10 Reasons for Pimples on Face

Have you ever strategically placed that Snapchat text box over your pimple just to hide it? Well, you're not alone there. Many individuals have their insecurities and anxieties wrapped around their makeup. And most of them are associated with pimples.

So, have you ever thought of a valid reason why they occur? This post acts as a blessing in disguise to outline the 10 most prominent acne reasons on face.

Acne on Face Reasons: Why Do You Get Acne?

While acne and pimples might sound similar, the biggest difference is that the former is a disease while the latter is one of its symptoms. So, are there ways to reduce pimples, so you don't have to deal with active acne surrounding your face?

Let's learn these reasons so that you get a better understanding of how to bid adieu to pimples. Delve deep into the narration to discover the acne reasons on face.

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10 Most Common Reasons Why You Get Pimples on Your Face

Want to know the acne on face reasons? Your face is the most delicate part of your body. So, you need to handle it with utmost care. Doing the following things may increase the chances of pimples on your face.

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Touching Your Face Quite Often

Each time you touch your face, you spread oil from one part to another part of your body. It not only clogs your pores but also results in a pimple outbreak. Someone who doesn't give a second thought to brushing their fingers on the face spreads dirt and bacteria.

And they can contribute to pimples. Some people tend to touch an already existing pimple more often, and it worsens it. It's high time you stop this behavior from drying up the pimple faster.

Neglecting the Importance of a Sunscreen

Even if you have oily skin, undermining the importance of sunscreen gel could lead to pimples and acne. Truth be told, sun exposure can stimulate sebum secretion – the oily substance that increases the chances of pimples. In addition, excessive sunray causes skin thickening and dryness that leads to pimples.

Did you know that over-exposure to the sun contributes to skin blemishes too? Using a sunscreen gel can mitigate the risks and boost healthy skin.


The next reason for pimples on face is tobacco usage. Your smoking habit can lead to pimple formation; that's what the survey reports. Smoking contributes to a non-inflammatory form of acne known as APAA or atypical post-adolescent acne. In simple language, it is better called "smoker's acne." Smoking causes acne inversa (an inflammatory skin condition), resulting in irreversible scarring.

Including Processed Foods and Sugar in Your Diet

Studies state that excessive consumption of white rice, white bread, cake, and soda may increase the possibility of pimples.

Remember, your skin loves vitamins and antioxidants, so your diet chart should reflect that. That means you should include citrus fruits. Don't avoid consuming veggies like apricots, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, and lots of leafy green vegetables. Too much consumption of foods that contain high sugar content or fat can increase the likelihood of pimples.

Dehydration or Not Drinking Enough Water

Acne due to dehydration appears on your forehead & around the ears. So, consume at least 2.7 to 3.7 litres of water daily. Limit consuming caffeine & alcohol.

Not to forget, drinking alcohol does not cause pimples. But it will directly worsen and affect bodily systems. An increase in certain hormonal levels influences acne development in your skin.

Not Following the Right Skincare Regimen

Have your dermatologist suggested using over-the-counter products to prevent pimples? If yes, it is high time you choose the right products, which contain the following:

  • A cleanser that has pimple-fighting ingredients
  • A gel-based moisturizer
  • A gentle chemical exfoliant
  • A serum with Vitamin C and AHA
  • Sunscreen and some acne patches

Wearing Makeup Too Often

It's good to stand in front of the mirror and see yourself after wearing makeup. But with pimples all around your face, applying makeup is the biggest mistake. So, avoid applying cosmetics more often. Even if you are applying makeup, opt for lightweight makeup or minimal makeup.

Picking Your Pimple

Oh, that's the most dangerous thing anyone can do. That's one of the most common reasons for acne. Squeezing or picking the pimple can lead to blemishes and scratches. Later on, it becomes more difficult to remove these marks from your face. Stop popping your acne because it only creates more inflammation and damages your skin.


Constipation & pimples are often symptoms of the following root causes –

  • Poor detoxification
  • Gut health

Surveys suggest that a whopping 78% of people with acne may have an imbalance in the gut bacteria. So, constipation can be a warning sign that worsens pimples on your face.

Not Washing Your Face Everyday

You have no idea how a face wash brings the true glow to your skin unless you start using one. Your skin needs to breathe. And not using a face wash leads to excessive oil production. As a result, dead skin cells cannot shed, and a specific kind of bacteria forms on the skin. It is advisable to wash/cleanse your face at least twice a day.

Finishing Note

Filters are excellent, but flawless/ clear skin is more impressive. So, the next morning when you wake up and find your face full of acne lesions and pimples, stop yourself from the above activities. Embrace the right pimple therapies and make them your biggest beauty indulgence.

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