How to use toner on face and when to use it?

The market today is brimming with a multitude of skincare products. From what was just a regular habit to now, where there are detailed processes involved, skincare has become a game-changer. However, be it the top-notch skin care experts, dermatologists, beauty influencers, or makeup gurus, one regimen everyone swears by, and one that has stood the test of time is the CTM – cleansing, toning, moisturising.

As the names suggest, one starts off with cleaning the face with a cleanser, either soap-based or soap-free, depending on one’s skin type. This is then followed by applying a toner, which acts to close off open pores and remove any leftover debris or makeup, toning the skin and keeping it taut. The last step is the moisturising bit where you apply a moisturiser to keep the skin from drying out. This is followed both AM and PM, where in the AM regime sunscreen is usually applied as the last coat, and in the PM regime a sleeping mask, facial oils or sheet mask is used as the last step.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into toners.

It’s a notion that toners are not a very crucial step in skincare but ask someone who has started using a toner the difference they felt. It may not be immediate, but results do show for sure. As they say, all good things take time.

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So, what really does a toner do?

A toner is usually a water-based skincare product that aims to maintain your skin’s pH levels depending on your skin type. Choosing the right type of toner gives you a quick and refreshing lift, repairs, restores and renews your skin. Here are 5 ways a toner really helps you towards your goal of getting healthy skin.

Secondary cleansing

A toner’s main function still remains to be that of a thorough cleanser, removing any leftover debris or makeup that remains after your cleansing. Thus, toner leaves your skin squeaky clean and fresh.

Minimising the appearance of pores

Toners, while cleansing your skin of any remaining impurities, also tend to minimise pores and work as an anti-inflammatory. By minimising the pores, toners make sure that no impurities enter your skin barrier, causing any imbalance.

An added source of hydration

Most toners are water-based and help in adding a dash of hydration to your skin. The hydration provided by a toner helps the moisturiser, the 3rd step of skincare, penetrate well into the skin.

Tackles oily skin problems

Toners cleanse out clogged pores and then also minimise open pores to make sure the skin’s natural sebum secretion is comparatively lesser.

Protects the skin from environmental pollutants

Most toners these days are made with anti-oxidant ingredients that help fight the effects of pollution on the skin. Some natural ingredients are also anti-inflammatory and helps repair damaged skin.

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How to use face toner

Toners come in usually two types of packaging – bottled in a dropper-tip container or in a spray bottle. Those that come in dropper-tipped bottles are to be applied using a cotton ball. The spray bottle ones can be sprayed directly on the face and are often called mists. Spray bottles are considered travel friendly as one can just spritz some on their face whenever they need to feel refreshed.

Applying a face toner is not rocket science, but there are certainly some rules that, if followed, give the best results. Let’s see how to apply toner on the face.

  • 1. Wash your face thoroughly with a suitable cleanser. (Need Relevant Image)
  • 2. Pat dry with face towel or soft tissue. Do not rub as that may cause tiny abrasions and since the skin is soft after a wash, it may rupture. (Need Relevant Image)
  • 3. Apply a hydrating toner on a cotton pad and dab it on your skin. Again, do not rub. (Need Relevant Image)
  • 4. Apply a little layer of toner around your neck as well. (Need Relevant Image)
  • 5. Leave it to self-dry for a few minutes. (Need Relevant Image)
  • 6. Finish it up by dabbing some moisturizer on your freshly cleaned skin. (Need Relevant Image)

When to use toner

There is no perfect answer as to when to apply toner to your face. The best time to use a toner is right after you wash your face. However, one can even use toner when they feel any imbalance on their skin like oiliness, dryness, or sunburn to an extent. Toners calm the skin and make it feel refreshed, also helping in repairing any damage.

How to choose toner as per your skin type

Toners are usually suitable for all skin types; however, certain specific ingredients make them more suitable for a particular type of skin. For example, toners with witch hazel are usually aimed at those with an oily skin type. However, the best bet when investing in a toner is to get one that suits all skin types since our skin goes through change cycles often. Hormones, seasons, stress, and pollution, all play a major role in how our skin acts in different situations. A hydrating toner hydrates, soothes, and tones the skin while shrinking pores.

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