face, it can get into your eye and cause irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you might even feel a burning sensation after applying a chemical sunscreen.

Even if the signs of irritation and burning are not visible on your skin, chemical sunscreens are still a big no for people with sensitive skin. A hybrid sunscreen will offer a much improved overall experience. Even if your skin is prone to burning and irritation, you are less likely to face trouble with a hybrid sunscreen.

· Blends Well Under Makeup

Sun protection is an integral part of your skincare regimen. Whether you are a makeup pro or always stay ten steps away from makeup, applying sunscreen before stepping out in the sun is a must. Have you been avoiding sunscreen because it never seems to sit well under your makeup?

In that case, you are probably not aware of "what is hybrid sunscreen." A major benefit of this type of sunscreen is that it won't make your makeup look clumpy.

· A Calming Effect on Your Skin

If you are not a fan of mineral sunscreen, you should get something with a minimum of 7% zinc in it. Hybrid sunscreen might not be able to reflect off the entire UV ray. But it will definitely create a calming effect on your skin under sun exposure.

· Prevent Hyperpigmentation

A hybrid sunscreen is extremely beneficial for blocking out HEV or blue light. This kind of damaging light is responsible for damaging collagen, which leads to hyperpigmentation. Hybrid sunscreens can prevent hyperpigmentation because they contain iron oxides, which aren't usually available in skincare products.

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Is It Safe to Use Hybrid Sunscreen?

Hybrid sunscreen is known to balance out the flaws of both chemical and mineral sunscreens. The best hybrid sunscreen will bring out the maximum potential of both chemical and mineral sunscreens. With the combined properties of the two types of sunscreens, hybrid sunscreen is quite suitable for almost every skin type and complexion. Therefore, you shouldn't be worrying too much about the safety of hybrid sunscreens.

Is Hybrid Sunscreen Waterproof?

A hybrid sunscreen is waterproof. It sits well on your skin even during humid weather. You don't have to worry about your sunscreen melting under the scorching heat. The waterproof nature of hybrid sunscreen also makes it suitable as a makeup base. You don't have to worry about cakey or clammy makeup due to applying hybrid sunscreens.

Is Hybrid Sunscreen Good for Acne Prone Skin?

If you have sensitive skin prone to acne, you are most likely to benefit from using hybrid sunscreen. The best hybrid sunscreen ensures that you don't develop irritation or rashes on your skin after application.

Wrapping up

The Pink Foundry is here to offer you the best hybrid sunscreen. It's time for you to shower self-love on your skin and add sunscreen to your daily skin care regimen. Step out with sun protection and prepare your skin to face the outer world with utmost confidence.

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