Choosing the Right Moisturiser for Acne-Prone Skin

It's totally normal to experience breakouts and blemishes at some point in your life. Well, it is a common skin condition that can affect you at any age.

Acne can occur due many factors, such as hormonal changes, genetics, and lifestyle habits. But hey, don't worry, with the right skincare routine and some healthy habits, you can keep your skin looking clear and glowing.

In this blog, we will help you understand what works best for your skin in detail. Come, let’s find out:

Types of moisturisers for acne-prone skin and their benefits

There are several types of moisturisers for acne-prone skin, each with their own unique benefits. Let’s find out below:

  • Water-based moisturisers:

These are great for oily skin types, as they provide hydration to oily skin. They also absorb quickly and leave a matte finish.

  • Oil-based moisturisers:

These are excellent for dry skin types. You know why? They have a higher and richer hydration level that helps lock in moisture. This is turn can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Gel-based moisturisers:

These are perfect for those with combination skin. It provides the right amount of moisture without making your skin feel heavy or greasy. They also help to soothe any redness or inflammation on the skin.

  • Cream-based moisturisers:

These are a classic choice and work well for most skin types. They provide nourishment and can be customised to suit your specific needs.

No matter which type of moisturiser you choose, the benefits are clear: softer, smoother, and more healthy-looking skin. So, don't be afraid to experiment and pick the one that works best for you!

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Ingredients to avoid in an acne moisturiser

Before you use multiple skincare ingredients in an effort to clear up and brighten your skin, check the ingredient labels used in moisturiser for acne-prone skin before applying.

Listed down below are some ingredients that are an absolute no for an acne-pro skin:

1. Coconut oil

Here is the thing. Although coconut oil is a great way of hydrating triglycerides like oleic, linoleic acid, and lauric acid, when applied on acne-prone skin, it can clog your pores, trap dirt, sebum, and dead cells inside.

2. Lanolin

Now, we know lanolin is great to retain moisture. But it is also known to clog pores, triggering a cycle of what is called comedonal acne or flesh-coloured papules.

3. Algae extract

This can show up as plankton extract or carrageenan on an ingredient list, and while it has the ability to balance sebum production and act as an anti-inflammatory product, it is comedogenic, so it could lead to whiteheads and blackheads.

4. Isopropyl myristate/Isopropyl palmitate

They are emollients that are useful to strengthen the skin barrier and keep moisture locked in. It is present in many anti-aging creams as it helps in better penetration of other ingredients. However, if you have acne-prone skin, stay away from this ingredient. Why? It can cause breakouts if you have super sensitive or acne-prone skin.

5. Parabens

Though parabens do not directly aggravate your acne, they can stimulate oestrogen in your body, which in turn contributes to breakouts on your skin.

So, look for a moisturiser that is fragrance-free, oil-free, alcohol-free, and doesn't contain comedogenic ingredients. Your skin will thank you for it!

What is the ideal moisturiser for acne-prone skin?

If you have acne-prone skin, you know the struggle of finding a moisturiser that doesn't clog your pores and worsen your breakouts. The ideal moisturiser for acne-prone skin should be lightweight, non-comedogenic, and gentle on the skin.

Look for moisturisers that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which can hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy residue, and niacinamide, which can help reduce inflammation and redness. Stay away from heavy oils and fragrances, as these can cause irritation and breakouts.

Also, make sure to look for a product that is labelled "non-comedogenic," which means it won't block your pores. And don't forget to patch test any new product before applying it to your entire face, just to be safe.

Remember, keeping your skin hydrated is important, even if you have acne-prone skin. By choosing the best moisturiser for acne-prone skin, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing, without exacerbating your breakouts.

Common mistakes when choosing a moisturiser

Choosing the best moisturiser for oily acne-prone skin can seem like a simple task, but it's easy to make mistakes that can end up hurting your skin. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Ignoring your skin type: Different moisturisers work better for different skin types. For instance, if you have oily skin, look for a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser. If you have dry skin, a richer, more hydrating moisturiser will be better suited to your needs.
  2. Using the wrong ingredients: Moisturisers contain a wide variety of ingredients, and not all of them will be right for your skin. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, be sure to avoid products that contain fragrances or other potential irritants.
  3. Skipping SPF: Sunscreen is a crucial part of any skincare routine, so look for moisturisers that offer broad-spectrum SPF protection. This will help protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, which can lead to premature aging or even skin cancer.
  4. Using excess: You might think that slathering on a thick layer of moisturiser will give you extra hydration, but in reality, using too much product can clog pores and make your skin feel greasy. Stick to a pea-sized amount of moisturiser and apply it in gentle upward strokes.
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  • Anti-Acne Serum

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Choosing the right moisturiser can be tricky, but it's definitely worth the effort. With a little bit of research and experimentation, you'll find the best moisturiser for acne-prone skin to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Good luck!

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