Cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin: How to Choose the Right Cleanser for Acne

Do you think cleansing your acne-prone skin many times a day can efficiently reduce the breakouts on your skin? If so, it’s high time for you to change your belief.

Acne-prone skin indeed demands to cleanse regularly. But washing your face daily can deliberately elevate the acne production on your skin. So, knowing when and how to choose and use the right cleanser is crucial.

Finding just the right product for your acne-prone skin can be a tall order. However, hunting for the right cleanser for your acne can test your patience. So, we’ve decided to ease your work by helping you find the best cleanser for acne-prone skin.

Please keep reading until the end of the article to know more about it. Let’s begin.

What Causes Acne?

You should note that each pore on your skin typically opens to a follicle. And the follicle is made up of hair and a sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland releases oil which eventually travels out of the pore and goes onto your skin. And this oil or sebum helps keep your skin lubricated, moistened, and soft.

Acne usually occurs when skin pores are clogged with dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria. Sometimes, mishaps might occur in the lubrication procedure, which typically contributes to acne. So, acne might occur on your skin because of the following reasons:

  • The hair follicles on your skin produce excessive oil
  • There is an excessive buildup of bacteria on your skin pores
  • The dead skin cells typically surround and accumulate in your skin pores

Do Cleansers Help with Acne?

Yes, cleansers can help with acne. In other words, cleansers can efficiently eliminate the oil and dirt that clog the skin pores, eventually leading to acne.

Besides, cleansers can also help break down the makeup and cosmetic products on your skin, promoting breakouts. Since cleansers contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, they can reduce inflammation and combat acne-causing bacteria.


Best Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin

The Hydrating Foaming Mild Cleanser from The Pink Foundry is the cleanser for acne you’ll enjoy using. This formula is typically backed by Illawarra, Bioactive Complex of Kakadu, Burdekin Plum, and Hyaluronic Acid.

It can hydrate your skin instantly by up to 60% within just 30 minutes. This is possible due to the Bioactive Complex of Australian super plums.

The foaming and Sulphate-Free Cleanser can clean your skin thoroughly and soften it. It also helps retain the natural hydrating oils in your skin, keeping it clean and moisturised all day.

As the Hydrating Foaming Mild Cleanser is dermatologically tested, consider incorporating it into your regular skincare regimen. Once you start using this product from The Pink Foundry, you’ll notice the most effective results.

What to Look for While Purchasing Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin

Not every cleanser for acne-prone skin you come across is excellent. It’s because specific cleansers contain harsh ingredients that tend to remove the natural oils from your face. Therefore, it makes your face skin feel extremely dry and tight.

So, the next time you purchase a cleanser for acne-prone skin, you need to look for the following ingredients:

  • Glycolic acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Benzoyl peroxide, etc.

Cleansers containing these ingredients can efficiently penetrate your skin pores and unclog them. Furthermore, it helps reduce the size of the existing blackheads and terminates new ones from developing. The topical salicylic acid helps unclog the pores and reduces skin inflammation caused by acne.

However, the Hydrating Foaming Mild Cleanser from The Pink Foundry cleanses and softens your skin simultaneously. Besides, it also retains the natural hydrating oils of your skin, thereby keeping it soft, clean, and moisturised.


By now, you must clearly understand how to choose the right cleanser for your acne-prone skin. However, you should also note that cleansing alone will not help eliminate acne from your face. But it can surely ease the symptoms of acne while reducing the risks of severe breakouts.

Remember that acne cleansers are typically formulated to reduce the amount of bacterial presence on your skin. Besides, it also provides aid in removing the excess oil, grime, and dirt that clogs your skin pores.

Even though there are many options for acne-prone cleansers available in the market, you should choose the most effective one. You can also consider using the Hydrating Foaming Mild Cleanser from The Pink Foundry to acquire the best results.

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