Dull Skin: Causes and Treatment of Dull Skin

Watching your friend flaunting her flawless skin is enough to give you inferiority complexes. But let's admit that flawless skin starts only with a flawless skincare routine. And if you're not conscious about using the right face wash or face products, dead skin cells may build an outer layer on your skin. And that's why skin becomes dull. Dive into the post to get an insight into the causes and treatment options for dry and dull skin.

Is Skin Dullness Natural? Why Does Your Skin Become Dull?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. So, you may sometimes see your skin a bit under the weather. That's when you must understand why and how you can cater to specific skin requirements.

Glowing and healthy skin is the best foundation you can wear on your face. Let's understand the causes and treatment of dull skin here to restore your skin's lit-from-within look.

Reason and Causes of Dull Skin

Dry, dull, and flakey skin results from different causes. Have you noticed your skin in the mirror and felt dissatisfied with your skin that lacks glow? If yes, it's time to learn each significant cause and reason for dull skin.


With aging, your skin lacks its ability to renew surface cells. Shedding dead skin cells becomes difficult during this stage. So, dead skin cells build up and cover the luminous glow. The dull layer adds a rough texture to the face. As a result, light doesn't reflect uniformly on your skin and tends to appear ashy.


While aging is a significant cause, dehydration has an equal contribution to making your skin look ashy and less glowing. When you stop drinking adequate water, it simply shows on your face. Your skin becomes thinner and loses its glow.

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Matte Makeup

Mattifying cosmetics include chalky and heavy powders. They absorb your skin's natural oil. Besides, makeup removers contain alcohol that can take out the skin-pumping moisture. Overall, it affects the vitality and health of your skin.

What Should You Do?

Use a moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated. Apply it twice every day to protect the delicate top layer.

Tobacco usage

One of the significant causes of dull skin is tobacco. Smoking impairs collagen production, thereby degrading your skin's elastic fibers & connective tissue. Did you know tobacco usage can even increase oxidative stress in skin cells? As a result, it accelerates the aging process and results in dull and ashy skin.

Exposure to harmful rays of the sun

Eliminating a sunscreen product from your beauty regimen can contribute to damaged and dull skin. Besides killing healthy skin cells, it also causes dryness & skin pigmentation. After the outermost skin layer (stratum corneum) gets damaged by UV exposure, it thickens & becomes dehydrated. As a result, you get flaky and rough skin.

How to Treat Dull Skin: Treatment for Dull Skin

Want to know how to treat dull skin? Here's a list of the best treatments for dull skin:

  • Exfoliation with scrubs

Exfoliation is the most effective way to keep your skin surface smooth. Your skin gets illuminated and appears brightened and glowing. Increase cell turnover by using a quality face scrub.

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Skincare Products

To cater to your dull skin needs, ensure you use products that contain polyhydroxy acid, glycolic acid, ferulic acid, polyglutamic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and more. Moisturize twice a day and use a hydrating serum. A retinoid product can also replace skin grayness. Use Anti Acne Serum from The Pink Foundry and see the difference.

Professional treatments

You can also opt for professional treatments to restore your skin glow. A few of them are derma fillers, anti-aging injectables, and more.

3 Most Effective Lifestyle Changes for Maintaining Healthy Skin

Devote to a healthy diet

A healthy diet is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that your skin loves. Avoid high sugar intake & processed foods as they may contribute to inflammation.

Avoid premature aging and acne breakouts by including nutritious foods like tomatoes, broccoli, walnuts, sweet potatoes, fatty fish, and more. Include foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, nuts, seeds, plant oil, seafood, etc.

A good night's sleep

Lack of sleep raises cortisol levels, a hormone that breaks down proteins to keep your skin glowing. Increased cortisol levels trigger inflammation, which can make your skin acne-prone and sensitive to allergies.

So, you may expect to see your skin paler in the morning. Sleep at least seven hours daily to let your skin breathe and stay healthy.

Excessive stress

Stress hormones like cortisol may trigger breakouts and dull skin. Overall, it accelerates aging & exasperates a few skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. So, to avoid taking excessive stress, you may use the right products to relax & pamper your skin.

Try mindfulness activities like yoga or meditation to alleviate stress and improve your skin. Protect your skin from outside pollutants & chemicals too.


Want to combat dull and tanned skin to restore the previous glow? It's time to follow holistic practices and boost youthful skin.


Does Excessive Consumption of Alcohol Cause Dull and Dry Skin?

Yes, alcohol dehydrates your skin. As a result, your skin loses fluid.

Can I Use Aloe Vera Gel for Dull Skin?

Yes, but if you have sensitive skin, you first need to consult a dermatologist. Some people experience irritation on the skin if they apply aloe vera.

Does Vitamin Deficiency Result in Dry and Dull Skin?

Yes, a lack of Vitamin D causes a dull complexion, causing darker under-eye circles.

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