Which SPF sunscreen is best and Does Sunscreen Prevent Tanning

Sunscreen is effective in the prevention of tanning to some extent. However, it doesn’t guarantee 100% prevention from tan. There goes your straight, one-line answer to ‘does sunscreen prevent tanning.’

But that’s not enough if you care about your skin. There’s more to know about it, and for starters, let’s make one thing clear: there isn’t anything called a ‘safe tan.’

Dermatologists around the world often come across the question, ‘can sunscreen prevent tanning.’ Of course, they prevent tanning, which is why many dermatologists recommend wearing one every day.

Wearing sunscreen keeps you from the sun’s harmful rays, which cause skin cancer and photoaging. Yes, you may get a slight tan even after wearing sunscreen, but it protects you from the majority of harm you’d have otherwise endured by not wearing them.

In this article, you’ll learn how sunscreen works, the effects of tanning on your skin, how using sunscreen helps, which SPF sunscreen is the best, and more. So, let’s start.

Learn How Sunscreen Works

Sunscreen works quite efficiently by absorbing the Uv rays of the sun and reflecting them back before they enter your skin. You may already know that there are two types of UV rays: UVB and UVA rays.

UVB ray exposure can result in sunburn and external skin layer damage. On the other hand, UVA rays pierce through your skin’s deepest layer as they come with longer wavelengths and cause severe skin damage.

No matter if it rains or shines, UV rays always fall on the planet, so it’s crucial to wear sunscreen all year.

The sunscreen’s SPF rating usually only deals with UVB rays. However, you can always use broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen that ensures protection from both. The number of SPF demonstrates the percentage of UVB rays it keeps away and blocks. The higher the sunscreen SPF, the more the sun protection

Thus, it’s best to avoid getting tanned and choose sunscreen products with SPF 30 or SPF 50. Yes, you may have to say goodbye to having a sun-kissed look, but your skin will stay wrinkle-free and healthy for several years.

What Does Tanning Do To Your Skin?

Dermatologists always recommend using mineral or tinted sunscreen with higher SPF numbers for enhanced sun damage protection. Damage from the sun’s rays often results in DNA mutations.

Also, it can weaken or loosen the skin’s connective fibers, resulting in sun spots, saggy skin, and wrinkles. Nevertheless, here are a few damaging impacts that tanning does on your skin:

  • It causes skin cell damage.
  • It results in severe medical conditions like squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma
  • It boosts the occurrence of the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.
  • You can also get solar or actinic keratoses, a weakened immune system, and eye damage.
  • Your skin degrades with the damaging buildup every moment you tan.

Can You Tan When Using SPF 30?

Yes, SPF 30 sunscreen does prevent tanning. Using SPF 30 prevents 98% of the UV rays from entering your skin.

However, that remaining 2% is why you may still get a slight tan even after applying sunscreen. That’s why it’s recommended to use the SPF 30 sunscreen once every two hours.

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Why Use Sunscreen?

There are plenty of reasons why an individual must use sunscreen, such as:

  • It prevents damage from the sun’s UV rays
  • It protects you from the inflammations and sunburn
  • It prevents early signs of wrinkles and aging
  • It boosts your skin tone and quality

UV rays of the sun can also pierce through clouds and glass. So, no matter if you stay inside on a cloudy day, you can still be a victim of sun damage. Thus, it’s crucial to wear sunscreen every day.

Which SPF Sunscreen Is Best?

As you know, there are two types of sunscreen: chemical and mineral sunscreen. Dermatologists always recommend using mineral sunscreen as they come with natural ingredients and never pierces through the skin. So they will work without getting absorbed into your skin.

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