Zits 101: Zit Meaning, Causes, Treatment


Zits are unexpected guests that show up on your face when you least expect them. In most cases, your face will get filled with zits when you have a big event coming up. Even if they are small in size, they have the potential to ruin your entire appearance. Delve deeper into this article to discover the zit meaning and learn how to get rid of the annoying breakouts on your skin.

Zit meaning: Understanding what it is

Zits are lesions that can occur anywhere on the body, like the shoulders, back, chest, and arms. But zits on the face are the most common and highly frustrating. You will often find these breakouts to be red, swollen, and painful.

Have you ever wondered what causes zits on your face? Well, it has everything to do with the pores of your skin getting blocked. But what blocks the pores on your skin?

The pores of your skin are responsible for secreting an oily substance called sebum. This oily substance provides moisture to your skin. But, excessive production of sebum is not good for the sebaceous glands.

An overproduction of sebum ends up blocking the opening of the pores. The excess amount of sebum combines with dead skin cells, bacteria, and other debris to block the pores. Due to this blockage, the glands become inflamed, and zits start appearing on your face.

What causes zits on the face?

Before you learn how to get rid of zits, let us figure out some factors that might be contributing to their growth:

  • Hormonal fluctuations: The sebaceous glands start producing excess oil due to hormonal fluctuations. Therefore, zits are often a common occurrence during puberty or pregnancy. A lot of women see zits on their faces a few days before getting their period.
  • Stress: If you are under too much stress, it will wreak havoc on the hormonal balance of your body. Therefore, stress is often directly linked to the appearance of zits on your skin.
  • Skincare and makeup products: The use of certain skincare and makeup products can lead to the formation of zits on your face. Therefore, it is always a good practice to embrace non-comedogenic skincare and makeup products.
  • Lack of hygiene: Do you have the habit of sleeping with your makeup on? Maybe you postpone washing your hair for days and don’t change your pillow covers too often. These unhygienic practices are often responsible for causing acne.
  • Medications: You might start noticing zits on your skin as a side effect of certain medications. Some medications like steroids and lithium can trigger zits.
  • Diet: Sometimes, the zits on your face might be a result of what you are eating. Consuming too much junk food and sugars might cause zits.

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Our top tips for zit care

A major part of learning how to reduce zits on your face is choosing the right skincare products. At The Pink Foundry, we have some skincare products that will help you fight stubborn zits on your skin.

  • Get rid of impurities

Zits start showing up as dirt, dust, and debris combine with excess oil and block your pores. Therefore, keeping impurities from your face can help prevent the occurrence of zits. Use the Clearing & Calming Acne Face Wash to gently cleanse your face and get a clear look without removing the layers of moisture from your face.

  • Moisturise your skin

You already know that zits occur on your face due to the overproduction of sebum. Do you know when your glands might be producing excess sebum? If your skin dries out too much, the glands might start producing excess oil to provide nourishment.

Therefore, incorporating a good moisturiser into your skincare regimen is beneficial in preventing zits. However, settle with a non-comedogenic moisturiser so that it can replenish your skin without clogging the pores. The Acne Care & Healing Gel Moisturiser with Tea Tree & Cica will adequately hydrate your skin and also speed up the healing of the existing acne on your face.

  • Use spot treatment solutions

It’s a moment of panic when you have a big date or event coming up the next day, and you notice zits on your face. Thankfully, the Overnight Acne Spot Corrector will come to your rescue and help with providing instant relief from zits. You will have to apply this spot treatment solution directly to your zits and let your skin absorb it overnight.

After waking up the next morning, wash your face and notice a significant reduction in the size of your zits. The product works by shrinking your zits with the help of powerful ingredients like zinc oxide, salicylic acid, and sulphur.


Once you discover the right products for your skin, zit care becomes smooth and easy. So, start investing in the right skincare products with potent ingredients and say goodbye to annoying zits.


Should I avoid moisturiser if I have zits on my face?

It’s a huge misconception that you need to avoid moisturiser because of zits on your face. Even if you have oily and acne-prone skin, you need to provide it with adequate nourishment. So, choose a lightweight moisture that replenishes your skin without clogging pores to prevent the formation of zits.

Can I use salicylic acid to remove zits?

The Overnight Acne Spot Corrector with salicylic acid is great for fighting zits on your face. It supports instant pimple removal by shrinking the size of all types of breakouts on your face overnight.

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